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Thursday, 8/26/10

Prensa Libre (Guatemala City, Guatemala) 8/24/10

Alvaro Colom, President of Guatemala, will travel to the United States on Friday (8/27/10) to participate in a march in Los Angeles to demand an “integral migratory reform.”

The Social Communications Secretary of the Presidency, Ronaldo Robles, stated that “The President will be travelling to Los Angeles to participate in a march to celebrate the Hispanic identity, (and) where an integral migratory reform in the United States will be demanded.” He also explained that President Colom plans to meet with Guatemalan migrant leaders in Los Angeles to inform them about the current status of the Guatemalan government’s request for TPS (Temporary Protection Status,) a humanitarian measure by the United States government to citizens of countries that have suffered natural disasters.


La Prensa Grafica (San Salvador, El Salvador) 8/24/10

Homicides: the norm of the day in El Salvador

Last weekend ended with 29 homicides in El Salvador (a country slightly smaller than Massachusetts.) In the first 22 days of August there have been 242 murders, an average of 11 a day. The month of July closed with 285 such crimes, and the tally for the year has now reached 2,704. Firearms were used in 76% of the homicides.


Correo (Leon, Guanajuato) 8/25/10

Mexico’s First Lady champions migration

Margarita Zavala, wife of the President of Mexico, spoke at the World Youth Conference and said that migration must be seen as an opportunity for Mexico’s youth and not as a threat; also, that fear must be set aside in order to search for life’s opportunity in other countries. She added that migration represents a chance for growth, and stated: “I believe in migration not only as a reality but as an element that promotes the growth of the peoples. Unfortunately, it’s seen as a threat, and due to that youths are its main victims. I believe that what we have to do is to stop fearing migration, because doing so is to fear reality.” Further, that she was surprised about the technological advancements that have occurred on a world level, and that the same may not have happened in regard to the growth of human rights: “It’s surprising that merchandise goes from one place to another, that technology unites us and, nevertheless, there are fences and limits, especially cultural ones, for the movement of persons.”


El Debate (Sinaloa) 8/25/10

Mexican military score around Sinaloa

This Tuesday, Mexican military units carried out operations in various parts of the state of Sinaloa. The result was the seizure of 14 firearms – mostly assault rifles – plus 17 grenades, nine vehicles, over 1,300 rounds of ammo and various amounts of drugs including 12,100 kilos of marihuana and some cocaine and “crystal.” Three persons were arrested.


El Diario (Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua) 8/25/10

Short items from the Juarez area:

  • Federal officer dismembered: his head found on a p/u truck; one of his legs 300 meters away; one of his hands, “farther east.”
  • Off-duty female police officer shot and killed while in a private car. Her passenger: a one year old child.
  • Panic follows grenade & assault rifle attack on a body shop in town.


El Siglo de Torreon (Torreon, Coahuila) 8/25/10

Seventy-two murder victims said to be illegals

Alejandro Poire, security spokesman for the Mexican government, today reported that the 72 cadavers found in a ranch in the state of Tamaulipas (the northeast corner of Mexico) could relate to a group of undocumented who were attempting to reach the United States border. Preliminary investigation points to the victims being from Ecuador, Brazil, El Salvador and Honduras. A surviving witness, an Ecuadorean also said to be an illegal migrant, reported to local officials that the migrants were kidnapped by an armed group. (A separate account today in La Cronica de Hoy (Mexico City) states that the victims were killed when they refused extortion demands by their captors.)


-end of report-


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  2. ErzulieRedEyes Says:

    Um, Is this a joke?

    Who the hell does this fool think he is?

    He has no right coming to our country to protest with criminals and tell our govt. what to do!

    Impeach Obama, this is treason!

  3. Wayne Says:

    So we have their leaders meeting in the U.S. to plot strategy against the U.S. will. We should have declared war a long time ago. They and their meeting should be considered terrorist activities. When they walk in illegally and meet with the purpose to break our laws they are terrorists. Treat them accordingly. If we could intern legal Japanese Americans by the thousands there is no reason we can’t round up all the illegal terrorist trespassers for deportation. First offense, deportation. Second offense, a long prison sentence. Third offense, amputate a foot to prevent a fourth offense. OK, maybe that is a little extreme. Secure our borders and take away the jobs that entice them, pretty simple.

  4. June Says:

    Pray that we get a leader who will stand up for us rather than the present and previous ones who cower under their desks in the Oval Iffice rather than standing up to the world and announce we will no longer be their dumping ground. I want to see OUR President get on international TV and tell the offending countries that they will not get another penny until they demand their citizens stay at home. That would help. Then stop all benefits, and I mean all starting with birthright citizenship. They will then self-deport. Any left will go to jail until their country bails them out. I’m sick to death to see what a balkanized mess we’ve become. Don’t they know when we go down, everyone is lost?Vote the illegal alien supporters out, demand that we have a moratorium on ALL immigration until we get straightened out and take our nation back.

  5. wd Says:

    Too bad that 1st Lady Zavala Calderon isn’t addressing the failure of her country to protect the Mexican citizens at home, but encourage the export of the young people at a great cost to the Mexican Government (over 10 million at perhaps an average of $500 ? per to the Zetas and other “exporters” or a cool $5 Billion to suport the gangs!)
    Good thinking!

  6. Kell Says:

    I am growing more and more into the “racist” these people call anyone with a differing opinion and hope all these southern types are removed by any means necessary. The only thing they’ve got is balls of brass.

    • ErzulieRedEyes Says:

      Yes anyone that recites our nation’s laws and knows right from wrong is racist. LOL
      I was called racist because i told this idiot off when she had the nerve to say I’m ignorant because i said the laws apply to everybody.

      Anyone that says illegals are wrong and should obey immigration law is going to be called “ignorant” “hateful” and “racist” LOL.

      I’m an african american and i’ve been called dirty names by own people because i’m on the right side of the law instead of siding with illegals.
      We must stick to our values and constitution as americans no matter what idiots like this say or do.
      Illegals and other criminals have no right overrunning our country!

  7. meginphoenix Says:

    They are “demanding”? What right have they to “demand” anything. Obey our laws. Perhaps it would be refreshing to have this administration enforce our immigration law. We live in a parallel universe, in my humble opinion.

  8. richmx2 Says:

    Why would she? It’s not illegal to leave Mexico. It’s not illegal to leave any country, except maybe North Korea.

    • carlos m Says:

      It is a violation of Mexican immigration laws for a Mexican to leave the country anywhere but through a legal exit point. The emigrant must also have the requisite travel documents.

  9. Hawkeye Says:

    Where in Mexican 1st Lady Zavala Calderon’s speech does the word “illegal” appear? Her talk is in reality highlighting the lack of opportunities in her own country. Does she not know that there are over two dozen types of visas allowing Mexican citizens to travel LEGALLY to the U.S.? Mexicans even have the NAFTA visa!!! Universal opposition is to illegal migration.

    • Ernie Says:

      Of course Guatemala and Mexico are going to send the “heavy guns” to demand change. They don’t want their gravy train broken! How much longer we gonna put up with this crap??

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