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El Diario de Juarez (Cd. Juarez, Chihuahua) 8-24-10

Evidence points to Zetas

Monterrey, N.L. – Santiago policemen in the service of Los Zetas participated directly in the murder of the mayor of Santiago, Nuevo Leon, Edelmiro Cavazos, who was believed to be hindering the Zetas, said the State Attorney General this morning while presenting photographs of three more men wanted in connection to the murder.

Attorney General Alejandro Garza Y Garza spoke at a press conference in which he announced that a shift commander of the Santiago Police Department, Gilberto Barbosa Garcia, and officers Juan Antonio Espinosa and Dolores Alejandro Puente, alias “El Lolo,” are sought for participating in the murder of Cavazos.

Some of the policemen already in custody have confessed to working for the Zetas as henchmen and others worked directly for the cartel, according to Garza Y Garza.

The Attorney General presented the photographs of the fugitives to the community for public help to secure their capture.


Federales tighten inspections in shoot-out zone

Cd. Juarez – Federal Police implemented checkpoints in the northern region of this city where they are inspecting pants pockets and other small hiding places because of a gun battle last Saturday that lasted for almost an hour.

According to Police Spokesman Jose Ramon Salinas, the checkpoints that were ordered pursuant to the gun battle resulted in no arrests. As of this writing there are no further details, but further intelligence is expected.

“They have good reasons for the checkpoints because of what happened,” said Jorge Rodriguez, 38, who is a truck driver in the area, as agents inspected the trunk of the vehicle in which he was riding, where agents found two plastic pistols. “It’s okay, we can go now,” said the driver, Efrain Vera.

In Colonia Postal, people reported dozens of Federal Policemen manning the checkpoints.


El Debate (Culiacan, Sinaloa) 8-24-10

Arizona desert destroys the dreams of Sinaloans

Tired of living in extreme poverty, Patricio Aki Alvarez left his humble home in Playita de Casillas, Sinaloa, on the 16th of this past June. He intended to go to Phoenix, Arizona but it was a bad trip and he died in the desert after walking for 4 days.

Patricio is one of 10 Mexican migrants who, since January, have left cities in Sinaloa to look for a better life, but heat and fatigue sucked the life out of them on the other side of the border. The mother of Patricio, widow Marisela Alvarez Gutierrez, said that her 19 year old son decided to go north as a “wetback” during the first part of June after he finished his work in the field.

“This was the first time he crossed the border. He intended to help us because he was the oldest of my nine children. We all are fieldworkers. He left us so we could exit from poverty,” said Marisela.

It wasn’t until this week that the body of Patricio was transported home. He was buried along with one of his friends who accompanied him.

He passed through Sasabe, an arid zone without any water. There were five travelling together. Patricio grew tired and they left him alone without water. The four others went on ahead but were caught and deported back to Mexico.

Marisela was told by one of the deported Mexicans about her son. She went to several agencies looking for help. All told her that she needed to pay 25,000 pesos to get the body returned and buried.

Like Patricio, who decided one day to pursue the American Dream, the body of Ramiro Figueroa, 20, was buried last week in Guasave after dying in the Arizona desert.


Other stories in El Debate:

  • Director of public works in Choix killed by gunfire;
  • Two killed near Estacion Naranjo;
  • Potential bank robber arrested in lobby of Banamex;
  • Executed victim found in El Quemadito


La Voz de la Frontera (Mexicali, B.C.) 8-24-10

“Narcograves” discovered

Tijuana –OEM- The suspected kidnappers of four women confessed under interrogation that they are connected to a “narcograve” and as of this moment have uncovered the bodies of two unidentified people, and there could be as many as six more.

The four kidnappers were captured late Saturday night by agents of the Preventive Police and booked into jail where under interrogation they confessed to being involved in the clandestine grave site.

An agent of the Public Ministry went to a building located in Colonia 3 de Octobre where under an old mattress an unidentified decomposed body was found.

Firemen responded to the area and excavated the patio area and found another unidentified body.

Both bodies had signs of sadistic torture and had died of strangulation.

At this time only two bodies have been recovered but according to the confessions of the arrested individuals, there could be as many as six more bodies at that location.

At this time it is unknown whether the kidnappers planned on extracting money from the victims or if it is a settling of accounts among drug dealers.


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    Barb, have you actually been to El Paso, on the border with Mexico? The town’s own sheriff apparently doesn’t understand why the US National Guard has been sent there as there is no violence spilling over. Look it up on the BBC. It’s the 2nd safest town in the whole of the US. Get your facts straight before you open your fat mouth.

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