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Correo (Leon, Guanajuato) 8-16-10

The American Dream is a Mexican nightmare

Mexico, D. F. In addressing the nightmare that confronts Mexican immigrants in pursuing the American dream that the undocumented are having going to the United States, the Mexican Human Rights Commission (CODHEM) has launched a program in cooperation with the organization “Apoyo al Migrante” (Help the Migrant), which is a campaign to prevent migration to the United States.

The program named “Sueno Americano, Pesadilla Mexicana,” (American Dream, Mexican Nightmare) will take place in public areas of Tejupilco, Luvianos, Amatepec, Tlatlaya, Sultepec, Zacualpan, Texcalititlan, Valle de Bravo, Otzoloapan, Zacazonapan, Ixtapan del Oro, Santo Tomas de los Platanos, Villa de Allende, Donato Guerra, and Amanalco de Becerra (All in the State of Guanajuato).

In respect to the program, the Chief of the Department of Migrant Affairs, Jeromino Garcia, explained that photographs showing the problems and risks taken by Central-American migrants on their route to our northern neighbor (USA) with the objective that people think twice before making the decision to cross the border.

The risks of kidnapping, mistreatment, extortion, beatings and discrimination, are just a few of the risks confronting anyone who intends to cross our national territory in order to illegally enter the United States, not to mention the conditions that endanger their very lives.

Finally, the government official exhorted young people to think twice before they make the decision to go to the United States seeking jobs and leaving their homes and security believing that there will be opportunities to better themselves.


Racist laws in effect in 494 jurisdictions in the USA

New York, USA – At least 494 jurisdictions in the United States have laws, similar to SB-1070 in Arizona, which violate civil rights and provide for the detention of people based solely on their race.

The program called “Secure Communities” created by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) escapes public scrutiny and allows local officials to detain anyone based on their appearance.

Official documents obtained by non-governmental entities in the United States were made public this week suggesting that the program (Secure Communities) facilitates racial profiling.

The objective (of the program) is to identify immigrants who represent a threat to national security and to deport them.

This program requires authorities to enter the fingerprints of detained individuals to ICE to verify migratory status and if they have committed a crime, to deport them.

Nonetheless, a series of official ICE documents suggest that many of the deported (persons) have no criminal history and were detained based solely on their racial profile.

Despite having violated its own purpose, ICE has expanded the Secure Communities Program in a meteoric manner. At the start of this year, 116 jurisdictions in 16 states participated in the program. Now, 494 jurisdictions in 27 states participate in the Secure Communities Program according to official figures.

It is the intention of the Barack Obama Administration to deport more immigrants every month than the Bush Administration deported and to cover the entire United States with the Secure Communities Program by 2013.

The Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, denied that the $600 million approved last week for border security with Mexico is excessive and confirmed the support of Barack Obama for migratory reform.


El Debate (Culiacan, Sinaloa) 8-16-10

Disappearance of mayor confirmed

Nuevo Leon – The Attorney General of the State of Nuevo Leon, Alejandro Garza Y Garza, confirmed the disappearance of the Mayor of Santiago, Edelmiro Cavazos, but did not mention anything concerning a kidnapping.

“We cannot talk of a kidnapping at this time. We have received no calls for a rescue,” said the state official.

In a news conference, the government official said that a person claiming to be an employee of Mayor Cavazos confirmed a kidnapping of the Mayor took place last Sunday night.

According to the allegation made by this person, commandos aboard at least 7 vehicles stopped the vehicle in which the Mayor was riding and put him into the trunk of one of the vehicles but did not know if the Mayor was beaten.

Garza Y Garza said that the resources of the state are dedicated to locating the vehicles involved.

The town of Santiago is located about 30 kilometers south of the metropolitan zone of Monterrey where in the last few months at least 5 policemen have been murdered by criminal bands.


El Sol de Mexico (Mexico City) 8/16/10

Ten migrants from India detained in Northern Mexico

Chihuahua, Mexico – Ten people of Indian nationality were detained in the Mexican state of Chihuahua while traveling toward the border to cross into the US, according to the Federal Police. The ten were traveling in a passenger bus heading for the town of Agua Prieta in the neighboring state of Sonora on the Arizona border. From there, they were planning to attempt entering the US illegally. Some 500,000 foreigners enter Mexico each year to try crossing the US border illegally in search of employment, according to data from the Mexican National Commission of Human Rights.


Frontera (Tijuana, Baja California) 8/16/10

Cuidad Juarez records new violence record

With the deaths of three more victims of violence, the number of assassinations in the city so far in 2010 has grown to 1,852. The uncontrollable violence continues after this past weekend when 47 violent deaths were reported marking a new record for that period of time.


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  1. Joker Says:

    “Racist laws in effect in 494 jurisdictions in the USA”
    What a joke. Any illegal border crossing is… ILLEGAL. How hard is this to understand. There are LEGAL ways to get into the US. Jumping the border is AGAINST THE LAW and even if someone doesn’t have a criminal background… THEY ARE STILL CRIMINALS FOR BREAKING THE IMMIGRATION LAWS! That’s a crime!

  2. Wayne Says:

    The Mexican government is partly to blame for illegal immigration. If they would explain the hardships to potential border crossers many would change their mind. The illegal immigrants are only being used for cheap labor and to save U.S. corporations billions in benefits. They usually live in substandard housing on top of it. I would think they might have more pride than to be used as they are and live in degrading homes. If they came legally they could fight for benefits and living wages along side of American workers. As it is they are hated by American workers for taking jobs and depressing wages. They would feel the same if illegals were doing to them what they do to America and its citizens. It has got to, and will stop.

  3. Terry Hartley Says:

    Nice to find news about the immagration problem from other than US veiwpoint

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