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Saturday 8/14/10

El Financiero (Mexico City) 8/13/10

Repatriations on hold

According to Mexico’s Office of Foreign Relations, the flow of migrants back to Mexico has not increased with the enactment of the Arizona law SB 1070. Sub-secretary Julian Ventura Valero attributes this to Mexico’s participation, with the backing of other Latin American countries, in appealing the constitutionality of the law. He noted that, 15 days after the enactment of the law, there has not been any change in the living conditions of Mexican migrants. Ventura Valero said the litigation to declare the law unconstitutional is a long road. The first step in the appeal will not be taken until November and it is considered to be a matter that will eventually reach the Supreme Court. [The newspaper carried a photo it apparently considered to be the essence of the appeal. See link.]



Napolitano declares herself against modifying Constitution

Washington (Notimex) – Department of Homeland Secretary Janet Napolitano stated today that she was against the intention to modify the Constitution to deny citizenship to the children born in the US of undocumented parents. “It surprises me that there has been initiated a discussion about amending the Constitution before we come to the table to amend the statutes of immigration policy,” she said at a press conference, For her, what needs action is to advance toward a broad migratory reform “and any discussion to amend the Constitution is simply wrong.”


Over a ton of marihuana seized in Tamaulipas

Mexican soldiers seized nearly 1.5 tons of marijuana and arrested two men in Ciudad Miguel Aleman, Tamaulipas. While on patrol, the soldiers noticed a storehouse in the middle of a cornfield and two people nearby. On spotting the military, the two attempted to flee, but were arrested. Inside the shed, the soldiers found two vehicles containing 160 bundles of marihuana with an estimated weight of 1,435 kilos. The arrested men were identified as Pedro Ramirez Pena and Alberto Ramirez Tanguma.



El Salvador rejects Florida’s anti-immigrant law

San Salvador – El Salvador’s foreign minister. Hugo Martinez, today rejected the initiative for an anti-immigrant law in the US state of Florida because of the principle that US federal authority in migratory matters prevails over that of the states. “We are concerned about this tentative anti-immigrant (law) in Florida and deeply regret that they want to include it in election schemes seeking a gubernatorial candidate in the state,” Martinez commented to reporters. The initiative is considered much more aggressive than Arizona’s.



Cambio de Michoacán (Morelia, Michoacán) 8/13/10

Error in US migration strategy

Morelia – The signature with which President Barack Obama approved sending more agents and equipment to reinforce the border with Mexico at a cost of 600 million dollars is a sign that there persists an error in the strategy to address the phenomenon of migration and that there is no interest in reaching a compromise for respecting the human rights of our countrymen. This is the view of Clara Ochoa Valdez, head of the Michoacán State Public Council (Coespo). She maintains that President Obama’s immigration policy has not substantially changed from that of his predecessor, in that he is simply using an “evident complex panorama” for the political purpose of winning votes from his reactionary constituents.

Ochoa also emphasizes that the Mexican authorities haven’t the capability to treat migration as a phenomenon that goes beyond the undocumented who cross the border in search of a better level of life and who is seen in violation by exercising their right to do so. The abuses of which they are victim cannot be stopped simply through diplomatic channels. She points out that such migration has been going on since before Mexico’s independence and has woven an endless and solid network of families so that now migrants do not only cross the border for money or work, but also in search of their relatives.

She feels the present US policy will only cause more unnecessary deaths and contribute to generating xenophobia against her countrymen. She calls for a reestablishment of a clear policy to deal with the problem and considers that Obama is betraying his own ideas.



Sunday 8/15/10

El Universal (Mexico City) 8/14/10

Mexican Customs justifies lack of arms seizures

So far this year, Mexican Customs has intercepted merely 150 firearms, compared to the thousands the Mexican military has seized in combat against organized crime groups. Jose Bravo Moises, a leading official in the Customs service, explains that it is because the operations of his agency discourage trafficking through ports of entry. He recognizes that arms can cross by other means such as through the ample unguarded areas along the border and by air and sea. Nonetheless, a special legislative commission overseeing Customs revealed in a meeting with the agency’s head that they paid 100 pesos [$7.86] to bring a firearm from Guatemala into Mexico. “One came in and they didn’t check anything in that Customs office, a serious problem for the traffic of arms the country suffers, for the thousands of deaths and the violence that no one stops,” said Representative Hector Pedroza Jimenez.

The Customs official rejected that the traffic of arms takes place through the Customs inspection points or that there exists corruption in the agency because as soon as any irregularity is detected, it is investigated. “We haven’t detected direct collusion, but we are constantly looking,” he said.



El Financiero (Mexico City 8/14/10

US answer to Mexico insufficient

Washington (Notimex) – The Obama administration and the US Congress have not given Mexico sufficient support in the war against the drug cartels, the Washington Post said today. In its principal editorial, the US newspaper emphasized the “honesty and valor” of President Felipe Calderón in combatting organized crime in a fight that has cost 28,000 lives since it began in 2006. Nevertheless it lamented that, despite the vital interest of Mexico to the US, it has only received a part of the of $300 million aid from the Merida Initiative “due to poor implementation and bureaucratic delays.” The editorial noted that the Mexican forces are waiting for the necessary US helicopters, other aircraft and training programs in areas such as the laundering of money. “Even worse, the Obama administration has retreated in its obligation to combat the illegal traffic of arms to Mexico, including the inappropriate sales of the more than 7,000 arms vendors located on the border,” it concluded.



Monday 8/16/10

El Universal (Mexico City) 8/15/10

12 alleged Gulf cartel members arrested in Nicaragua

Nicaraguan police arrested 12 presumed members of the Gulf drug cartel transporting drugs along the Costa Rica-Guatemala trafficking route. Police Commissioner Vilma Reyes told the press that this was a “most severe” blow to the transportation operations of organized crime. The alleged Gulf cartel cell is lead by Juan Cordoba, Manuel and Danilo Lopez, natives of Guatemala. according to Nicaraguan authorities. The men arrested were identified only by nationality: Guatemalan, Honduran and Nicaraguan. Agents also seized 14 vehicles in separate raids.



Headline summary of mayhem:

— Seven executions in Sinaloa

— Hit men wound seven in bar in Colima

— Six executions reported in Morelos

— Seven deaths by gunfire in Jalisco


La Jornada (Mexico City) 8/15/10

German factory investigated for supposed sale of arms to Mexico

Berlin – German authorities opened a proceeding against the Heckler & Kochel arms factory for the presumed offense of illegal exportation of arms in 2006 to Mexican states with violent internal conflicts, according to the weekly edition of Der Spiegel. The investigation, led by the government attorney’s office and German Customs, is to determine if the factory violated the prohibition, in force in the country, to sell arms in zones of conflict. According to information, in 2006 the factory received official permission to sell “different Mexican national police” thousands of G36 assault rifles, the customary German Army weapon. The authorization supposedly excluded the areas of conflict such as the states of Chiapas, Guerrero, Chihuahua and Jalisco. A year later, Heckler & Koch solicited another permit, this time to supply parts for those rifles “to clients with an established address” in those states. The investigation is in its initial stage.



-end of report-


  1. Junr Says:

    El Salvador joins the whiner’s Circle…

    .Seems we have another freeloading country whining about our laws. Isn’t it amazing how much time is spent south of the border with the wailing and gnaahing of teeth about the US trying to uphold its laws? Of course, being lawless coutries themselves, they don’t understand why we wouldn’t want to be overrun with their criminals. What happened to the “macho” spirit of Hispanics that we always heard about? Seems they’d rather be dependent on Uncle Sam than helping their own people. Well, sorry, El Salvador, Mexico and all the other corrupt countries who want us to babysit fheir people from birth to death. America has had it. You’ll have to renew that “macho” spirit and do it yourself!

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