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The National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers (NAFBPO) extracts and condenses the material that follows from Mexican and Central and South American on-line media sources on a daily basis. You are free to disseminate this information, but we request that you credit NAFBPO as being the provider.

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El Universal  (Mexico City) 8/12/10

20 police resign in Manzanillo
After the assassination of three of their companions and because of the grenade attacks that security offices have suffered in the past few days in the port city of Manzanillo, Colima, around 20 officers of the police force have resigned their positions.  The wave of violence by the war of organized criminals in their struggle for control of the port area is causing fear among the security forces. “We do not have sufficient equipment like firearms, patrol vehicles, protective vests and radio equipment,” the police charge.  The Manzanillo city officials have remained silent about the  resignations.
Armed encounter in Durango leaves 11 dead
A gun battle between a group of organized criminals and the Mexican Army in the town of Santiago Papasquiaro, Durango, left 11 people dead and 3 soldiers wounded.
US Ambassador suggests anti-crime strategy
US Ambassador to Mexico, Carlos Pascual, proposes a security strategy in the border area that consists of Army vigilance perimeters that will gradually be increased to include complete residential areas.  The plan includes a two way strategy where the US accepts as imperative the reduction of arms traffic.  The ambassador recommended that police at the three levels of government, with the support of the Mexican Army, participate in a strategy of vigilance to make people feel more secure.
El Financiero (Mexico City) 8/12/10
Anti-immigrant activities drive Latino bloc
Los Angeles, California (Notimex) –  Anti-immigrant  activities are making US Latinos aware of the importance of participation and the necessity of finally creating a Latino bloc, asserted a union leader, Eliseo Medina.  “Measures like SB 1070 in Arizona and those of denying citizenship to children of undocumenteds are only awakening them,” he said.  In California there is a total of 3.3 million Latino registered voters and some million and a half who can register to vote “and to this group we are going to focus,” he emphasized.
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  1. Wayne Says:

    June…..”If Senor Medina plans to work against the best interest of this country – and what he wants is against this country’s best interest” – then I’d say declare war.

  2. June Says:

    Re: Anti-immigrant activities…
    Does Senor Medina mean that he wants illegal aliens to continue breaking and entering, and does he want citizenship given to the anchor babies of illegals? Surely not, since Mexico is decidedly against both these measures in their own country and forbids them. That would be hypocritical, wouldn’t it? If Senor Medina plans to work against the best interest of this country – and what he wants is against this country’s best interest – then I’d say he’s not worth listening too. There are many of these anti-American zealots floating around like him, such as Luis Gutierrez who is a complete sell out. Let’s take back our country!

  3. Argen Aires Says:

    Gunmen grab Mexico Surgeon; patient likely target- Los Angeles Times..
    patient (Elida Ordaz, 29, U.S. citizen from Mission Texas

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