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The National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers (NAFBPO) extracts and condenses the material that follows from Mexican and Central and South American on-line media sources on a daily basis. You are free to disseminate this information, but we request that you credit NAFBPO as being the provider.

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Cambio de Michoacan (Morelia) 8-11-10

Cartels dispute the area of Colima

Colima – Two simultaneous attacks on Pubic Security forces in Manzanillo prompted the Governor of the state to convene an urgent meeting of State Pubic Security Police forces.

The State Attorney General (PGJE) said that three police officers lost their lives and another was seriously wounded in the attacks which prompted an intense response of several different police agencies in this port city.

In the first attack, henchmen armed with AK-47’s and AR-15’s fired upon uniformed officers who were patrolling in the tourist zone. In that attack, two policemen fell.

In the second attack near Salahua, one policeman died and another was wounded.

After those attacks, authorities deployed checkpoints around the city in an effort to catch the henchmen.

The port (of Manzanillo) is the principal point of commerce on the Mexican Pacific coast but has been turned into a Port of Entry for massive amounts of illicit chemicals and cocaine.

The size and intense commercial activity of Manzanillo facilitates the movement of illicit cargo to the east and eventually into the United States. This has aroused the intense interests, not only of big businessmen, but of the criminal organizations and cartels who move drugs. They are fighting for control of this transportation network bringing in products from Asia and South America. This fight has cost the lives of 31 people, and wounded 22 just this year. And, this fight has caused the kidnapping of 15 innocent people, the seizure of hundreds of munitions, arms, grenades, vehicles and narco-laboratories.

Authorities are afraid that in the coming days the fight for control of this area between Los Zetas, La Familia and others will escalate.


El Financiero (Mexico City) 8-11-10

Intimidation and corruption of judges a continuous concern

Mexico, D. F. – The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Mexico (SCJN), Guillermo Ortiz Mayagoitia, said that protecting judges from intimidation and corruption are the two major concerns that there are within the jurisdiction of Federal Judicial Power.

In addressing the security of the political body of the state with representatives of the judiciary, Ortiz said that the struggle against crime in the community and the judiciary must be with absolute adherence to the law and the rights of the state.

He said that in exercising judicial power, there must be no illegal action or obligation to outside influences and that all indictments must be fully investigated in his address to all 42 district judges and magistrates.

“The fight against organized crime must be conducted in absolute adherence to the law under effective prosecution while observing individual rights,” stated Judge Ortiz Mayagoitia.

Ortiz stated that the struggle against threats to the security of the Republic requires that all judges in the nation be on the same side which is the side of citizenship and democracy.

In respect to judicial power, he said that every person needs to be sure that every judge is doing his duty according to judicial standards in everything he does in conducting the business of the state.


El Diario de Juarez (Cd. Juarez, Chihuahua) 8-11-10

Gunmen kill two men in a medical clinic

Cd. Juarez – Two men, one of them already wounded, were shot down by hit men in a medical clinic as part of a violent journey yesterday that ended with 11 dead.

Early in the morning there were five dead, by noon there were six.

First there were two brothers killed by gunshots, then the police found dead bodies on the street, killed by gunfire. Later, a body of a woman was thrown onto the street from a vehicle by several men in an industrial park.

Earlier, two men appeared at a medical clinic where one sought treatment for a gunshot wound. Later an unknown man entered the hospital and shot both of them dead.

Finally, a man riding a bicycle was shot down and his companion was kidnapped.


Calderon lies

(An editorial)

El Diario – The triumphant statements of President Felipe Calderon that the government is winning the war on organized crime shows that the federal authority does not pay attention to the reality the country is living. The stubbornness of maintaining such a lie embarrasses our civil leaders, businessmen and lawyers here on the border.

Yesterday the Presidential address stated that, contrary to general opinion, we are winning the war against organized crime.

Journalists have confirmed that during the last two and a half years confrontations with criminal groups have resulted in more than 6,000 deaths on the border. The perception is that the government has failed to contain the violence.

Calderon assured leaders of political parties in Mexico City, “Despite the cowardly acts, like executions of soldiers and federal police officers, the truth is that in the great majority of confrontations between federal authorities and criminal groups, the government has won.”

Calderon asserted at the same time that the increase of violence is not an indicator of whether the strategy is working, although the number of homicides is spectacular, (according to CISEN, the number is 28,000) Calderon says the number is not a method to measure.

We, on a day to day basis, witness how crime is beating the government


-end of report-


  1. Luis Sanchez T. Says:

    While violence has increased in some parts of Mexico it has been much quieter in Tijuana over the past nine months or so. The majority of the past violence has been between drug gangs and has been on the east side of the city. Since the strangulation of El Tio, while in custody, the city is relatively quiet and certainly has a crime rate much less than New Orleans.

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