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Cambio de Michoacán (Morelia, Michoacán) 8-10-10

Calderón challenges parties to decide if Mexico should withdraw from fighting crime

Mexico City, D.F. – President Felipe Calderón challenged political party leaders to proclaim publicly if Mexico should withdraw from its war against organized crime.

In a dialogue with all the political parties in Mexico, the PRI, PRD, PAN, Convergencia, Nueva Alianza and the Partido Verde, and Senator Arturo Escobar, Calderón challenged the leaders to decide if the federal mandate and the strategy against crime should be questioned. And, he (Calderón) asked them to express their commitment with clear objectives and proposals.

“Declare openly and publicly if the state (of Mexico) should continue to fight and complete what needs to be done to preserve the foundation of the republic. If anyone feels that the government is in error in its fight against criminality, now is your opportunity to declare that openly and sincerely,” says the presidential mandate.


El Debate (Culiacan, Sinaloa) 8-10-10

Five undocumented Guatemalans captured

Los Mochis – Five undocumented Guatemalans were arrested by Federal Highway Police this morning on a bus, among them was the smuggler.

The Guatemalans were destined to Altar, Sonora, but were turned over to the state prosecutor for disposition after their sworn statements were taken.


Three Sinaloans jailed in Nicaragua

Managua – Judicial spokesmen publicly stated that a Nicaraguan judge has ordered three Mexicans jailed for money laundering for narcotics traffickers. The men were arrested in two vehicles containing 202 million dollars north of Managua.

The judge scheduled a preliminary hearing for the 17th of August.


El Diario de Juarez (Cd. Juarez, Chihuahua) 8-10-10

Border insecurity a myth

Washington – The results of a poll taken among U.S. border residents released today concludes that border insecurity is a myth perpetrated by U.S. political conservatives in order to put troops on the border.

This myth is propagated by political personalities, such as Republican Governor Jan Brewer, who recently spoke of “murderers, chaos and terror” in the region, but “statistics show that the border region is among the most secure areas in the nation where there has been no demonstrable rise in crime in several years,” according to the pro-immigrant organization Border Network for Human Rights in poll results released today.

The poll was taken in July from more than 1200 border residents in California and Arizona.

The results were released to the U.S. House of Representatives which approved 600 million dollars to improve security along more than 3000 kilometers of U.S./Mexico border. The House also approved the deployment of 1200 National Guardsmen to Support the U.S. Border Patrol. Since the bill with be forwarded to the U.S. Senate in September, pro-immigrant groups have labeled this action a “deceptive” and “ineffective.”


El Imparcial (Hermosillo, Sonora) 8-10-10

Calderón confirms gain

Mexico, D. F. – President Felipe Calderón says that contrary to popular belief, we are winning the war against organized crime.

“I understand perfectly that the general perception is that we are losing the war (against crime), but I also understand the general perception is that we are obligated to fight,” he said.

The number of dead reflects the disputes between the cartels and criminal groups and does not indicate that we are losing the war against criminal organizations, according to Calderón.

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  1. norm9do Says:

    Calderon and Obama share one common thread, they both are common politicians. Obama has already lost any credibility with the majority of American citizens, Calderon with his recent remarks about winning the war is loseing his credibility also.
    Both these politicians use political spin, deception and decit while attempting to minimize events along the border and within Mexico.

    Without a doubt, they are truly brothers….

  2. Steve Says:

    I live on the border, in fact I walked some of it tonight. Come on down to my house, we will find 1200 people in one day that ALL think border SECURITY is a Myth! What a joke!

  3. Wayne Says:

    So Calderon, which is it? You want to debate if the war is worth fighting and in a second article you are winning. Seems like a typical flip flopping politician.
    Of course pro immigrant groups think border insecurity is a myth. More politics.

  4. Bernie Says:

    This link doesn’t work.

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