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Thursday, 8/5/10

La Prensa (Mexico City) 8/3/10

Sheriff Joe Arpaio: the worst kind of outlaw

Marcelo Ebrard, head of government of Mexico’s Distrito Federal, said that, “Arpaio represents the worst in the United States, the racism, the xenophobia, the violence, the assault.” While heading a ceremony against racism in Arizona, he added that the attitude of the aforementioned official is a return to the time preceding Martin Luther King’s movement, and contrary to the basics and principles of the United States Constitution.

Ebrard stated: “We are going to send him a copy of Thomas Jefferson’s writings, which gave rise to the independence of the United States. I am going to send it to him personally today so that he may read it, and if he doesn’t read it, well, somebody can read it to him, chances are he doesn’t know how to read well.” [Marcelo Ebrard is a leading political figure in Mexico and widely presumed to be a future candidate for the country’s Presidency.]


El Diario de Hoy (San Salvador, El Salvador) 8/4/10

Salvadoran youth being brainwashed

The anthem of El Salvador’s young “Pioneers” reflects the class struggle and the hatred for the United States that the extreme left preaches. “Raise your fist, socialist pioneer….against the rich oppressor and the criminal empire” – a classic reference to the United States – says the anthem of El Salvador’s Socialist Pioneers. Despite the fact that they define themselves as an organization similar to the Boy Scouts, their idols are not peace makers such as Baden Powell or Mother Theresa, but instead the Argentine guerrilla “Che” Guevara, Fidel Castro’s right hand man during the Cuban revolution. The hymn that is taught to the children says, “We will be like Che.” This group made its public debut on July 25, precisely the anniversary of the day of the 1953 assault on the Moncada garrison in Cuba, thus making clear their affinity with that socialist model and, to boot, their rejection of the United States as underlined in its anthem.


Critica (Hermosillo, Sonora) 8/4/10

Sonora facing wave of violence

The head of the PRI political party in the state of Sonora, Roberto Ruibal Astiazaran, said that Sonora faces a scenario of violence never before seen in the last years, and to pretend otherwise does not help to deal with the issue as urgently as is required. According to that state’s Public Security Dep’t., there have been 338 executions in Sonora in the first six months of this year, while in 2009 there were 221. (Sonora is the only Mexican state bordering on Arizona.)


El Financiero (Mexico City) 8/4/10

The Vatican supports criticism of Arizona law

The Vatican’s Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples echoed the Mexican bishops’ criticism of the Arizona law SB1070 which toughens measures against immigrants. In a press release by its official news agency, Fides, the Congregation cited a communiqué by the Conference of Bishops of Mexico in which the latter expressed their solidarity with their fellow citizens who live in the United States. Fides stated that “It goes against us, and we strongly condemn the selfish and irreparable attitude of some powerful groups who wish to separate, obfuscate and sink innumerable families into the most terrible misery.”

According to Fides, the voice of the Mexican clerics was joined to that of many others in Latin America who have expressed their opposition to the Arizona Law SB1070, such as the prelates of El Salvador, Guatemala, Peru and the United States.


El Informador (Guadalajara, Jalisco) 8/4/10

(The following were the leading items in the “Organized Crime” section of this paper):

  • Seven women and four men executed in Chihuahua
  • Continuous crimes in Monterrey during the last hours
  • Seven executed in Sinaloa


Twenty-eight thousand dead

Since the current administration took over, Mexico’s war against crime has left a trail of 28,000 assassinations and a daily average of one armed confrontation between police and criminals in the entire country.

Other items cited: 6% of Mexico’s population consumes cocaine, a percentage that has doubled between 2002 and 2008. Eighty-four thousand firearms have been seized. There are 34,000 members of the Federal Police, and 59,000 persons linked to “narcotraffic” who have been arrested.


El Sol de Mexico (Mexico City) 8/4/10

Spanish language in U.S. boosted

Mexico’s Dep’t. of Foreign Relations as well as its Dep’t. of Education are boosting a project titled “Program for Spanish language books for Mexican and Mexican origin children in the United States 2010.” Mexico’s Consulate in San Diego, CA, reported that the program seeks to bring about the learning and improvement of the Spanish language among those children. Further, that “they wish to strengthen the identity of those Mexican or of (Mexican) national origin children and youths who live in the United States.”


Eight hundred thousand Mexicans migrate to the U.S. yearly

Jorge Carlos Ramirez, the PRI political party’s vice-coordinator in Mexico’s “San Lazaro” (Chamber of Deputies,) said that more than 800,000 Mexicans emigrate to the United States every year, and although 450,000 are deported, they generate a legal income of 53 billion dollars for that country. Further, that removing the more severe aspects of the Arizona law does not mean that justice may have been done, “because we are still facing acts of racism, separatism and xenophobia.” He added that Mexican migrants provide 17% of the labor demands of the U.S. and that according to a bank study they sent 25 billion dollars to Mexico, which represents 50% of the income they generated for the U.S.

He ended by saying, “Whatever it takes, a technological effort is necessary, even the specific creation of an organism in charge of studying, analyzing and proposing a reform that may solve the problem we are dealing with: go to the United States, work, generate more there and, likewise, generate income for their family here in Mexico, to return and have a family life that any person protected by our laws yearns for.”


El Universal (Mexico City) 8/4/10

Reynosa under siege

On Tuesday afternoon, the city of Reynosa, state of Tamaulipas, became a war zone for several hours because of various confrontations between Mexican soldiers and organized crime members. Major streets were blocked and fear paralyzed the city while detonations from grenades and firearms continued to be heard. Preliminary, unofficial reports said that five persons had died. (Reynosa is right across the Rio Grande River from McAllen, Texas.)

Meanwhile, the mayor of Nuevo Laredo (upriver from Reynosa) condemned the weekend violence in his city, including a grenade attack against a local TV station and another one at the international crossing bridge. (Typically, these events were not reported by local newspapers but were found in others elsewhere in Mexico.)


The News (Mexico City) 8/4/10

Drug legalization on the table

(The link below will take you to an English language article regarding President Felipe Calderon’s proposal to consider legalization of drugs in Mexico)


La Cronica (Mexicali, Baja Calif.) 8/4/10

Tijuana: four in 24 hrs.

Four armed attacks were reported in Tijuana within the last 24 hours; they resulted in 4 persons dead and five wounded.


– end of report –


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  3. norm9do Says:

    Mexico’s continueing existance is totally dependent upon the United States or it would quickly decend into third world status or worse. It is the billions of dollars that the illegal aliens send home that relives the government of any real responsibility of helping it’s own citizens. The aid that the United States has given over the years to Mexico to help in it’s alledged war against drugs borders is around 30 Billion dollars. The government in Mexico is about as corrupt as they come save a few who who have no real authority.
    It would be better for the Mexican citizens in the long run if the drug cartels pulled off a coup against the government and ran them out of the country. Then most likley the United States would become involved and establish a real form of government along with effectively putting the cartels out of business permantly. Then also by rebuilding the countries infrastructure, which the Mexican government seems to care nothing about,the illegal alien problem would diminish greatly and be easily manageable. But those in power there have no wish to change the status quo as they are quite comfortable….

  4. Bonnie Says:

    Mexico has no shame of course. They have never made anything of their country, it has always been a cesspool society. It stinks and Mexicans are not to be trusted.
    Of course they attack an American that sends their peons back to them.
    No handouts for Mexico with Joe Arpaio!

    Go Joe! Continue arresting Mexico’s finest!

  5. Wayne Says:

    Yes, I would back Joe Arpaio any day.

  6. pf Says:

    “Sheriff Joe Arpaio: the worst kind of outlaw??”
    Marcelo Ebrard had better go back to the drawing board and re-think his hate filled and ignorant statements. God help Mexico if that idiot runs for office!

    Lets talk about Arpaio. Sheriff Apaio has an extensive police background as well as rising through the ranks of DEA to become the head of the Arizona branch, after being stationed in Argentina, Turkey and Mexico. Ignorant? Illiterate?? I hardly think so.

    Arpaio calls it like he sees it and has the cojones to do what is right – which is a hell of a lot more than can be said for the idiots in Washington. He believes in consequences for actions. Too bad there are not more like him.

  7. john poynter Says:

    We for many years have spent time with our native Nawa (sp?) friends in Michuocan, but the violence between the Zetas and La Familia has escalated to a point of being unsafe for travelers.
    I have heard or seen very few reports concerning violence and unrest in Baja, excluding the frontera. What is the political and social climate like? Just the usual thieving and robberies, or is it more sinister and gang terroized like the mainland?

  8. Wayne Says:

    Mexico’s Consulate in San Diego, CA, reported that the program seeks to bring about the learning and improvement of the Spanish language among those children. Further, that “they wish to strengthen the identity of those Mexican or of (Mexican) national origin children and youths who live in the United States

    Doesn’t sound like immigrants that want to come to America and learn and live by our ways. More like an invasion right under our nose. Deport all those that will not learn English or enter America legally. Blatant disregard of our way of life calls for action and will only cause more anger against their invasion.

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