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La Cronica De Hoy (Mexico City) 8-2-10

Four people freed from kidnapping

Monterrey, N. L. – State authorities reported that this morning, elements from a reaction force freed four victims of a kidnapping found in a house in Colonia Sierra Ventana in the southern part of this city.

Responding to an anonymous tip, elements of the military, federal and state authorities raided a house and found the four victims, all men, who had been beaten all about the body, with hands and feet tied and blindfolded.


Commandant of State Police murdered

Hermosillo, Sonora – The Commandant of the State Investigative Police, Jesus Fernando de la Cruz Rojo, was killed by gunfire as he walked in a park with his family.

At least three men got out of a Jeep Cherokee and fired 9mm and 38 Super rounds into the Chief.


Correo (Leon, Guanajuato) 8-2-10

More than 400,000 Mexicans in Arizona are without papers

Mexico, D.F. (7-30-10) – A full 88.6 percent of the Hispanic population of the state (Arizona) was born in Mexico.

Between 400,000 and 530,000 residents of Arizona are residing without documents, according to the Secretary of Foreign Relations (SRE). One million, eight hundred thousand Arizonans are of Mexican origin.

Officially responding to the implication of SB-1070, SRE states that 88.6% of the Hispanic population is originally from Mexico.

As of this date, there have been 7 requests for injunctions against the law. Included are requests from the Department of Justice, ACLU and MALDEF.

The Secretary of Foreign Relations reports that between January and June of this year, 1,047 unaccompanied minors were deported from Arizona to Mexico.

Authorities in Arizona, such as Sheriff Joe Arpaio, are continuing operations against Mexicans although SB-1070 has been stopped.

Many of our countrymen have decided to leave jobs, to abandon homes they are paying for, and to leave the lives they have in the American Union.

Ramiro Hernandez, originally from Guanajuato, says that in light of what’s happening, he is thinking of returning to Guanajuato because for the last two years it has been difficult to find work.


El Debate (Culiacan, Sinaloa) 8-2-10

Culiacan tops the list of women murdered

Culiacan – According to the Sinaloa Institute for Women, as of the 15th of July, there have been 65 women murdered in Sinaloa this year. Culiacan heads the list with 26 homicides of women.

Since 2009, the number of female homicides declined with a total of 73 for the whole year of 2009. The report showed that the ages of the women ranged from 17 to 58 years and that the primary cause of death was from gunshot wounds.


Two executed; message left

Los Mochis – The bodies of two executed individuals were found on the side of Mexican Highway 15 approximately one kilometer from Juan Jose Rios.

The bodies were dead from gunshots and are unidentified.

Authorities found a message left at the scene which read, “For robbing convenience stores and gasoline stations.”


Police request .50 caliber barrets

Culiacan – The Secretary of the Public Security Police is preparing a new request for arms for seven cities in the struggle against organized crime and violence.

The Director of The Co-ordination of Federal, State and Municipal Law Enforcement Agencies, Luis Alberto Sainz Fierro, asked that police be included in the federal law to allow police to use high caliber arms such as the anti-aircraft Barret .50 Caliber Rifle.

The government official explained that the acquisition of this type of weapon is justified for state special elite forces and reaction groups.

He acknowledged that the law already allows for the purchase of grenades and Barrets but as of this moment has not offered a proposal to obtain these sophisticated arms.

Sainz Fierro stated that the purchase of rifles and pistols is just in the first phase.

El Diario De Juarez (Cd. Juarez, Chihuahua) 8-2-10

Remittances down 4.07 percent

Mexico, D. F. –Remittances from Mexicans outside the country declined 4.07 percent in the first half of this year, reported the Central Bank.

Funds sent to Mexico from January to June of this year amounted to 10.627 billion dollars compared to this same period last year which was 11.078 billion dollars, according to a Monday report issued by the Banco de Mexico on its internet site.

The remittances are from all over the United States and the amount of money is second only to the exportation of petroleum.

Mexico is the principal recipient of remittances in Latin America.


-end of report-

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  1. I Love My Music Says:

    I Love My Music…

    […]ROUTINE DAY IN MEXICO « M3 Report[…]…

  2. norm9do Says:

    If there were an amnesty and I stress the word if, I feel too much emphasis has been placed on who the new citizens would vote for. The Democrates are giddy with the thoughts that they would have 12 to 24 million new voters for their party. How absoultely presumptuous that is!
    These people are here only for themselves and those they left back in Mexico, once again if an amnesty were passed the majority could care less about the political parties in this country. I don’t believe that they have much if any interest in our government except what it can provide to them. Just my personal opinion of course with what I have witnessed and the history of this problem …

  3. June Says:

    88.6 illegals in Arizona are from Mexico…Surprise! What better way to assure that dems retain control than to give the criminal hordes instant citizenship? If, in the process, we lose our country to the invaders, what does it matter to the leadership as long as they can control the people and pass out “entitlements” for womb to tomb? How’s that “fundmental change” doing for ya?

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