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July 28, 2010

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La Voz de la Frontera (Mexicali, B.C.) 7-27-10

Mexicali – Several people linked to a human smuggling operation were captured after U.S. Border Patrol Agents tracked them to a house in Imperial, California and found undocumented people inside. They arrested eight undocumented migrants, including a woman from Mexicali and 7 men.

The Border Patrol reported that they arrested a man and wife from Los Angeles, a man and a woman from Holtville, CA, another man and woman from Calexico and a woman from Mexicali involved in the network.

The group was transporting (aliens) from Mexicali to Los Angeles for a fee of 2,500 to 4,000 dollars each.

Initially, Agents stopped a vehicle with 15 migrants in it on Neckel Road north of the Imperial Airport and developed intelligence that led them to the house in Imperial where they made more arrests. The group was smuggling up to 200 people a year to Los Angeles. Agents also seized a .357 Magnum.


Four migrants exposed to desert heat: One dies

Mexicali, B.C. – A group of four migrants launched on a venture to cross illegally into the United States near El Centinela (Mt. Signal) west of Mexicali. For one, it was not a stroke of good luck and he lost his life. Two more were rescued by Grupo Beta and a fourth made it into the neighboring country and alerted the authorities and a joint effort was launched to rescue the survivors. A native of Oaxaca, whose body remains on the U.S. side, died and one from San Luis Potosi was arrested by the Border Patrol and deported to Mexico. The remaining two survivors remain unidentified. The group ranged from 20 to 30 years of age.


Nine tons of “mota” seized

San Luis, R.C., Sonora – Mexican military found 846 packages of a substance believed to be marijuana hidden in a tanker truck originally from Puerto Penasco destined to Mexicali. Members of the Mexican Army inspected the truck and found that it contained 9.1 metric tons.


Residents of Calexico found murdered in Mexicali

Mexicali – Thanks to investigative efforts of the State Attorney General’s office, identification of two bodies found in a clandestine dump last Friday has been accomplished. They had been literally beaten to death. The family of the two brothers identified them as Rolando Castro, 25, and Joel Castro, 27. They were transporters of merchandise.

The bodies had been found in the open with their heads covered in black plastic.


La Cronica de Hoy (Mexico City) 7-27-10

All 51 bodies autopsied

Monterrey, N. L. – The Attorney General of Nuevo Leon, Alejandro Garza Garza announced today that it is still possible to autopsy all 51 bodies found in a clandestine dump in the town of Conurbado de Juarez. The government official said that they may find yet more bodies. “It is possible to autopsy every body and to take photographs,” he said. “It is yet practicable to get a height, complexion, clothing description, and a tattoo description of every one,” he indicated.

“Some died of suffocation, others from being beaten. There were profound contusions about the heads and abdomens,” he explained.


El Diario De Juarez (Cd. Juarez, Chihuahua) 7-27-10

Six human heads found in different locations in Durango

Durango, Dgo. – In this capital city, six heads were found in three locations in less than an hour. At 7:00 this morning the first two heads were found on a bridge over the Durango-Mexico Highway. At 7:30, two more heads were reported on the highway to Parral near the village of La Tinaja. A half hour later two more heads were located on the road to Mazatlan.

In all the cases, messages were left with the heads.


El Nuevo Diario (Managua, Nicaragua) 7-27-10

The Secretary of Labor of the United States visits to talk of social justice

Managua – The Secretary of labor of the United States, Hilda Solis, arrived in Managua today to speak about a program to improve labor relations and competition in the supply chain, especially in the textile industry.

Solis, the first Latina presidential cabinet member in the history of the United States was born in the United States from a Mexican father and a Nicaraguan mother. She will be interviewed during her three day stay concerning her Nicaraguan blood.

The ambassador of the United States in Nicaragua, Robert Callahan, recently announced that Hilda Solis will visit the Provence of Jinotega, whence her mother originated and where family members still reside. The diplomat announced that Solis will participate in a march to eradicate juvenile labor and that Nicaragua can count on help from Washington.


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