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Friday, 7/23/10

El Diario (Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua) 7/22/10

A tale of two cities

El Paso, Texas, and Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, divided only by a usually dry river, now contrast from each other as much as disparate twins. The high index of assassinations on the Mexican side continues to increase, in inverse proportion to that in Texas, where they decrease. And, in the last 23 years, El Paso police have resolved 96% of those crimes, while in Juarez the number is 98%, but in the case of Juarez that figure relates to unsolved, still pending cases. Thus far in 2010 there have been some 1,600 homicides in Ciudad Juarez, while El Paso has only had one.


Yesterday, in Juarez

This Wednesday there were nine more victims of homicide in Juarez


Threat about more car-bombs

The Sinaloa Cartel has now displayed a new banner threatening to murder innocent persons in case the Chihuahua state government does not remove the chief of the Police Intelligence Center (CIPOL), Fernando Ornelas. Just last Sunday, thugs from “La Linea”, the armed enforcement group of the Carrillo Fuentes Cartel, addressed a message to the FBI and the DEA and threatened to place another car-bomb loaded with 100 kilos of C-4 (a variety of plastic explosive more powerful than TNT) if authorities don’t take action against certain corrupt (Mexican) officials who support the Sinaloa Cartel.


Shootout in Chihuahua

A military unit of “more than 100” reached the operations center of a group of killers and drug traffickers at a place called “El Cable de la Simona”, (located in the far west of the state), 4 hours from Ciudad Madera, Chihuahua. A firefight broke out and at least eight thugs were killed but others escaped westward over the rough terrain and headed for the neighboring state of Sonora. Weapons seized include hand guns and “long barrel” firearms, not otherwise described, as well as bazookas and grenade launchers.



La Estrella de Panama (Panama City, Panama) 7/21/10

Cocaine just keeps flowing northbound

Yet another “fast boat” hauling drugs was spotted and found after a chase off the Caribbean end of the Panama Canal today. This crew attempted evasive and escape maneuvers but crashed while doing so. One crewman, a Colombian, was arrested but three others fled into the jungle. The 45’ boat was propelled by four outboard motors of 200 hp. each; it also carried 24 barrels of fuel. (The link to the article has a photo of the boat.) Drug traffickers are apparently willing to risk that some loads get captured as long as others get through. This one carried 2,447 kilos of cocaine.



Cuarto Poder (Tuxtla, Chiapas) 7/22/10

Weapons found going northbound into Mexico

Mexican police seized 17 firearms and ammunition at a highway checkpoint near Tapachula, Chiapas, in the area of the Guatemalan border. Five persons, all Mexican, were arrested. According to Mexico’s PGR (Dep’t. of Justice) more than 70,000 firearms have been seized since Dec. 2006. This particular event yielded 11 AK-47, 1 AR-15, 3 M-16 & 2 Galil rifles, plus ammo and clips.



La Hora (Guatemala City, Guatemala) 7/21/10

“Prisoners of Terror” [Portions of an op/col by Felix Loarca Guzman, titled as shown]

Guatemala is currently facing one of the most critical periods of its history due to the impressive levels of violence that reach all professions, ages, and social levels, although they are particularly cruel against passenger bus drivers, and their helpers and passengers. A feeling of frustration prevails in the different sectors of society due to unparalleled acts such as the placing of firebombs in passenger buses in Guatemala’s capital, activated by remote control from cellular phones, with a tragic result of dead, wounded, widows and orphans. The situation is so complex and delicate that it demands energetic measures to dismantle this shameful scaffolding of death that has the rule of law literally on its knees.



El Diario (Saltillo, Coahuila) 7/22/10

Counterfeit “soldiers” and military vehicles

Mexico’s Dep’ts. of Defense and of the Navy report that groups of hired killers are dressing up as soldiers and marines to confuse area residents and carry out their activities. Officials are also attempting to locate where vehicles are being “cloned” to make then appear as if they were really official and belonged to the military. Last Monday two such vehicles, with false logos and insignia, were found in the military zone which covers the states of Tamaulipas and Nuevo Leon (the northeast corner of Mexico.)



El Universal (Mexico City) 7/22/10

The violence spreads

This paper today reported that this morning there were eight victims of “execution” in the state of Sinaloa. Likewise, five other victims of homicide were found in the area of Tepic, state of Nayarit. (This is not far north from Puerto Vallarta.) Tepic has now had 33 execution deaths this month, related to struggles between groups of drug traffickers.




La Cronica de Hoy (Mexico City) 7/22/10

An accolade for Mexico’s senate president

In its opinion page, this paper gave the “Thumbs Up” of the day to Carlos Navarrete, president of Mexico’s senate, for having had the presidents of the parliaments of 11 other countries join him in a protest against the AZ Law SB1070, deeming it to be racist and xenophobic. The senator made a call on Americans to bring about a reform that may permit migrants to regularize their status with full rights and obligations.


Total brutality

In Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, late on Tuesday, the various dismembered parts of a man’s extremities were found scattered on several city streets within an area of four blocks. Arms, legs, the torso and hands dumped on various street corners and blocks caused fear for neighbors and witnesses. The victim’s head was found stuck on top of a fence.



– end of report –


  1. Wayne Says:

    It might make sense to bring our soldiers home to not only protect our borders but maybe work with Mexico’s military to fight the drug cartels. The cartels will spread like a cancer to America. Actually, they are here now. Will an armed America be just when they pick up arms against cartels? As said by a previous post, we can help and fight for other countries, why not Mexico? Our southern border is as dangerous as having any insurgents from the east there. I would back action close to home rather than what we are doing overseas at the moment. I would think the homeland would be our first concern. If not help Mexico then at least protect American citizens from the invasion. We need corporate America out of Congress. Most if not all the blame lies with our Congress for lack of interest, enforcement.

  2. June Says:

    We are unfortunate to have to share a border with Mexico. I think it has surpassed any country in the middle east with it’s violent savagery. Our government is doing nothing to truly protect us. Instead of cameras, how about Marines, lined shoulder-to-shoulder along our southern border? We guard nations all across the world who hate us. We go in, fight wars and then rebuild their counties to the detriment of our own. Why? We are broke. We are cutting programs right and left for Americans, but I’ve heard nothing about withholding benefits from illegal aliens. We need to work together to get rid of those in Washington who put foreign criminals before taxpaying, voting citizens.

  3. Memo Says:

    And these Latin American countries are telling us how to enforce our laws? Wow.!

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