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Thursday, 7/22/10

El Universo (Guayaquil, Ecuador) 7/21/10

At Mexico’s behest, eleven countries condemn Arizona law

At the closing of the Assembly of Parliamentary Presidents held in Geneva, eleven countries signed a declaration condemning Arizona’s Law SB1070, which they consider to have a “racist, xenophobic spirit and one contrary to immigration of any type.” The declaration was introduced by Felipe Solis Acero, Vice-President of Mexico’s Parliament, and was signed by delegates from Mexico, Uruguay, Panama, Ecuador, Guatemala, Cuba, Turkey, Senegal, Micronesia and Chile.

Besides lamenting the “spirit against immigration in general and the irregular (read: illegal) in particular” the declaration acknowledges the efforts of Barack Obama, for “his personal commitment to promote an integral migratory reform.”

(This item was also reported in some Central American papers and was prominently featured in many papers in Mexico. The balance of pertinent news from Mexico consisted of the endless accounts of scattered homicides and some dismemberments)


El Espectador (Bogota, Colombia) 7/19/10

Another drug shipment stopped

The Colombian navy seized 488 kgs. of cocaine and 184 of weed that were ready to be shipped abroad. The drug, totally sealed in 690 packages, was found by the beach at Bahia Solano, a town on the Pacific coast some 75 mi. south of the border with Panama.


El Heraldo (Tegucigalpa, Honduras) 7/20/10

Official, but phony, documentation

During the dismissal process of a number of employees of the Honduran National Registry of Persons at San Pedro Sula (the country’s 2nd largest city) it has come to light that a couple of higher ranking officials have also been involved in the trafficking of fraudulent documentation. This ploy allows citizens of other countries to be falsely documented as Hondurans in order to be able to travel to the United States.ís/Ediciones/2010/07/20/Noticias/Dos-jefes-involucrados-en-el-trafico-de-documentos2


RCN Radio (Bogota, Colombia) 7/21/10

New mode of camouflaging cocaine

At a bus terminal, military personnel examined a suitcase and found that part of it was made out of a rubberized material. A subsequent chemical exam revealed that it was actually a blend of rubber and cocaine weighing 4.4 kgs. No arrests were made, but it’s believed the suitcase was destined to a Colombian port and from there was to be shipped overseas.


– end of report –


  1. Patricia Says:

    These meddling mexico has to take care of its own people in regards

    education, medical and job issues. I believe other people like guerrilla

    (subversives), gangs, and terrorist cells from al-queida are behind all these

    marchs for an immigration reform and the such dream act. Watch out, poor

    and regular people do not move by themselves or alone. In latin america

    University students are very popular in gathering to fight the government, and

    they are already starting disobeying here inside U.S territory.

    • Donald H Says:

      If you want to follow the national group that is leading the bulk of Latinos down a merry path, check out the NCLR website. As I read them, they favor Latinos over everyone else in the country. Their belief is that the Latino is persecuted and held down by the white majority, but they are going to lead Latinos to glory. Anything that favors a Latino is OK; everything else is bad. If the laws don’t fit, change them to favor the Latino. It’s an “us and them” mentality, the mentality of an invader.

  2. America First Says:

    Since these countries think the law is unfair, lets have a USA declaration and not let any of their citizens travel or legally immigrate to our ‘oppressive’ country.

  3. Donald H Says:

    I still don’t see how any country could condemn the U.S. for enforcing immigration laws. Mexico has obviously distorted the truth so much, and screamed so loudly that some countries actually believe them. Of course, the countries condemning the law have not read the law. What a con-job. I can only hope that Arizona will prevail. If not, the New, armed Minutemen Groups may be the only answer.

  4. pf Says:

    “At Mexico’s behest, eleven countries condemn Arizona law”

    Once again, the term “Meddling” comes to mind. What our States do within their territory is their own damned business – no one else’s – including the Feds. Mexico will do anything to stop this law because they fear the “free ride at American middleclass taxpayer expense” is over!

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