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Wednesday, 7/21/10

 Siglo XXI (Guatemala City, Guatemala) 7/20/10

 Central American bishops to fight for U.S. migratory reform

 The Archbishop of San Salvador, Jose Luis Escobar Alas, affirms that Central American bishops will hold a meeting in November to reach a common posture to fight “in the Government and the Congress of the United States” for a migratory reform in the U.S.

 Escobar stated, “We are going to have a meeting in November and possibly then we’ll write the U.S. Episcopal Conference, but also the U.S. Parliament (sic) and government, that we are committed to have the (migratory) reform come about.”

 Escobar manifested the desire of El Salvador’s Catholic Church to have Arizona’s “anti-immigrant law” abolished because, in his judgment, it goes “against the rights of persons.” He added that “It is racist, and that can’t be in any civilized country, least in the United States, which serves as an example of democracy.”

 The U.S. government filed a lawsuit on July 6 against Arizona due to the anti-immigrant law, “which allows police to detain persons suspected of being undocumented.”



 El Diario de Juarez (Cd. Juarez, Chihuahua) 7-20-10

 Mexican-American women help Afghan deserters

 Mexico, D.F. – A network of Mexican American women, some of which might be undocumented, is responsible for helping several deserters from the Afghanistan Army to leave a Texas Air Force Base without permission.

 With help from the women, many of the Afghans went towards Canada; the whereabouts of the others remain unknown. Many of them had been instructed by the women how to move through U.S. territory without documents.

 The deserters referred to the women as “BMWs” (Big Mexican Women) who were their first contact on their road to Canada from Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio.

 U.S. authorities referred to an international investigation into who helped the Afghanis leave the Defense Language Institute where they teach foreign soldiers to learn English before they are sent to various military installations around the country for training.

 The Afghans met the women in a nightclub in San Antonio, according to a spokesman from the Language Institute. The women accompanied several of the men to places where they talked.

 In the last eight years, at least 46 members of the Afghan military have deserted from the Defense Language Institute.



Correo (Leon, Guanajuato) 7-20-10

 Undocumented in Arizona prepare for the worst

  Fearing the full implementation of the anti-immigrant law SB-1070 on July 29th, many residents are preparing to leave the state.

 For the last three months the undocumented people of Arizona have prepared for the worst. Many have withdrawn their savings from the bank, informed the schools that their children will not be re-enrolled, and have sold their possessions to participate in an exodus of biblical proportions to other states such as New Mexico, Utah, Nevada and Minnesota.

 Others have decided to remain in Arizona, fight the battle, rely on providence and stay in limbo until July 29th when the police may order them detained based solely on their appearance and deport them.

 “We will not stop praying, but we are preparing for the worst,” assures Petra Falcon of Promise Arizona, an organization that is trying to stop the enforcement of SB-1070 and helps the migrant community cope with a hostile and persecutory campaign.

 They have sent emissaries to Washington to lobby Democrat and Republican Representatives with collective prayers and direct action.

 “We want them to recognize the abuse and suffering we will be subjected to and the attendant civil rights violations that go against the fundamental values of the United States,” says Sylvia Herrera of the Puente Arizona, a group that documents ill-treatment and attacks against the immigrant community.

 Besides different action committees, there is a powerful coalition defending human rights that can render aid in the case of abuses and massive deportations resulting from this law.



 La Prensa Libre (Guatemala City) 7-20-10

 Sixty murdered in one weekend in Guatemala

 The National Civil Police (PNC) recorded 60 assassinations in the country over the weekend, the majority of which were by gunshots, knifings and strangulation, but the figure includes five victims who were beaten to death

The National Police says the majority of the deaths were from personal revenge and the settling of accounts.



La Prensa (Managua, Nicaragua) 7-20-10

 A big hit on narcotics trafficking

Nicaraguan Naval Forces scored a big hit on international narcotraffickers yesterday when the drug smugglers they were chasing on the Caribbean beached a fast boat and fled inland into Nicaragua’s “Mosquito Coast.” Officials seized 108 bundles of cocaine with a total weight of 3,240 kilos.

 The 43 foot fast boat had come from Colombia and was equipped with four 200 H.P. engines and 24 barrels holding at least 200 gallons of gasoline.


  El Imparcial (Hermosillo, Sonora) 7-20-10

 Two policemen killed in Cuernavaca

 Cuernavaca, Morelos – Two policemen travelling in a vehicle on official business were stopped by two armed groups and gunned down.  According to witnesses, the narco-henchmen were travelling in two vehicles with four men in each one.

 The policemen received numerous gunshots from AK-47s, AR-15s and 9mm pistols.

 With these victims, the number of murders by narco-traffickers in Cuernavaca rose to 128 this year.



 La Cronica de Hoy (Mexico City) 7/19/10

 Eighty-five illegal aliens detained in Mexico

 Over the weekend, Mexican federal police intercepted and detained 85 illegal aliens from Central America. Sixty four of them were caught riding a northbound freight train in the state of Hidalgo, while the other 21 were found riding a bus in Veracruz. Of this latter group, 20 were from El Salvador and the other one from Honduras.



 Caracol Radio (Bogota, Colombia) 7/17/10

 “Africans in Colombia, en route to the American dream”

 While the world had its eyes fixed on the World Soccer Cup in South Africa, Colombian officials showed their concern due to the high numbers of that continent’s residents who are arriving illegally in Colombia and who use Colombia to reach their own American dream in the United States and Canada. Numerous arrivals of citizens of Somalia, Eritrea and Ethiopia have taken place in the last two years.

Officials have noted that traffickers take advantage of the fact that visas are not required for Africans to enter Ecuador or Brazil, and then they transport those persons illegally through Colombia en route to Panama. Others are taken from Colombia’s coast northward to San Andres Island on the Caribbean.

 While in 2006 only 2 Africans were expelled, this number grew to 47 in 2007, then to 102 in 2009. This year, 152 have already been detected.

 A Colombian security official said that all sorts of false documentation are used by these migrants, and some have even falsely claimed to be Haitians who have fled last January’s earthquake there. Experts state that this flow of people is going to be increasing dramatically.



 Nacion (San Jose, Costa Rica) 7/19/10

 African immigrants leaving Costa Rica clandestinely

 The arrival into Costa Rica of immigrants from Angola, Ethiopia, Central African Republic, Somalia, Eritrea and Nepal began to intensify in 2008, but became stronger during the first half of last year. Once detained, they would all request asylums and, while these applications were being processed, the aliens were held in a “Center for Aliens in Transit.”

 Only five of these requests were approved, but when officials went to notify them, they found that over a hundred of the applicants had already left the country clandestinely. The Vice-Minister for Government, Mario Zamora, stated that “Their goal was not to stay in Costa Rica. They had in mind to continue northbound (United States).” (sic)



  – end of report –


  1. FDM Academy Scam Says:

    Very well written post, do you have an rss feed I can subscribe to?

  2. Rebbeca Peckinpaugh Says:

    Well said.

  3. Wayne Says:

    So while mexico continues to arrest illegals for deportation they still think they have a right to invade America. If the illegal invasion is not enough the illegals, and legals, here are going to help those from other countries (Afghanistan for one) break ours and Canada’s laws. Treason in my opinion. How nice, it is past time to stop it in all states.
    Now they are leaving Arizona in mass and headed for, among others, my state of Nevada. I’ve seen too many infiltrate the trades here already. Perhaps the exodus from Arizona to other states will convince more states to adopt laws like Arizona. Arizona is proof SB-1070 works and we need more like it.

  4. June Says:

    Central American Bishops….What would the government of El Salvador do if a contingent of American clergy barged in demanding that they let untold Americans into their country, gave them jobs, housing, medical care and education for their children? This is insane! It is none of their business, nor anyone else’s. When did we have to base our immigration laws on what the third world wants? We pray for a leader just like the one in Australia who laid down the law to people immigrating there. He demanded that they accept the laws of Australia and live by them or leave. We have, and have had, administrations for the last three decades who are so weak that they think we can’t survive without admitting third world criminals. No mas!

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