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The National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers (NAFBPO) extracts and condenses the material that follows from Mexican and Central and South American on-line media sources on a daily basis. You are free to disseminate this information, but we request that you credit NAFBPO as being the provider.

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Prensa Libre (Guatemala City) 7/17/10

 144 Guatemalans deported from Arizona

 This past Friday 144 Guatemalans were rescued in the Arizona desert after having been abandoned by the “coyote” who offered to take them to the US.  Yubixa Moran, president of the Arizona Guatemalan Committee, said that she was notified by the Border Patrol that the Guatemalans had been abandoned without food or water.  They received medical attention and began processing for repatriation by air. 

 (Readers’ comments were sympathetic with the plight of their countrymen, but one made a different appeal)  Chapines (familiar term for Guatemalans): Don’t come to the US illegally.  You have no reason to risk it.  Living hidden in a country like the US makes no sense, coming illegally to try to work in a country where laws exist that are respected.  Why do you risk it?  And appreciate that when they find you in bad shape, they give you aid, clothe you, feed you, and deport you by air to your home.  You’re not going to fall into the hands of the Mexicans, because from there, you no longer return and if you have the luck to return, you do so in worse shape than you were.



  Saturday 7/17/10

El Universal
(Mexico City), El Informador (Guadalajara, Jalisco) and others 7/16/10

  Car bomb in Cd. Juarez; uptick in violence?

 As if following a page from the terrorist handbook, La Linea, the armed branch of the Juarez drug cartel, staged a car bombing attack against Federal Police in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, late Thursday afternoon, apparently using a decoy to gather police before detonating the bomb.  Police and medics had responded to a report of a subject in police uniform lying face down with his hands tied behind him, when a car loaded with at least 10 kilograms of explosives collided with two parked police units at the scene causing the explosion.  So far, four people have died and seven are injured.  The attack is believed to be in retaliation for the arrest July 2 of the operations leader of La Linea gang.  Investigators are still piecing together the details of this attack.  [Photos relate]




 Organized crime executions reach 24,826; no terrorism detected

 The Mexican Attorney General announced that as of Friday a week ago, the number of executions linked to organized crime during the term of this administration has reached 24,826.  At a press conference the AG assured that as of now, there have been no acts of terrorism reported since the motivating force behind gang violence is ambition and material gain. 



 Gunfights in Nuevo Laredo

 The US Consul in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, reports that there have been armed encounters in that area between the Mexican Army and drug cartels.  The reports say the encounters involve grenades and high caliber arms and that the gangs have blocked main avenues in the southern and eastern sections of the city with trailers, trucks and buses.  These events have the population on alert and in fear.  Most remain in their homes.  Gun battles are reported throughout the city.  [Ed. note: Most news sources in the border state of Tamaulipas have apparently been restrained in recent months by mob intimidation.]



 Prensa Libre (Guatemala City) 7/16/10

 Asylum ruling could set precedent

The US Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco, California, ordered the Board of Immigration Appeals to reconsider if Guatemalan women can qualify as a “particular social group” as victims of persecution in their homeland and thus qualify for asylum in the US.  Details in English can be found at:

 The Guatemalan press reported the story with the observation that, “The judgment of a federal court in the United States Monday could unleash a wave of petitions for political asylum by Central American women with the argument that being a woman in the region is sufficient reason to merit that protection.”  An observation by Norma Cruz, Director of the Survivors Foundation dedicated to combat violence against women, was that, “The argument has been used before.  I have testified in some cases in which asylum is requested for women because of the violence in the country, but it is paradigmatic that a US authority recognizes it.  I believe there will be many mores cases like this one.”



 El Imparcial (Hermosillo, Sonora) 7/16/10

 Utah state employees leaked list of migrants

 Utah officials identified at least two state employees who apparently accessed a state data base to create a list of 1,300 supposed undocumented immigrants.  The governor announced Friday that the employees work in the Department of Labor Services that administers food stamps and other public benefits.  The news media, enforcement agencies and other government offices began receiving the list of names last week, creating fear in the Hispanic community.  A statement from the governor’s office said information regarding lack of security would turned over to the state Justice Department for a decision whether to press charges.



 La Cronica de Hoy (Mexico City) 7/16/10

 US Ambassador: Mexico is a stable and developed nation

 Carlos Pascual, US Ambassador to Mexico, said that he advises citizens of his country who visit Mexico of what’s happening here, but also tells them that it is a stable and developed country.  In a press conference prior to meeting with the mayor of Guadalajara, Pascual said the US government advises its citizens about the situations in the areas where they travel.  He said it is the duty of his government to advise travelers of insecurity and risks that exist in areas in which they visit.  He said it isn’t possible to hide the fact that in the past few months there have been incidents and events in Jalisco that bear warnings, but at the same time, he assures people that there is stability and development.

 On other matters, the Ambassador pointed out that improvements of border inspections under the present administration include detecting arms and money crossing into Mexico from the US.  He said that under George Bush there were 15,000 to 18,000 inspectors on the border, but now there are 26,000.  He said that people need to know what’s happening and that there is a real cost in arms trafficking.  He also mentioned that President Barack Obama is very clear in his belief that a comprehensive immigration reform is urgently needed based on three aspects.  The first is control of the border; second, that it be known there will be a cost for those who use illegal laborers; and third, the undocumented workers pay a fine and taxes.



 La Hora (Guatemala City)  7/16/10

 US Ambassador in Mexico describes Arizona law as potential ‘apartheid’

 The controversial anti-immigrant law approved in Arizona is “a violation of civil rights” and could generate “a type of apartheid,” affirmed the US Ambassador to Mexico, Carlos Pascual.  “Its application can compel differentiation based on ethnic reasons,” the diplomat pointed out, comparing it with the discriminatory practices against black people in South Africa years ago.  Pascual made the statements during a visit to a university in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.



 Norte (Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua) 7/16/10

 $30 million ransom asked for “El Jefe Diego”

 Sunday a week ago, the family of  Diego Fernandez de Cevallos, “El Jefe Diego,” an ex-Mexican senator and still a powerful political figure, received word from him and his kidnappers that he was well and a ransom of $30 million would keep him that way.  El Jefe Diego has been in captivity for two months [M3 Reports 5/17/10 and 7/1/10].   The kidnappers also demanded that all investigations into the case cease immediately.  The family is in the process of selling properties to raise the ransom that is demanded to be paid in cash.



 El Nuevo Diario (Managua, Nicaragua) 7/15/10

 US Secretary of Labor to visit Nicaragua

 Hilda Solis, US Secretary of Labor, will visit Nicaragua within two weeks, confirmed US Ambassador Robert Callahan.  Solis, of Nicaraguan origin, will meet with government and union officials and also have the opportunity to visit Jinotega, her mother’s birthplace.  The Secretary’s main mission is to supervise a project to eradicate juvenile labor.   She will also review labor requirements having to do with the Central America Trade Agreement (CAFTA).



 Sunday 7/18/10

 El Debate (Sinaloa state) 7/17/10

 People outraged  by execution murders of baby and parents

 Mazatlan, Sinaloa – “Outrage, powerlessness, anger and feelings for which there are no words to express, provoked the people of Mazatlan over the execution of a young couple and their baby of hardly a year old,” the article began. The barbaric triple homicide exposed the insensitivity of the criminal element.  Of all the recent killings in the costal city of Mazatlan, this is the first to involve a baby.  The victims, 18 and 16 years old, and their baby were traveling in their car when a group in another vehicle riddled them with gunfire and then fled.



 El Sol de Mexico (Mexico City) 7/17/10

 Pascual calls for crackdown on US arms venders

 Carlos Pascual, US Ambassador to Mexico, recognized that it is necessary to apply exemplary punishment to US arms vendors in order to stop the smuggling into Mexico.  “It must be demonstrated that there is a cost for the trafficking of arms.  For this, it is important that we work to establish cases and follow them up in a serious manner,” he said.  In a press conference, he said it is equally important that both countries control trafficking — drugs to the north and arms to the south.



 La Jornada (Mexico City) 7/17/10

 Cold War grenades the new arms of Mexican narcos

 Mexico, DF – Grenades made in the US and sent to Central America during the Cold War years have become the new arms of the drug cartels in Mexico and have been used in 72 attacks in the country within the past year, according to the Washington Post, citing official sources from both countries.  Since 2007, Mexican authorities have seized 5,800 grenades in anti-narco operations.  The Mexican Department of Justice reports that 101 of the weapons have been used against government buildings.



El Espectador (Bogota, Colombia) 7/17/10

 Bangladeshis en route to US arrested in Colombia

 Colombian police arrested three citizens of Bangladesh on a bus headed for the port city of Turbo.  From there, they had intended to travel to the US across Panama and Central America.  In the past few months, the police along this route have arrested 15 citizens of Africa, Israel and Asia who were destined for the US.



 El Universo (Guayaquil, Ecuador) 7/17/10

 Ecuadorians abroad celebrate the day

 Sunday will be a day of celebration for Ecuadorian migrant organizations in the US, Spain and other countries where they form groups of their fellow countrymen.   Called the “Day of the Absent Ecuadorian,” the day was established in 1992 in New York by the ex-consul of Ecuador to recognize the work done by Ecuadorians living outside their country.



 Monday 7/19/10

 El Universal (Mexico City) 7/18//10

 Armed group crashes party, kills 17

 An armed group of men burst into a birthday party being held at a country home Sunday morning in Torreon, Coahuila, killing 11 men and 6 women with large caliber weapons.  Eighteen others were wounded.  The motive is yet unknown, but authorities noted that the area has suffered much violence since the Gulf drug cartel and their former allies, Los Zetas, parted ways.



 Neo-nazis patrol Arizona border

 Phoenix, Arizona – Civilian volunteer groups, the increase in Border Patrol Agents and a new immigration law are not enough for a known neo-nazi who heads a militia in the Arizona desert.  Jason JT Ready, an ex-Marine, takes the matter in his own hands declaring war on narco-terrorists and watching the area for illegal immigrants.  So far, his team has found a few undocumenteds to whom they give water and turn over to the Border Patrol.  The movement causes uneasiness with local agencies since Ready’s group is heavily armed and is identified with the National Socialist Movement, a white supremacy, anti-Semitic organization.



 El Financiero (Mexico City) 7/18/10

 Latino kids in US face disadvantages

 Mexico (Notimex) – Even though the majority of Latino children in the US are citizens by birth there, they still face conditions of inferiority in matters of education and health compared to the North Americans.  According to a statistical report on Latino youth prepared by the National Council of La Raza (NCLA) and published in Mexico by the Institute of Mexicans Abroad, it is evident that Latino youth suffers more than North Americans.  The study found that 92% of children of Latino ethnic origin are US citizens by birth, although 58% of the total live in homes of immigrants who in many cases don’t have papers.  For them, there is evident disadvantage in the educational system since only 58% of them succeed in graduating with a high school diploma.  This indicates the small access this group has to education.  In addition, most of the children live in poor homes with low income, which is a consequence of the poor education and the lack of documents of their parents.  

 In matters of health, the situation is also difficult since one of every five children lack medical insurance.  This is, once again, the consequence of the “irregular immigration condition” of their parents.  The study also found that, increasingly, Latino youths are locked up in adult prisons, sometimes for minor crimes.  According to the NCLA, in the last 20 years, the number of Latino youths in the US has doubled.



 US anti-immigrant paranoia growing

 Mexico (Notimex) – The distribution of lists in Utah with names of suspected illegal immigrants is another indication of the anti-immigrant paranoia that is spreading in the US, according to Angelica Salas, director of the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA).  She said the matter is very dangerous in social terms.  She feels that those responsible for distributing the list of more than 300 names should receive the most severe punishment allowed by law.  Anti-immigrant groups, she said, are using what she calls the “strategy of wearing down the immigrant” by harassment through measures like the Arizona law SB1070 and the event in Utah.



 La Prensa (Managua, Nicaragua) 7/18/10

 Seven undocumented Central Americans arrested in Mexico; five were kids

 A group of seven Central Americans were arrested traveling hidden in a vehicle through southeast Mexico.  Five were from El Salvador and the other two from Honduras and Guatemala.  Two Mexican smugglers were also arrested.  The group of seven also included four Salvadoran children, 8 to 13 years old, and one 11 year old from Honduras.  According to Mexican Immigration, in the first half of this year, they have deported 2,025 undocumented Central American minors seeking to reach the US through Mexico.



 -end of report-


  1. healthh Says:

    Thank you admin
    The health is always in the forefront of children’s health. all to our kids

  2. car Says:

    thanks for post.

  3. lyn Says:

    The arms importation from the US is vastly over stated. Were the situation that simple.

    How much of the arms and munitions that our government gave to the local anti communist forces (all they had to say was that they were against communism) are now being bought, stolen and or sold freely without report. How many former communist bloc weapons acquired by the CIA and given to our partners of the moment are floating about.

    And then, let us not neglect the fire sale clearance of former communist armories for hard cash or the huge international “illegal ” arms trade.

    If you have money, and are not a sovereign state, you can purchase pretty much anything save a cruise missle or nuclear weapon.

  4. June Says:

    “Mexico is a stable and develped nation?” What has the Ambassador been smoking? Surely, Senor Pascual cannot be speaking of the violent country to our south. That Mexico? The one who had dozens of killings daily? The one where the drug cartels run the nation? The one that has two distinct classes – the wealthy and the poverty-stricken and want to keep it that way? The one where 15% of its population leaves and breaks into our country? The one whose illegals, when they’ve occupied the US, commit any number of crimes? The one who seems to have an overabundance of pedophiles since the papers tell us daily of sexual crimes against children? The one whose citizens feel they are entitled to march, wave their Mexican flags and demand benefits only belonging to citizens? The ones who use our social services, medical and educational systems and who take American jobs (aided and abetted by our own government and greedy businesses)? Senor, wise up. You’re evidently a tool of this socialist government.

  5. Wayne Says:

    Mr. Pascual should be recalled and fired if that is what the procedure is for an Ambassador. Where a path to legalization is concerned, why will that work? You will then have border jumpers accepting fines as a means of entering and the problem will continue. We interned Japanese Americans for no real reason during WWII. There is no reason we can’t do the same with illegals from any country until they are processed and sent home. I would say the illegal problem now is well beyond the danger our own Japanese citizens were during WWII. Wake up people, these intruders are a national security risk. Who is to say the temptation the cartels offer won’t be just as lucrative in the U.S. when illegals can’t get a job or feed themselves? It is past time to strongly enforce our laws the lawful way, not with white supremest groups.

  6. Memo Says:

    Latino kids in US face disadvantages

    What percentage of latino kiks in Mexico graduate with a High School diploma? Is it more than 58%?

    • Donald H Says:

      Last week someone posted that the majority of Mexican children do not make it past the 6th grade. I suspect the graduation rate is dependent on where they go to school. The HS graduation rates are supposed to be better in the north of Mexico, while the south suffers less. I read that most of the poorer, less educated, are the ones crossing our common border illegally.

  7. Donald H Says:

    “Latino kids in US face disadvantages” A true statement. The parents do not speak the language of the U.S, English, and they expect to compete with local citizens when they have only a 6th grade equivalent education. And, above everything else, they are, for the most part, illegal aliens who have no right to living in the U.S. and no right to work here. La Raza may have good intentions, but they are working the wrong angle by supporting only Latino illegal immigrants. La Raza should be encouraging illegals to petition the courts to get legalized or helping these illegal aliens to go back from where they came. Citizen rights to NOT apply to non-citizens.

  8. Donald H Says:

    Our ambasador to Mexico, Carlos Pascual, must be smoking some of the local MJ. He cannot differentiate between aparthied toward citizens and the rule of law applied to illegal aliens. These issues are not the same at all. He must be an Obama clone and he is mistaken.

  9. pf Says:

    . US Ambassador: Mexico is a stable and developed nation
    . US Ambassador in Mexico describes Arizona law as potential ‘apartheid’
    . Pascual calls for crackdown on US arms venders

    Isn’t it amazing – I’ve been following this report for well over a year. I see the articles about the daily carnage and the dangers and struggles Mexico is going through and this is NOT the United States mainstream media talking – this is Mexican and Central American news sources.

    Mexico is in a battle for survival and they are out gunned and out manned. For Pascual to go around saying Mexico is stable and developed is ludicrous. Sure, there are several foreign run manufacturing plants there – many are state of the art – however, their people are paid slave wages and treated like dirt. So many young people grow up without an education and no direction – so naturally when organized crime offers them a bribe, they see a future where there was none and they sell their souls to the devil. Now THAT’S a tragedy!

    Arizona law is ‘apartheid’? Well, Mr. Pascual, if it is, then you and Obama had better get to work skuttling federal immigration laws! Your statement is inflammatory and totally without merit. Shame on you! Where do your loyalties truly lie? Quite obviously NOT with the welfare of the USA and the American people.

    Crackdowns on US Arms Vendors? Yeah, right. SEVENTEEN PERCENT of the arms found in Mexico are traceable to the United States. What you going to do about the other 83%? You planning to attack Guatemala, Venezuela, eastern block countries, China, Russia and southeast Asia? Put the blame where it TRULY lies, Mr. Pascual and STOP DEMONIZING YOUR OWN COUNTRY!

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