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July 15, 2010

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Thursday, 7/15/10

El Comercio (Lima, Peru) 7/12/10

Spy for Russia was beneficiary of 1986 immigration amnesty through fraud

Vicky Pelaez, a Peruvian journalist just sent out of the U.S. to Russia as part of a spy swap, is reported to have two birth certificates.  For U.S. officials, her name is Vicky Pelaez, she’s 55 years old, and her father is Santiago Pelaez, who in reality ought to be her uncle.  However, for Peruvian officials, her name is Virginia Pelaez, she’s 58 years old and her father is Horacio Pelaez. Further, she didn’t ask for political asylum in the U.S. but instead took advantage of the “great migratory amnesty” of 1986, which worked in favor of millions of illegal aliens in the United States.

However, to be part of this amnesty, immigrants had to demonstrate that they had arrived in the U.S. prior to January 1, 1982, and that they had resided there continuously. Pelaez obtained this benefit by claiming that she had resided in New York since 1981 although she had been a reporter for “Frecuencia Latina” during 1983 and 1984, and for this reason had decided to present a different birth certificate.  (“Frecuencia Latina” is a Peruvian TV network.)

When Pelaez applied for United States citizenship in 1997, she presented a marriage certificate in which she claimed to have married Anatonoljevich Vasenkov (Juan Lazaro) in 1993. The truth is that she was married ten years before the date that she claimed to U.S. officials, according to records in the city of Barranco (a suburb of Lima.)

[Editorial remark: This case serves to illustrate the fact that mass amnesty for millions of illegal aliens does not, and cannot, really establish when or where such people entered the United States, their background, or even their true identity.  Fraudulent foreign documentation is easily obtained, including that relating to past criminal activity. Our leaders can proceed down that path only at the nation’s peril.]


El Espectador (Bogota, Colombia) 7/13/10

Locals block highway & demand beer & live music for holiday

Area residents of the small Peruvian town of Oyon prevented the departure of vehicles and demanded that local bus companies “donate” beer and pay for a live musical group to play for ten days during the upcoming festivities for the Virgin of the Ascension, the local patron saint, which is celebrated in August.

Another of the “requests” is that each bus company should donate 100 cases of beer and also organize a bullfight. Bus company representatives consider these requests to be excessive and are negotiating with resident leaders.

(Following are verbatim translations of the three reader commentaries when this story was seen)

Well, that’s the way of the South American people. Perhaps we should bring a small bunch of Nordic chicks to see if the genetics improve.

– No, bro, the genetics are fine, that way at least they recognize us and they discriminate more easily against us abroad. Just imagine if we were blue-eyed monkeys, it’d be more complicated to identify us at first glance.

-Ha, ha, let ’em give them their beer and their music!


El Diario (Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua) 7/14/10

Ciudad Juarez living up to its name

Yesterday’s (Tues.) homicide tally in Ciudad Juarez reached twelve. The victims included three ministerial police. (In keeping with its practice, this item was merely included among a number of other listings in the “More News” of the paper’s local section.)


Police allied with Zetas in Veracruz

A federal judge in Mexico City has ordered a 40-day preliminary detention for eight city policemen of Tierra Blanca, state of Veracruz. The eight are believed to be involved with the Zetas criminal group by detaining and kidnapping illegal aliens for ransom. The policemen would detain illegal aliens who ride freight trains northbound in an attempt to reach the United States, but instead of turning them over to Mexican immigration officials, the police would place them in “safe houses” or turn them over to the Zetas right at the police station in exchange for money. The Zetas would then hold them until relatives paid for their release.


Reforma (as reported by “El Financiero”) (both Mexico City) 7/14/10

Mexican military questions US commitment against drug traffic

A high ranking representative of the Department of National Defense expressed his disapproval to officials of the Mexican Chancery regarding the results and commitment of the United States’ war against drugs. An officer identified as Lieutenant Colonel Montesinos stated that, “Here, there are confrontations every day, and we hear someone has been detained. And, in the United States?  It would seem that we are the ones who don’t want the drug to cross over. Nothing is seen over there. The only news comes from Mexico.”

The military, who also claimed there is no reciprocity regarding diplomatic immunity, met with Guillermo Ordorica Robles, Foreign Relations Adjunct Director for the US. The newspaper “Reforma” claims to have a recording of this meeting.


El Universal (Mexico City) 7/14/10

“Racism on the increase in the U.S.” [Full transl. of main editorial, titled as shown]

This Monday, an unidentified group calling itself “Citizens concerned for the United States” sent a document with data about 1,300 alleged undocumented persons to the security agencies of the state of Utah. The list of persons – the majority of Latin origin – includes names, telephones, addresses and dates of birth. The object: to deport them all. This unprecedented act shows how much hatred against Mexicans has grown in that country. It is worrisome because no answers to halt the xenophobia are forthcoming from the government and from organizations.

Unfortunately, perhaps we have become aware too late about this flood of hatred. A month ago an Agent of the Border Patrol of Texas assassinated 15 year old Juarez resident Sergio Adrian Hernandez Guereca with a shot. Two weeks earlier, Anastasio Hernandez Rojas, 42 year old undocumented Mexican, father of five children, was assassinated by a beating from the Border Patrol of California. Both events were preceded by the Arizona Law which criminalizes undocumented migrants.

Now, according to the polls, the majority of U.S. citizens are in favor of laws such as the one in Arizona. In Utah, where the list of migrants appeared, a Republican legislator is already promoting a similar law. It is difficult to believe that the proximate time frame of these events is a coincidence. It is clear that there exists a tendency for the increase of racism and xenophobia against those who are or appear to be Mexicans.

Anti-immigrant right wing organizations such as Minuteman (sic) or the Tea Party still use legal arguments to justify their rejection of the presence of Mexicans in the United States; nevertheless, the Utah letter makes evident that the rejection originates in hatred and racism. First, because the way in which the “concerned citizens” identified the alleged illegal residents was by simple observation. To be dark skinned and be surnamed Rodriguez or Palacios means to be undocumented. The same criterion as the Arizona Law.  Second, because the racists’ letter manifests preoccupation about a pregnant woman who, if she’s not deported “immediately” will have her child in American soil.

That is to say, basically they are worried that the United States will no longer be of white race and of protestant religion. Up to now, they’ve said it in undertones in meetings, demonstrations and messages to communications media, but now also with beatings and persecutions. Does the Mexican government have a strategy, along with the American one, to avoid more fury? The worst that both could do is to think that what has been seen to date is the worst that the radicals of hatred could do.


– end of report –

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