Costa Rica law similar to Arizona’s SB1070

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Thursday, 7/8/10

La Prensa (Managua, Nicaragua) 7/6/10

Costa Rica’s parallel to the Arizona Law does not trigger lawsuits

This past weekend Costa Rican officials arrested 72 Nicaraguans who had crossed the border and who were attempting to proceed into Costa Rica illegally. Costa Rica has recently reinforced vigilance on the border with Nicaragua to prevent the passage of persons without documents.

(Ed. Note: Costa Rica recently passed its own immigration control legislation, their Law #8764, which became effective on 3/1/10, and is quite similar in spirit to Arizona’s SB1070. Law 8764 includes provisions for inspection of private and public transportation, plus places of work and accommodation. It also authorizes the country’s immigration officials to question any person, anywhere in the country, in order to ascertain their immigration status. There have been no reports of protests, lawsuits, or charges of racism or demonstrations alleging violations of human rights. M3 Report of 6/14/10 relates: see article titled “Costa Rica has nothing to envy – an observation from Nicaragua.” The lead item in the M3 Report of 6/21/10 also relates; it describes similar pending legislation in Nicaragua.)


Nacion (San Jose, Costa Rica) 7/6/10

Cocaine bust

After a tip about constant vehicle traffic between a luxurious house and a launch that didn’t belong in the area, police in Costa Rica surrounded the house and eventually arrested 12 persons, including Colombians, Nicaraguans and Costa Ricans; inside the house they also found 1,091 kgs. of cocaine, plus complete radio communication equipment, and “satellite telephones.” (The area in question is around Nicoya and Guanacaste, on a small peninsula on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast.)


La Hora (Quito, Ecuador) 7/7/10

More about that new generation submarine

That nearly completed mini submarine found hidden in a mangrove swamp in Ecuador (M3 Report of 7/5/10) has the following specifications and capabilities, not found in any prior “semi-submersibles”:

  • Ability to travel completely submerged
  • A 12 day range with a speed of up to 8 knots
  • Length; 25 meters (meter=3.28 ft.); width; 3 meters
  • Six passenger capacity. A bathroom is included
  • Twelve ton cargo capacity
  • Equipped with periscope and A/C
  • “Sophisticated” electronic command tower
  • Dual electric/diesel propulsion systems

The data came from Col. Joel Loayza, Chief of Ecuador’s Anti-Narcotics Police, who said that the sub first trip’s destination was going to be Mexico, and added “special information that came from abroad’ allowed the finding of the submarine, in a joint operation conducted with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.


Diario (Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua) 7/7/10

Over six tons of marihuana found

Mexico’s “SEDENA” (Dep’t. of Defense) reported that 6,309 kilos of marihuana were seized in a house on Medusa St., Ejido Valle Tranquilo, San Quintin, Baja California. The report states that the information about the locale was received this past weekend. One person was arrested. The agency also pointed out that these criminal groups are inclined to use real estate properties as safe houses, where tunnels are built to pass the drug across the border, as well as a place to hold kidnapped persons and to conceal firearms, drugs, clothing and other gear used to carry out criminal activities.


El Sol de Mexico (Mexico City) 7/7/10

Zacatecas celebrates Mexico in Illinois  

The finishing details for the celebration of Zacatecans’ Week in Illinois are being completed, and various events are being programmed and prepared during July 16, 17 and 18. “An ample quantity of Zacatecans residing in the metropolis and suburbs neighboring Chicago is expected.”

“There is a great effervescence of the Zacatecans migrants residing in that area of the United States, to be able to celebrate with special interest the events regarding the Bi-Centennial and Centennial of the Mexican Independence and Revolution.” Miss Zacatecas-in-Chicago, 2010-2011, will be crowned on Sat., July 17, in Hickory Hills, Illinois. A concentration of more than 10,000 Zacatecans is expected on Sunday, July 18, around Loyola-Marymount Univ., in Roosevelt, where new Zacatecans’ clubs will be recognized.

(Zacatecas is a state in central Mexico)


Zacatecans in the U.S. celebrate election results in Mexico

Bernabe Cabral, president of the Federation of Zacatecan Clubs in Illinois, said that the elections that just took place in Zacatecas generated wide impact and satisfaction among the migrant community in Chicago and in Illinois due to the election of new officials in that Mexican state.


Alien smuggling on the California coast

The U.S. Border Patrol reported that two groups of illegal aliens were apprehended after attempting to enter the U.S. through the southern coast of California. One of the groups was made up of 18 persons who were apprehended on the USMC base at Camp Pendleton, in northern San Diego county. Since Oct. 1st, illegal aliens have been apprehended on more than 60 occasions while attempting to enter San Diego County by sea. During FY 2009, there were 49 attempts at people contraband through that area’s coast.


El Financiero (Mexico City) 7/7/10

Forty percent of Latin America’s “neither-nors” are in Mexico

In Latin America there are 22 million young people – those who are between 15 and 24 years of age – who neither study nor work. (Mexican press refers to them as “ni-nis,” “neither-nors.”) That number encompasses one out of every five persons in the entire area. Of the total, some 7.5 to 8 million, or 40% of Latin America’s total, are in Mexico. The above was asserted by the Dean of the University of Mexico (“UNAM”), during a round table conference in Spain.


Excelsior (Mexico City) 7/7/10

Tourism promoted for Mexico

Mexico’s Secretary of Tourism, Gloria Guevara, ended a promotional tour in New York and said that Mexico expects to receive 22.6 million foreign visitors this year. World economic conditions and the AH1NH1 flu epidemic forced the tourist industry to lower last year’s rates. Mexico derived 13.3 billion dollars from foreign tourism in 2008, and 11.275 billion in 2009.

Mexico leads the world in armed robberies

Mexico is the leading country in the world for armed robberies, and thugs use firearms in 67.7% of cases. This report is according to a study released today by the “Grupo Multisistemas de Seguridad Industrial,” an experienced Mexican firm with an international clientele.


The News (Mexico City) 7/7/10

Mexico applauds lawsuit against Arizona

(The link below will provide an English language article reporting that Mexico’s Foreign Relations Dep’t. applauds the decision of the U.S. government to challenge Arizona’s law SB1070. A similar expression of support for this action was issued by the Guatemalan government and was reported in papers in Guatemala.)


– end of report –

7 Responses to “Costa Rica law similar to Arizona’s SB1070”

  1. ชุดเดรส Says:

    Mexico is the leading country in the world for armed robberies, and thugs use firearms in 67.7% of cases. This report is according to a study released today by the “Grupo Multisistemas de Seguridad Industrial,” an experienced Mexican firm with an international clientele.

  2. samurai1971 Says:

    Hi , WebSite so Cool

    Nice to Meet you.

  3. bre Says:

    I am a teacher in NC and came across your site while researching some information about Costa Rica for my geography section for this years class. I wanted to thank you for the great information and articles about Costa Rica, and let you know about a site we are putting together for teachers that might have some useful information about Costa Rica (link below) for your site.

    We would love it if you could write a couple articles for us, or spread our site to other teachers by linking to it, Tweeting it, or adding it to Facebook.

    Thanks and keep the resources coming
    Bre Matthews

  4. norm9do Says:

    Mexico is a totally failed state for it’s citizens. The government has no backbone, or even make attempts to improve the disadvantged citizens life there. They would rather critize the Arizona law SB-1070 as inhuman to those who illegally enter the United States.
    Is not the Mexican pretend government not being inhuman to the citizens who live in their country and refuse to improve their lives??

  5. Wayne Says:

    Just doesn’t make sense. When will Congress and the President listen to us? I guess when we can buy them.

  6. lyn Says:

    Mexico applauds lawsuit against Arizona.

    I am so proud that my federal government has seen fit to so protect the constitutional rights of the Mexican citizens who are here in the United States in violation of our laws and without our permission.

  7. pf Says:

    Why is it that Mexico, Ecuador, Guatemala, Salvator, Costa Rica, etc. etc. have laws either similar to Arizona’s or more stringent and yet, THEY COMDEMN US?? “Do as I say, not as I do” and oh, by the way, “you Americans are stupid and we’re gonna bring you down”. Our lawmakers are beyond self-serving ignorant asses with no regard for the welfare or future of our country. They have to go! If we American citizens don’t look out for our culture, our welfare, our way of life and ourselves, it is for certain no one else will!

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