Ecuador and illegal immigration

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Friday, 7/2/10

La Hora (Quito, Ecuador) 7/1/10\

“Arizonas” – op/col by Simon Espinosa Jalil, titled as shown

Ecuador, in keeping with its new arrogant and sovereign attitude, has been one of the most fervent critics of the anti-immigration policies of the rich countries, starting from the restrictions in Spain all the way to the criminalization in Arizona. Not only that, but the government, in an attitude matching its official posture, decided to open the borders to all visitors who might want to come to our beautiful land. The logic is that, if we defend the rights of emigrants, we must be willing to accept the aliens who might wish to enter our country, no matter where they come from or what their traits might be.

The problem, as we all already know, is that said posture was very commendable as long as the country was a land of emigrants, but it has become a headache due to the unexpected transformation of our humble Ecuador into a magnet for the destitute and for adventurers from the whole world. Now we find ourselves in the ironic situation of missing hundreds of thousands of fellow countrymen who live outside the country, while we look down on and fear the aliens who have begun to take their place.

It is, no doubt, a very interesting experience, because it’s one thing to defend orally the unalienable rights of immigrants in the First World, but it’s another to do so while they are within our borders. Now we have to face the same thing that is faced by countries which are the recipients of illegal immigrants, and that should make us understand that the rejection of the new arrivals is a universal feeling that cannot be condemned in passing with populist proclamations and condemnations.

Many Ecuadorans who most likely have relatives in Spain or in the United States, for example, would heartily applaud the massive deportation of Cubans, Nigerians or Chinese (although, curiously, no one has complained about the hundreds of gringos who are settling in Cotacahi or Vilcabamba….) The logical thing would be to propose a sensible migratory policy, far removed from proclamations and idealistic principles, and one that takes our contradictory situation into account.


Ecuadoran citizenship taken away from Cubans

In Ecuador, two notary publics and a judge have been found to be involved in “irregularities in the granting of Ecuadoran citizenship to Cuban nationals.” As a result, 200 cases of naturalization have been annulled; of these, 160 were originally granted on the basis of fraudulent marriages. Most cases involved Cubans but a Chinese was also among them. Passports issued to those persons will also be recalled.


El Diario (Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua) 7/1/10

Chihuahua State Attorney General’s official slain

Sandra Salas Garcia, the state of Chihuahua’s Assistant State Attorney General for Internal Affairs, Analysis and Evaluation, was ambushed, shot and killed last night in Ciudad Juarez, along with one of her two security escorts. The vehicle in which she was riding was hit by at least twenty-two rounds of high power ammunition. A second escort was wounded. Other assassinations of personnel of the internal affairs office have also taken place in the past.


A late evening stroll through a Juarez park

In Ciudad Juarez late yesterday evening, pedestrians passing by a park at Morelia and Grosella Sts., in the Edendira neighborhood, found a metal rod nailed to the trunk of a tree. The rod, in turn, held a male human torso off the ground. The head, both arms and both legs had been dumped nearby. “No item of clothing to cover the severed parts was seen, which made for an even more crude image.”


Reforma (Mexico City) 7/1/10      (As quoted in El Financiero (Mexico City))

Bloody statistics for Mexico

From January 1st to June 25th of this year there have been 5,478 homicides in Mexico, a number 86.9% higher than that reported in 2009, when they reached 2,930. This year, the daily average of deaths linked to organized crime is 31. The total number of executions for 2009 was 6,587.


La Prensa Grafica (San Salvador, El Salvador) 7/1/10

Bloody statistics for El Salvador

El Salvador’s National Police reported that there were 2,177 assassinations in the country during the first half of this year. The tally for June was 378, which means that 13 Salvadorans lost their lives every 24 hours due to murder. The wave of criminality has obligated the national government to use the country’s armed forces to assist the police since Nov. 2009.


Armada Nacional de Colombia (Bogota, Colombia) 7/1/10

Cocaine shipment foiled

When a “go-fast” launch left Colombia with around a ton of cocaine aboard and approached San Andres Island, on the Caribbean, it was forced to turn back toward the mainland because of the presence of Colombian surface units in the area. On Tuesday night, the launch was detected by aircrafts from both the U.S. and Colombia. Surface units were then alerted and they seized the drug and arrested three Colombian males. So far this year, Colombian naval forces in the Caribbean have seized 11.5 tons of cocaine and 3.5 tons of marihuana.


El Imparcial (Hermosillo, Sonora) 7/1/10

Body of policeman found

The body found last Saturday on the highway between Sonoita, and Puerto Penasco, Sonora (“Rocky Point,” a popular tourist beach near the north end of the Gulf of California), has been identified as that of a Puerto Penasco city policeman who disappeared on May 8th. He’d been shot at least twice.


El Informador (Guadalajara, Jalisco) 7/1/10

Area alert issued

The U.S. Consulate in Guadalajara, Jalisco, has issued an alert to U.S. citizens who reside or plan to visit in the area. The alert is due to the insecurity in Guadalajara’s metro area, and states that Mexican officials recently commented that “the police are unable to combat organized crime effectively, and the drug cartels’ violence can affect innocent civilians.” As an example, the alert cites a shootout on a local highway on June 24 between police and hired killers. The consulate warns that “the climate of security in the consular district continues to deteriorate.” The consulate’s area covers the states of Jalisco, Aguascalientes, Colima and Nayarit.


El Imparcial (Hermosillo, Sonora) 7/1/10

A bloody dawn near the Arizona border

Tubutama and Saric, are small towns just a few miles south of Nogales, Sonora. There are preliminary reports of armed confrontations around dawn in that area today between rival drug and people smuggling groups. At least 19 persons are confirmed dead and several others wounded. Among those apprehended are two juveniles, one 15, the other 17 years of age.


– end of report –

2 Responses to “Ecuador and illegal immigration”

  1. william Hirsch Says:

    Hello, I would like to report here in Salinas (Alconcita) a woman now using the name Susan Schlesinger – She also uses Susan Singer in her ads. She is extremely disruptive to both the expat communiy – She slanders, publicly defames, and spreads lies and gossip – Several people had to leave Salinas because of her activities. She has NO CEDULA, NO VISA, and is here illegally. She was once expelled from Ecuador in 1997 also for being an illegal alien. She enters Ecuador through the border with Lima, with no visa or cedula. She is banned from many places in Salinas due to her activities, yet considers herself the mayor. She is pushing people to leave Salinas – Many. She was disbarred from being a lawyer in Florida for stealing many thousands of dollars from her clients. There is a possibility that authorities in Florida are still looking for her to file charges. I would like to remain anonymous if possible due to her capacity to harm people, yet if necessary I will waive that right. Again, she is here ILLEGALLY FOR THE SECOND TIME and should not be permitted to stay here – All the rest of us had to work very hard for our residency and visas. And she is a known criminal in the U.S. Her business, which we believe avoids paying IESS, is fraudulent – a hotel called Ocean Hideaway in Anconcita. We all hope that you will see that justice is done. Thank you

  2. Kell Says:

    “Arizonas” – op/col by Simon Espinosa Jalil. It just could be that Simon Espinosa Jalil is the only intelligent and understanding man in all of South America. He is, of course, correct in his analysis.

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