Corruption in Mexican Customs

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Friday, 6/25/10

El Diario (Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua) 6/24/10

Corruption in Mexican Customs

Mexican Customs personnel in the area of Ciudad Juarez reported pressures by organized crime so that the latter may be allowed to continue the contraband introduction of firearms and other merchandise into the interior of Mexico. Last August, Mexico’s customs function was taken over by a new agency, “OCE” (Operadores de Comercio Exterior: Foreign Commerce Operators,) after the prior agency was found to be heavily involved with organized crime. However, corruption has now continued with the “OCE” personnel due to bribes and threats, and two of its members have been murdered within the last month. A standard “quota” per vehicle allowed entry without inspection is $200 dollars, which lets in weapons, cash, ammo, or whatever. At the highway checkpoint at Kilometer 72, the OCE’s get $500 to $1,000 dollars a day from “mordidas” and deals they’ve reached with the smugglers. They pay for parties and blowouts with no attempt at disguise. One OCE said, “We’re worse than ever.”

Some police news

  • Ten city police at Tulansingo, state of Hidalgo, were surprised at change of shift time: they were arrested by special federal agents due to their links with organized crime. Three others had been arrested the day before.
  • In Sinaloa, six police were murdered within 24 hours.
  • In Chihuahua, two agents of the police Intelligence Unit, including the local chief, were murdered by a group armed with assault rifles.
  • Sixty more law enforcement personnel in the Ciudad Juarez area were dismissed yesterday after failing “trustworthiness” exams. This includes 12 state police and a couple of investigators.


La Cronica de Hoy (Mexico City) 6/24/10

“Legislators want to ‘Sterilize’” AZ law SB1070

Mexican congressmen and leaders of migrants’ organizations met with state legislators from Arizona at the Mexican congressional facility “to manifest their preoccupation for the racial discrimination and the acts assaulting human rights that the law SB1070 can bring when it goes into effect.”  The organizations also requested the Mexican legislators’ assistance regarding the actions of Mexican officials, so that in those cases when Mexican families attempt to return to their country, they won’t be objects of harassment on the Mexican side of the border.

The participants from Arizona explained the law as well as the actions they’ve taken to prevent it from going into effect. The participants, all Democrats, included David Lujan, Mary Peralta, Peter Silverman, Cynthia Aragon and Jorge Garcia, as well as Mexico’s Consul in Phoenix, AZ.


El Liberal (Popayan Colombia) 6/24/10

Illegal aliens in Colombia

Police in Cauca, (southwest Colombia,) detained 5 Haitians illegally in the country. The five had entered from Ecuador around Ipiales, a town on the border with Ecuador. Local police reported that some 180 illegal aliens, mainly Chinese and Haitians, have been detained in the area in the past couple of years. A local police commander of the police at Cauca, Lt. Col. Carlos Rodriguez Cortes, stated that these last five aimed to reach the United States.


El Espectador (Bogota, Colombia) 6/24/10

Corrupt consul jailed

Gerardo Raul Dorado Davila, an ex-Colombian consul in Ecuador, was sentenced to 13 years in prison by Colombia’s highest court. The ex-consul was found guilty of having issued visas illegally to Chinese in Ecuador to enable them to enter Colombia, even though the Chinese hadn’t met the requisites of the law.


El Financiero (Mexico City) 6/24/10

Weed haul

Nine men were arrested in Xochistlahuacan, state of Guerrero, when found with 1.8 tons of marihuana, a .12 ga. shotgun and some ammo.


El Universal (Mexico City) 6/24/10

Narco campgrounds found

A joint operation by police and Mexican army personnel in the hill country around Santiago Papasquiaro, Durango, yielded  13 “narcograves with six dismembered human remains,” eight campgrounds, eight vehicles and almost 2 tons of weed.


La Prensa Grafica (San Salvador, El Salvador) 6/24/10

Fremont, Nebraska, in the news

Reacting to the recent vote in Fremont, Nebraska, which prohibits housing rental to aliens illegally in the country, El Salvador’s Ministry of Foreign Relations yesterday expressed its “profound preoccupation” due to these new “xenophobic laws.” Juan Jose Garcia, Vice-Minister for Salvadorans abroad, said that they have hopes that the Arizona law will not become reality, and added, “We hope that the steps President Obama is taking by means of the Secretary of State will be able to halt this legislation which violates democratic principles and human rights.”


Prensa Libre (Guatemala City, Guatemala) 6/24/10

Seen at Mexico’s southern border

Three to five buses loaded with some 200 Guatemalan deportees arrive at Mexico’s border with Guatemala on a daily basis, according to Raul Orozco, Chief of Migration at the El Carmen border area. A reporter from this paper observed that many of these persons re-cross the border between the two countries by going across the Suchiate River, and once again they start the long and dangerous journey in search of the longed for “American dream.”


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11 Responses to “Corruption in Mexican Customs”

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  5. Mel Says:

    I would like to see the expense vouchers of the five AZ lawmakers who traveled to Mex City to meet with Mex. congressman & migrant organization leaders to discuss their efforts to prevent SB1070 from going into effect. Can you imagine how the stated purpose of the expense must have read, . . . “I traveled to another country, in which I have no jurisdiction, for the purpose of discussing ways of overturning a legally mandated law which, protects my state’s residents.”

    • pf Says:

      Two of them – David Lujan and Jorge Garcia are office holders in Arizona Districts 15 and 27. According to the Logan Act, those two should be brought up on charges.


      18 U.S.C. § 953 : US Code – Section 953: Private correspondence with foreign governments
      Any citizen of the United States, wherever he may be, who, without authority of the United States, directly or indirectly commences or carries on any correspondence or intercourse with any foreign government or any officer or agent thereof, with intent to influence the measures or conduct of any foreign government or of any officer or agent thereof, in relation to any disputes or controversies with the United States, or to defeat the measures of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.
      This section shall not abridge the right of a citizen to apply, himself or his agent, to any foreign government or the agents thereof for redress of any injury which he may have sustained from such government or any of its agents or subjects.

      Here are their e-mail addresses and contact numbers:
      David Lujan – Arizona District 15 (currently running for Attorney General of Arizona )

      House of Representatives
      1700 W. Washington
      Room 332
      Phoenix, AZ 85007
      Phone Number: (602) 926-5829
      Fax Number: (602) 417-3115

      Jorge Garcia
      Assistant Minority Leader – Arizona Senate – District #27
      1700 W. Washington, Room 213
      Phoenix, AZ 85007
      Phone Number: (602) 926-4171
      Fax Number: (602) 417-3262
      Email Address:

      These others are not in public office, but well connected in Democratic circles:

      Mary Peralta – Democratic fundraiser

      Peter Silverman – General Council, Democrats, Arizona House of Representatives

      Cynthia Aragon – Community Organizer – Center for Progressive Leadership – Arizona
      Her focus: Labor and Immigration Rights
      Employment: United Food and Workers Union Local #99

      I hope those in Arizona spread the word on these legislators. Their conduct is outrageous!

  6. Joe Says:

    Why does the Mexican Government or for that matter the President feel he has the right to tell a state that they must continue to ignore federal law and allow illegal aliens to pass through their borders?
    It is not difficult for local and state police officers to identify illegals they are in contact because they do not have the correct documents.
    For that matter, why don’t we all have documents that show our citizenship after a particular age. Many other countries that I have traveled in require their citizens to have these types of documents. A driver’s license is not a document in this context. Go Arizona!

  7. June Says:

    Mexico’s meddling in Arizona’s law… Suppose we, as a nation, had the guts to stand up to that corrupt narco state just beyond our southern border and demanded that they stop sending their people here or all funds from the US will immediately cease? As long as they continue to interfer with what we do in this country, I’m sure they’d see is as fair that we could tell them what to do. NOT!

  8. Mr. Wizard Says:


  9. Donald Says:

    Is there some uncomplacated way for me to post some of these to facebook? I would love to get this out to my friends.

    Thanks, Don

    • Donald H Says:

      Copy, Paste works. Be sure to include the source newspaper and explain it is a summary translation.

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