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El Debate (Culiacan, Sinaloa) 6-17-10

The approval of the migratory law in Arizona substantially lowers the opinion that Mexicans have of the United States, its people and its president according to a poll taken on Thursday.

Of the 22 nations surveyed in the poll, public opinion of the United States declined only in Mexico according to the Pew Poll of Global Attitudes.  Only 49% of Mexicans expressed a positive view of our neighbor to the North, compared to 57% last year.

The major decline in the general opinion of the United States in Mexico was due, in part, to the bad feelings caused by the Arizona migration law.

The Arizona law requires the police to confirm the immigration status of whomever they suspect is illegally in the country and every criminal illegal immigrant.

The favorable opinion of the United States fell from 69% to 56% in 2009, but there are big differences in the polls before and after Arizona approved the measure on the 23rd of April.  In a poll taken between the 14th and 20th of April, 62% of those questioned had a positive view of the United States, compared to 44% of those questioned between the 1st and the 6th of May, according to the study.

Upon being questioned about the administration of the respective Presidents, 54% disapproved of President Barack Obama and some 43% disapproved of President Felipe Calderon while 75% disapproved of Governor Jan Brewer.

Before the approval of the law (SB1070), 47% of Mexicans had confidence in the international leadership of Barack Obama, but now only 36% have that confidence.

In other Latin American countries there is little confidence in Barack Obama. In Argentina there is barely 10% approval because of Iraq and 11% approval because of the situation in Afghanistan. In Brazil 48% disapprove of his (Obama’s) policies in Iraq and 43% disapprove of his policies in Afghanistan.

The United States enjoys the best opinion in other Latin American countries like Brazil (62%), and in Argentina where 42% approve and 42% disapprove of the United States.

Brazil is the country with the most citizens worried about climate change (58%) and is one of the few countries content with its economic situation (62%).  The other countries happy with their economy are China (91%), India (57%) and Poland (53%).

The results of this poll were taken telephonically from people in 22 nations of which only Argentina, Brazil and Mexico were Latin American nations. The margin of error is plus or minus 4 percentage points.

The Pew Center has taken opinion polls about a variety of issues since 2001 over the entire planet.


Cambio de Michoacan (Morelia, Michoacán) 6-17-10

Federales ambushed in Michoacán 

Two henchmen who participated in an ambush of federal policemen in Michoacan have been detained.  One man is from Zitacuaro and the other from Lazaro Cardenas, in Eastern Michoacan.

Both men, aged 20 and 22 years are believed to be part of La Familia. The ambush lasted around 20 minutes and up to 35 henchmen participated in the attack.  One gunman, known as “El Beto,” died in the confrontation.


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  1. Terry Says:

    Protecting our borders from those who would come to America (not Amerika) is nothing like Nazi Germany. Maybe you ought to read history on Nazi Germany. We do not need illegals entering our country to take our tax money. If you want to come to America come legally, we will then welcome you. Come here illegally and we want you gone…….

  2. Cindy Says:

    No one in America is opposed to legal immigration – it is the illegal immigration that has grown to be a serious problem, especially for the border states. Are the good people of Mexico aware that there are sections of US National Parks that has been blocked from citizens using them because of the threat of violence from drug smugglers and human trafficking? The kidnapping rate in AZ is the highest in the country with the victims being ransomed by coyotes who are not liked on either side of the border. Please read the AZ law, it mirrors the US Federal law and actually has tougher language to protect the civil rights of people. No one can be jerked off the street, they can only be asked about status if they are stopped during lawful contact. Ask yourselves, if American citizens were illegally crossing your border and bringing the same amount of drugs and violence with them, would you be happy? Would you demand that the laws not be enforced by your government? Our Federal government is charged with enforcing the law and protecting our citizens and they are not doing it. High ranking members of our government went on TV denouncing the AZ law but guess what? They had not even read it. Everyone is welcome to come to America through legal steps – is that so wrong? Does Mexico not have laws about illegal immigration? Are those laws wrong? If you say no then this anger at the US is hypocritical. All AZ and US citizens ask is please come here through the legal process. Surely that cannot be too much to ask as all countries have immigration laws.

  3. John Cryar Says:

    Arizona (and the Federal Government) could write an immigration law that would cover all possibilities by making our immigration law reciprocal to those of the country the illegal “immigrant” comes from; If the illegal’s country allows them in, we do the same, BUT… If their country (like Mexico) calls for two @ years imprisonment… Get the idea?

  4. Jeff Hanna Says:

    Arizona Law Destroys the Image of the United States In Mexico?


  5. Wes McKay Says:

    Mexico’s … LOW … opinion of the United States is a PLUS.

    WHY ? because all they do is BITE the hand that FEEDS THEM.

    BUT … they LOVE the hand ( of Mexico ) that slaps them in the face.

    What does that say for the integrity of Mexicans as a hole ?

    Not very much in my opinion.

    Maybe if they HATE us enough, they will STAND-UP for themselves in their own country instead of running away like COWARDS and sponging off a country that has made something of itself.

    Mexicans need to GROW a PAIR and take their country back.

    A man does NOT run away and hide like a wiped dog, they stand and fight for the right to be a ………………. MAN !

    Maybe Mexico should give their country back to Spain, I’m sure Spain could do a better job then their current government, clean up the drug cartels and make Mexico the country LIVABLE again.

  6. Mario Says:

    Isn’t it great to be an Amerikan? Too bad we missed our chance to be a part of Nazi Germany.

  7. June Says:

    Re: Arizona law destroys… Thanks for the laugh to start my day. So, Mexico’s opinion of us has dropped because Arizona wants to stop the invasion? Is there a poll somewhere that we, as US citizens, can voice our opinions on Mexico? Can they say “0%?

  8. Justie Says:

    I’m glad that Mexican’s approval of the U.S. is on the decline. Maybe, hopefully, they will stay home.

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