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June 17, 2010

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Correo (Guanajuato) 6-16-10

Calderón asks for society’s help in the battle against drug trafficking

Mexico, D.F. – President Felipe Calderón predicts that there will be more deaths combating organized crime and he says the struggle is not only his but that of all Mexican citizens and that all of us should provide information to the government to confront criminal organizations.

Last night in a 10 minute radio and television address to the nation, Calderón expressed concern over the growing number of executions but will maintain his strategy without backing off.

“I know there is worry among all Mexicans about the violent acts, there is hurt and indignation, particularly about the loss of innocent life, for this reason, we will not spare any forces or any resource in the battle against organized crime that continues to result in the loss of the lives of innocents,” said Calderón.

He continued that there is a struggle against criminal groups that results in executions and confrontations with federal authorities.

“As I told you from the first day, this is a struggle that will cost time, resources, and disgracefully, human lives and unfortunately, the loss of brave policemen, soldiers and sailors who sacrificed their lives for the safety of all Mexicans”, he said.


El Debate (Sinaloa) 6-16-10

No arrests and no suspects

Mazatlan – “No clues, no arrests and no suspects in the massacre of 28 inmates at the Mazatlan prison”, says the State Attorney General’s Office.

The Assistant Attorney General of the Southern Zone, Sergio Avandano Coronel, said that as of yesterday nobody has been arrested and there are no suspects.

The Secretary of the State Public Security Police initiated an investigation into the State Prison Administration to determine how arms, used by inmates in the massacre of other inmates, entered the prison and to see if there are any acts of corruption on behalf of prison personnel.

Translator’s Note:  (This story appears to be a follow-up of a previously reported story. There is no account of the incident as originally reported but it appears that it was quite gruesome).


Three people found dead of gunshots

Angostura, Sin. – This Wednesday morning, three people were found dead of gunshots at 7:10 AM.  The bodies showed signs of beating and torture. Tire tracks at the scene showed that the bodies had been thrown from a pick-up. As of this moment, they have not been identified and had no identification on them.  Their hands and feet had been bound with belts.


El Imparcial (Hermosillo, Sonora) 6-16-10

Migrant assaulted and shot

Nogales – A migrant, who intended to cross into the United States, was robbed of 300 dollars and shot twice, (in the arm and leg), by armed suspects wearing dark clothing East of Nogales (Sonora).

The victim, 29 year old Jaime Flores Lara, said that the incident occurred around 3:00 PM as he was walking near Colonia Buenos Aires intending to cross into the United States.  He said that he entered into an arroyo to cross (into the USA) when four subjects dressed in dark clothing accosted him, hit him in the head and took 300 dollars.

The migrant said he was begging them to let him go when he heard two shots wounding him in the left arm and the right leg.  With two wounds, he walked to a nearby house and asked for help where he was transported to General Hospital.

Municipal Police took a report and turned it over to The Public Ministry.


 More than 3 million children work in Mexico

Mexico, D.F. – There are more than 3 million child laborers in Mexico and 200,000 of them work in (The State of) Chiapas, according to Victoria Cruz Lopez, Technical Assistant to the Program for the Eradication of Child Labor in Mexico (IPEC).

During a workshop in this city concerning the exploitation of child labor, an official of The International Organization of Labor declared that there is cause to worry in Mexico and in the world over these statistics.

The workshop has the objective to get to the bottom of the child labor problem and to address it problematically.  Regardless of the number of working children, it is important to confront this problem and to be concerned about this type of situation.  “For this reason, the states, labor organizations, the government and other sectors must take action to confront the problem of child labor,” states Victoria Cruz Lopez, who is from Costa Rica


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