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The National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers (NAFBPO) extracts and condenses the material that follows from Mexican and Central and South American on-line media sources on a daily basis. You are free to disseminate this information, but we request that you credit NAFBPO as being the provider.

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Wednesday, 6/16/10

El Diario (Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua) 6/15/10

Juarez police quitting in droves

According to official records released yesterday 91 Juarez policemen have quit voluntarily this year. Three others were let go “for loss of trustworthiness.” Just last weekend, at the funeral of one of their fellow workers, some members of the Juarez police expressed their desire to quit for fear of losing their lives in what they themselves called “a lost war” against organized crime.

This year, nineteen Juarez policemen have been assassinated during ambushes by organized crime. Another 46, from other law enforcement agencies, have been murdered in Juarez so far this year; they include 9 federal police, 5 state investigators, two traffic police, a jail guard, 4 CIPOL (intelligence center police,) 2 Public Ministry agents, 2 technical experts, and 2 private security guards.


Diario Rotativo (Queretaro, Qro.) 6/15/10

Migrants assaulted by federal agents return to their country

As has happened in other occasions earlier this year, Mexican federal police in Chahuites, state of Oaxaca, assaulted some 300 Central American migrants riding a freight train. A priest from a shelter for transients in that area said that, “As in the previous two assaults, the agents acted brutally……..and kicked them while (the victims) were face down on the ground.” After the assault, a group of migrants complained to the National Human Rights Commission with the help of the local Salvadoran Consul. But afterward, federal police agents threatened them with firearms and demanded that they retract the allegations in front of video cameras. Yesterday, a group of Salvadorans decided to leave Mexico voluntarily and return to their country. They were escorted to the border for their safety by Mexican naval personnel and agents from a Chiapas state agency.



Milenio (Mexico City) 6/15/10

A wave of violence in Mexico

Yesterday (Mon.) violence in Mexico caused the death by homicide of 79 persons. Of that number, 42 took place in three mass killings in the states of Chihuahua, Sinaloa and Michoacan. Mexico’s Ministry of Government “condemned” the cowardly assassination of members of the federal police in Zitacuaro, Michoacan (M3 Report of yesterday.)



El Siglo de Torreon (Torreon, Coahuila) 6/15/10     – also found in several others

Taxco explodes in more violence

Today in Taxco, state of Guerrero, someone fired from a house at a passing military vehicle. A battle ensued and the result was that 15 people died, all of them civilians in that house. Also found inside were 13 “long barrel” firearms, 5 handguns and a couple of fragmentation grenades. (Seventy-seven human remains were recently found near this same city. See M3 Report of 6/8/10)


Cambio de Michoacan (Morelia, Michoacan) 6/15/10

Complaint: Mexicans kidnap migrants

An average of 54 migrants, both Mexicans and aliens, are kidnapped in Mexico on a daily basis. This charge was made by two members of the Migration Affairs Commission of Michoacan’s congress; the two intend to issue a call to officials of Mexico’s border states to deal with this problem because in many of the cases there is complicity by the local or state police agencies.


La Prensa Grafica (San Salvador, El Salvador) 6/15/10

What’s happening to us?  Op/col. by Carlos Vanedas, titled as shown

We Salvadorans are suffering from such a grave situation that we are reaching desperation. We aren’t able to come out of the terrible economic crisis that hit us recently. Almost 100% of crimes go unpunished, due to a corrupt and deficient system of justice. What country are we going to leave for our children? We are in a situation worse than war. In Congress, our country’s fathers, comfortably in their seats, bust their brains thinking of new laws to help reduce the problem; nevertheless, while these keep ending up in corrupt and inefficient hands, all will go on the same or worse and, to boot, the laws most obeyed are those imposed by criminals. The gangster judges daily decree execution orders as if it were a matter of killing dogs. This situation leaves orphans, widows, families and friends with a wound that is very difficult to heal. Gentlemen murderers, extortionists, gangsters, have pity, an entire society begs you, respect the most precious gift of a human being, which is life.

– – –

Grim statistics from El Salvador

El Salvador’s National Civil Police reported 19 assassinations in the country during this past weekend. The murder tally for the first 13 days of June now stands at 173. And the year’s current total has reached 1,972, an average of 12 daily.


– end of report –


  1. DWI Statistics Says:

    Thanks! I’m following your rss.

  2. pf Says:

    – So! Mexican Federal Police have been assaulting and beating the crap out of illegal migrants (aka illegal aliens) from Central America – and when the migrants complained to the Human Rights Commission, they were threatened at gunpoint and demanded to retract their statements in front of cameras. Let me see if I have this right:
    . Mexico is screaming for the death penalty for Immgration and Border Patrol agents who killed an illegal alien resisting arrest and who shot a Mexican trying to kill them with rocks.

    . Mexico wants those responsible in the two deaths at San Ysidro and El Paso extradited to stand trial in Mexico.

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