Tasered illegal alien resisting arrest more heinous than 2 dozen murders in Mexico over weekend

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Tuesday, 6/8/10

Editorial note: More than a week since a Mexican man being deported died after a taser gun was used on him at the San Isidro, Ca./Tijuana border crossing, a sizeable number of Mexican newspapers still give prominence to the event either by continuing to repeat the original news (and including allegations from anonymous persons that the man died after a brutal beating by some twenty Border Patrol Agents) or by opinion columns such as one in “A.B.C.” (Mexico City, on 6/7/10) that ends up saying that the U.S. resembles a neo-Nazi state, where all racial differences are punished without clemency. In it, the author states, “Yesterday it was the Jews, now it’s the Hispanics, the African Americans, the Indians. Where is the change, Mr. Obama?”

However, relatively smaller and less prominent national coverage was given to the six cadavers found just outside Cancun, or three decapitation cases in Cuernavaca, state of Morelos, just south of Mexico City. Likewise, today “Diario de Juarez” (Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua) only lightly covered the case of a man whose body was found this morning behind a hotel in the “Zona Dorada” (Golden Zone) of that city. His killer(s) had cut off his legs, his arms and his head. Or a report today in “Norte Digital,” also from Ciudad Juarez, that states there were 13 homicides in that city over the weekend; it also mentioned one case where the victim’s eyes were taken out and placed on his chest.


Diario 21 (Iguala, Guerrero) 6/7/10

Mass grave body count revised

The mass grave in the area of Taxco, Guerrero, had been reported to contain 55 cadavers. A further and reportedly final count has now yielded 77 human remains. Forensic work continues, overwhelmed.


La Hora (Quito, Ecuador) 6/7/10

Ecuador’s Ambassador to the U.S. is interviewed

(U.S. Sec. of State H. Clinton is scheduled to go to Ecuador and meet with that country’s President, Rafael Correa, an ally of Hugo Chavez, on Tuesday, June 8. “La Hora” interviewed Ecuador’s Ambassador to the U.S., Luis Gallegos, about this meeting. Part of the interview follows.)

Q. For Ecuador, what must be the main issue (of the meeting)?

A. Two million of us Ecuadoreans live in the United States, and while during this time that a law such as the one in Arizona is being approved, and that similar laws such as the one in Massachusetts are being proposed, President Obama has proposed a general migratory reform, one which will impede xenophobia such as our fellow citizens have experienced. The world is concerned about the loss of essential values such as the human right of persons in the United States, this is an issue that must be dealt with, there’s agreement, but also differences, on that issue.



The cartoon below appeared in “El Financiero” (Mexico City) 6/7/10, and needs no explanation.


Tiempo (San Pedro Sula, Honduras) 6/7/10

Only 4 of every 100 homicides resolved

San Pedro Sula, the country’s second largest city, closed last year with 2,739 assassinations. Of these, not a single one has yet resulted in the filing of criminal charges. Usually, only 4% of homicides in the area are eventually presented for prosecution. In January and February of this year 326 murder charges were filed against 12 persons.


(Note: In the M3 Report of June 7, 2010, a technical glitch resulted in the omission of the source, name & date of an article. It should read “Prensa Libre” (Guatemala City, Guatemala) 6/5/10, and is the second article for Sunday 6/6/10; it relates to police in Guatemala, both about its new graduates and about the corruption in its ranks.)

 – end of report –

3 Responses to “Tasered illegal alien resisting arrest more heinous than 2 dozen murders in Mexico over weekend”

  1. Dorsey shaw Former Agent Says:

    Amazing how none of this vital information reaches our news networks. I mean they refuse to air the stories.
    Thank you for you dedacation and Honor. You must still hold true the oath you took at the begining of your Law Enforcement journey. God bless us all and God bless the USA

  2. PF Says:

    So glad to see you are re-considering continuing to publish the M3 Report. It is such a valuable news letter.

    I cannot help but comment on your editorial. It amazes me how so many protray us (the United States) as racist and mean spirited and yet they will steal, rape and kill each other in their own country and not give it a second thought.

    “Oh – but that does not count! You ‘gringos’ are racist bigots!”

    – Yeah – right – and those in power in the US want to give amnesty to that mindset?? HELLO! – Are we out of our everlovin minds??

    Today is the California primary – and I am REALLY looking at who and what I am voting for!

  3. ThisAmerican Says:

    This hypocrisy MUST stop!!! Mexico needs to care for their OWN citizens. So does Ecuardor and any other nation who kicks their own citizens to the curb for the US taxpayer to support.

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