California could become the new portal to the U.S.A.

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This is to inform our subscribers that as of the end of June, NAFBPO will no longer be publishing the M3 Report. This is due to limited resources and the fact that we feel our publication has served a purpose in focusing attention on violence and immigration events occurring south of our border. NAFBPO intends to direct all its assets towards addressing immigration legislation and to place emphasis on the enforcement of our current immigration laws.


Thursday, 6/3/10


El Diario de Yucatan (Merida, Yucatan) 6/2/10

“California could become the new portal to the USA”

The hardening of anti-immigrant laws in Arizona could bring about the return of the massive flows to California of over a decade ago, when it was the main crossing point for undocumented immigrants; since that time, due to the building of barriers and the increase in the number of Border Patrol Agents, the border crossers moved to Arizona. Now, California officials consider that increased vigilance in their neighboring state could once again cause a large number of undocumented immigrants to come to their old crossing in the San Diego area.


Corruption in Cancun

The ex-Mayor of Cancun, Gregorio Sanchez, also a PRD [left wing pol. party] candidate for governor of Quintana Roo (where Cancun is located,) was ordered to prison for “traffic in undocumented” [read: illegal aliens,] money laundering and links with organized crime. In a separate action, a judge imposed formal prison terms on 13 agents and employees of the “INM” [Mexico’s federal immigration agency.] The 13 were part of a group that brought Chinese illegally into Mexico, using the route from Italy to Cuba to Mexico. There, they would be allowed entry with fraudulent documentation. Eleven other “INM” officers and employees were similarly processed in April.


La Prensa Grafica (San Salvador, El Salvador) 6/2/10

Violent El Salvador

“The wave of assassinations at the national level gives no respite to the authorities.” The country had 14 murders on June 1st.



[The following two items illustrate the continued fixation on the death of a Mexican man after he was “tasered” (M3 Report of yesterday,) while ignoring numerous other murders in Mexico]  In one end of Mexico:

Ensenada (Ensenada, Baja Calif.) 6/2/10

Jose Francisco Blake Mora, “Government Secretary General” of the state of Baja California, “condemned the assassination of a migrant worker at the hands of Border Patrol Agents, who beat him previously until leaving him brain dead.” He added that now, as Mexicans, they must take up support for the demand by the President of the Republic to obtain a migratory reform with a social focus and respect for human and individuals’ rights. Originally, borders were an imaginary dividing line and the universal right must be respected within them. [But today’s “Frontera” (Tijuana, B.C.) carries several front page headlines about a number of genuine homicides there; however, they did not elicit any commentary from local or state officials.]                                                                                                                              


And in the other end of Mexico:

Cuarto Poder (Tuxtla, Chiapas) 6/2/10

Mexican Senator Manuel Velasco Coello energetically condemned the death of the Mexican migrant “who lost his life after having received a brutal beating from agents of the U.S. Border Patrol,” and he called for the repudiation of any racist attempt to criminalize migration. He also expressed his solidarity, and that of millions of Chiapans, with their fellow citizens who now struggle to tear down the racist Arizona law, and who are in favor of a migratory reform that recognizes their rights. Lastly, he demanded that the “wall of shame” being built by the U.S. government on the border with Mexico be torn down. [However, the senator failed to express his indignation at the finding of the dead, nude body of a woman, left by her killer(s) near a highway in his own state of Chiapas. She was found tied to a blanket and inside a sack.]


El Universal (Mexico City)

A sampling of headlines from the “States” (of Mexico) page

  • Police ambushed in Monterrey; two die
  • Policeman killed with eight shots in Guerrero
  • Killers execute a girl and her father in Ciudad Juarez
  • Woman’s cadaver, wrapped and in a sack, found in Chiapas


Milenio (Mexico City) 6/2/10

Do they have to keep on being killed, Mr. President?  Op/col. by Jona Guerrero, titled as shown

Most of the dead are criminals, President Calderon repeats and repeats. And, judging from the icy numbers, it’s true. But? Do they have to keep on being killed, President? Is life better with fewer criminals? Has the butchery of 21,915 dead in these three and a half years improved the daily life of 110 million Mexicans? The count by MILENIO shows 1,110 executions in May linked to the war against narco (not counting the pit discovered in Taxco.) Of that total, 61 were police or officials, which results in a rate of 18 to 1 in favor of the law and order forces. Not bad for a war. Mexico ought then to look better, especially in the last semester, during which there have been five of the months with the most executions during this administration: 895 in December, 904 in January, 1,130 in March, 1,098 in April and the aforementioned 1,110 in May.

But Mexico doesn’t look better. In that semester the Juarez youths were massacred. And the events in Torreon took place, and in Monterrey, and in Reynosa, and in Cuernavaca, and in Acapulco. And the assault against the Michoacan Public Security agency. And the revenge killing of the family of the young Marine in Tabasco. And the extortions became a practically nationwide event. And the kidnappings and violent robberies went on.

And the citizens’ perception, poll after poll, kept moving from caution to deception, and from deception to hopelessness. But President Calderon repeated and repeated that they have to keep on being killed. That Mexicans would not be at the mercy of the criminals.


El Comercio (Quito, Ecuador) 6/2/10

Mini-sub and cocaine found

A 15 meter long (49 ft.) submersible, estimated to have cost U.S. $400,000, was found by police in an abandoned shrimp growing farm at a remote estuary near “El Oro,” [in Ecuador’s Gulf of Guayaquil.] Officials reported that the vessel, built of fiberglass and wood, was equipped with a 350 hp Cummins engine, a GPS system, and long range radio gear. It can reach 6 knots and could travel seven days while transporting up to five tons of drugs. Further north on Ecuador’s coast, at Pedernales, police found an underground cache of three tons of cocaine near the beach plus 10 805 grams (sic) of heroin. The cocaine is said to be valued at 120 million dollars in the international market.

Four persons were detained with the mini-sub, and eight were arrested with the drug. The headline for this article read: “The submarine found in El Oro was for taking drug to Mexico.”


The News (Mexico City) 6/2/10 (An English language paper)

Mexico takes case against Arizona law to the UN Human Rights Council

(The link below is to a relating article in the English language)


– end of report –

4 Responses to “California could become the new portal to the U.S.A.”

  1. Alertec today another time Says:

    More news today…

    General Information on Nuvigil and Modalert I think many of us have already experienced conditions of periodic sleepiness during the day……

  2. Wayne Says:

    To hell with Mexico and any that invade.

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  4. June Says:

    How long will Americans have to wait for our government to protect us? I’m so proud of the governor of Arizona. The other border states are governed by those who aid and abet the invasion. How about some measures that have never been tried?

    1. Speak out to the world and let them know we’ll no longer be their dumping ground. Do you have the courage to do that, Mr. President?

    2. Enforce existing laws and mean it. Correct the misinterpreted 14th amendment, and mandate E-Verify for all businesses and invididuals.

    3. No legalization, amnesty or “path to citizenship” for invaders.

    4. Stop all benefits and I do mean all.

    That will send most of them home at no expense to us. What we save on not having to pay for the upkeep of illegals will build two fences and much more.

    5. Stop being a door mat to third world criminals and take our country back.

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