Migration northward continues unabated

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The National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers (NAFBPO) extracts and condenses the material that follows from Mexican and Central and South American on-line media sources on a daily basis. You are free to disseminate this information, but we request that you credit NAFBPO as being the provider.

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This is to inform our subscribers that as of the end of June, NAFBPO will no longer be publishing the M3 Report.  This is due to limited resources and the fact that we feel our publication has served a purpose in focusing attention on violence and immigration events occurring south of our border.  NAFBPO intends to direct all its assets towards addressing immigration legislation and to place emphasis on the enforcement of our current immigration laws.


Migration northward continues unabated

Cuarto Porder (Tuxtla Chiapas 5/31/10)

Sixty smuggled aliens found in Southern Mexico

Forty-five men and fifteen women, all illegally in Mexico, were found being transported, while hidden in a truck before dawn yesterday (Sunday) at a checkpoint to enter Tuxtla, state of Chiapas.  Most of the aliens hailed from Central American countries, but the group also included three from India and seven from Sri Lanka.  The truck used, had been stolen three months ago from Mexico’s Social Security agency in Distrito Federal.


El Diario (Cuidad Juarez Chihuahua 5/31/10)

Forty-eight smuggled aliens found in Northern Mexico

Forty-eight aliens from various Central American countries, plus eight Mexicans from the southern state of Oaxaca, were found by Mexican ministerial police in the area of Ascencion Chihuahua (a town located just a few miles from the southeast corner of New Mexico’s “boot-heel”.)  The fifty-six border crossing aspirants were in a security house and were under the control of a group of smugglers, among them a woman whose specialty is to take undocumented aliens to Phoenix, Arizona.

More information about these smugglers can be found in the related article of this Spanish language newspaper.



(National news organizations in the United States have already given coverage to the finding of twenty-five corpses, all believed to be homicide victims, near Taxco, in the state of Guerrero, Mexico.  A string of other crime reports scattered around Mexico continues today;  they include the murder of a atate prison warden and the fatal shooting on an elementary school principal, in front of some pupils of the school.  Others include one in “El Universal”, (Mexico City today), reporting that seven persons became victims of homicide in Tijuana, Baja California, “in the last few hours.”  What follows is yet another example.  The link leads to the full article in Spanish.)

El Siglo de Torreon (Torreon Coahuila) 5/31/10

Beheadings Multiply

Seven human heads were found yesterday (Sunday) at dawn and in the morning in various points around the so-called “Comarca Lagunera” (the Lagoon Country) area, comprised of the cities of Torreon in the state of Coahuila, and the adjacent cities of Gomez Palacio and Lerdo, in the neighboring state of Durango.  Two of the heads were those of policemen who disappeared last Thursday.



-end of report-

17 Responses to “Migration northward continues unabated”

  1. Joseph Curry Says:

    Ladies & Gentlemen: I live and work in Mexico, I have been since shortly after leaving the Border Patrol. I am also married to a Mexican citizen.

    My two grand sons have gone through the long, long, legal process of legal entry, 5 years and some $6000 US each, but they know that I will have it no other way.

    There are many reasons for illegal entries, some are the above, financial and time. Others, for physical health, education, and criminal records.

    Most of my friends that are legally in the US, are flatly against the illegal flood. Curiously enough, they feel that it degrads them, individually and as a group.

    We have discussed it at length, most seem to agree that a special form of immigration that is under strict control, one that will allow many that wish to go to the US to work, not to live permanently, perhaps based upon the old Bracero program. But, with the ability to control the ammounts allowed yearly, accordng to the needs of the US.

    They also agree that only being born inside of the boundries of the Us to a ‘legal’ US citizen, should confer citizenship

    Since some of my mining properties are surrounded by narcotic growers I am well aware of the problems. Most are simple farmers whose fathers were paid by the US to grow opium poppies for the war effort, then shortly afte the war ended, learned that it was a no no.

    They were confused, and couldn’t understand why one day they were heros, then the next day cirminals, so when the early founders of the present drug cartels arrived it was simply easier to continue to grow it and Marajuana as a subsitence crop.

    Today, it has grown out of hand, they plant or allow the cartels to plant or simply have a hand or arm cut off with a machete, nor are their families spared. Whole families have been murdered.

    Yes, one can say that I am very aware of the problems on both sides of the border and am especially aware that many Americans, such as myself, will be targeted if the situation grows ugly.

    Side thingy..Tell the RAZA that they are very mistaken, their so called home did not originate in the American west. The Aztecs apparantly orginated near Israel then migrated to the shallow coastal areas of Spain / France to the remains of Atlantis, the “Place of the reeds”. Are they the “Lost tribe of Isreal”?

    From there, they eventually migrated south, then over to North America where they gradally worked their way down to Mexico.

    Atlantis is almost exactly where legend places it, at the Junction of the three plates, but under 12,00 ft of water.

    Notice the coincidence Atlantis / Aztlan.

    Enough for this rambling post.

    Joseoh curry

  2. Marty Says:


  3. Susi Says:

    Really sorry to see this fine reporting end. It has been so helpful and informative, please reconsider. Thanks for the great service you have done a great job!

  4. meee Says:

    oooooooooo great! bad enough you can get news out of mexico…now THIS??! your just letting the cartels win….

  5. Curt H Says:

    So sorry to see this excellent source of information going away. I hope you’ll reconsider. In any case, thanks for this service.

  6. Pirnauskas Says:

    I was saddened to read that you will no longer be making the M3 report available. As a long-time border resident I always looked forward to reading it. Should your circumstances change, please keep publishing. Otherwise, who is going to fill your shoes? You will be missed…

  7. TonyinMO Says:

    Please, guys, you need to continue the M3 report. It’s the only news source that’s telling us about what is going on south of the border. If you discontinue, there will be a huge number of folks who will be disappointed. However, I understand that sometimes, financial needs must be met and if it’s necessary to discontinue the M3 report, I’ll understand, but will be extremely disappointed.

    I read every report when they come in and forward them to a lot of folks who, like me, are looking for the truth and not some “politically correct” propaganda from the always biased main stream media or some governmental BS distributor.

    You folks have been an outstanding source of excellent information and I thank you for giving us the REAL inside info for these past years.

  8. Hawkeye Says:

    It is sad news, indeed, to learn that NAFBPO will cease. Of course you have studied all options while knowing that you provide an invaluable service. You will certainly be missed. I too religiously pass on news bits to family and friends. I even relay news items to friends in Mexico. They seem hungry for cosmetics-free information.

    Can you direct your readers to alternate, even if lesser desirable, resources?

  9. Sue Says:

    This new is so unfortunate. Even though the mainstream press is covering Mexico’s activities a lot more, most of it is sensational and not necessarily accurate or very informative. Surely there are people who could volunteer to keep this M3 Report alive while you guys pursue other interests in the same field.
    Please don’t stop the M3 Report!

  10. Jstrum Says:

    Listen to what these people are saying. If you quit now, we will all be lulled back into the dark and to the lies and coverup. Only with the constant drumbeat of the truth, will we be able to pressure these ‘politicians’ to do the right thing as well as enabling us to protect our own. It’s not just the immigration issue, it’s the safety of our nation.

    You wrote of being there and being the only ones who could tell the truth because you are there. No one has that perspective but you.

    If you go away, then who will carry the light? Who will carry the fight to the people? Humans have short memories and all too often willing to look the other way. They can’t look away right now, the truth is lighting the darkest halls. But when you go? We will (not maybe) return to the abyss of naiveté. Look what you started. It cannot stop now. We’re too close.

  11. Sue G Says:

    Please dont stop! I too forward to many people who in turn forward to others. This is our only source for Mexican news.

  12. John Bowen Says:

    Whoa, there, Pardners! You need help putting out the report? You just can’t quit when yesterday I turned on another four people who had no idea what was happening down there and heading to here. Please do not stop.
    We in Arizona, including Senator Pierce, read your report daily and believe. You are our motivation.
    Now, what can we do to help save our info and inspiration?
    You make the call.
    We will make it work.
    And thank you for all you have done before.

  13. Lizzie Says:

    I too thank you for allowing me to become aware of what is happening in MX. I have sent several copies to my pastor and when the opportunity came up for my pastor to attend “Border School” he accepted readily and I feel it was a direct decision because of the emails I forwarded to him. He now has more knowledge and our church is praying for the Border Patrol and law enforcement on a daily basis. Again, thank you and I sure wish you would reconsider stopping the M3Report

  14. Don David Says:

    Although I speak and read Spanish, this report has been an quick and invaluable help in understanding the travails of our neighbor, Mexico. If translation of the material you gather is a stumbling block, I would be glad to help to the limits of my abilities.
    I have enjoyed the Mexican newspaper editorials that illustrate the the Mexican press is not in lock step with their government. I’d like to see more of that attitude from our own lame stream media.

  15. pf Says:

    I totally agree with what has been said. I think it would be a tragedy to stop this report now. Please reconsider. We need to know what goes on with our neighbor and other countries to the south and to stop now would leave us in the dark.

  16. Polecat Says:

    Like the previous writer, I sincerely ask that you reconsider your decision to terminate your M3 Report. We use it as a valuable tool as we attempt to educate the American public about the downside of our open borders. Regardless of your ultimate decision, thanks for having provided M3 for these several years.

  17. MARK WARDEN Says:

    greetings: i am e-mailing your grooup to implore you NOT to end this unique english language news compilation (M-3 REPORT) of our southern border along w/ mexico and central america. i’ve been visiting this news site five times weekly for something like two years. please don’t leave your readership in the “dark”. also, thankyou for this one-of-a-kind web site. America (and I) need you (M-3 REPORT) THANKS AGAIN, MARK A. WARDEN WHEELING, WV (PLEASE DO NOT SHARE MY INFO)

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