Over the weekend: Protests against Arizona law; Sonora fears day with too many Mexicans

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Saturday 5/29/10

El Financiero (Mexico City) 5/28/10

White House seeks Supreme Court intervention in Arizona law
The White House today requested the Supreme Court prevent Arizona from applying a law that punishes businesses that employ undocumented aliens, arguing that the federal immigration regulations predominate over state law.  The federal government’s motion argues that the law in Arizona “interrupts a careful legal balance” that Congress instituted 25 years ago.  The position in this case by the White House is similar to the point expressed by President Barack Obama in relation to Arizona’s SB 1070 immigration law.  [This article was accompanied by the photo, but did not identify it.]  Below are pictured demonstrators with “Deport Border Patrol” banner.
Mexican Navy rescues 22
Mexican Navy units stationed in Ensenada, Baja California, rescued 22 undocumented aliens from a boat off the coast that was headed for US waters.  The interception was made some 70 miles southwest of the port of Ensenada.  On board were 21 who claimed to be Mexicans and one Columbian, as well as the owner of the boat.  The Mexicans were turned over to Mexican immigration authorities to verify their nationality.
Mexican sentenced for attacking  Border Patrol Agent
Phoenix, Arizona – Luis Alfredo Lopez Sanchez, a Mexican citizen, was sentenced to four years in prison after pleading guilty of trying to run over an agent of the Border Patrol last August.  According to authorities, Lopez illegally crossed the border last August and four days later, a Border Patrol helicopter spotted him and landed to offer medical assistance.  On being approached by one of the helicopter crew, Lopez ran to his pickup truck, started it and accelerated toward one of the agents. who fired three shots to try to divert the course of the vehicle.  At he last moment the agent had to leap aside to keep from being run over.   Lopez tried to flee in the pickup, but was followed by the helicopter.  He eventually abandoned the vehicle and tried to escape on foot but continued to physically resist arrest.  He was finally subdued after a shot of tear gas dissuaded him from further resistance.
Sunday 5/30/10

El Universal (Mexico City) 5/29/10
Protest at US Embassy
Around 300 activists of various organizations carried out demonstrations in front of the US Embassy in Mexico City in protest against the so-called Arizona law.  In what was given the rather optimistic name, “Day of Worldwide Action against the SB 1070 Law,” the activists called a meeting to reject the migrant discrimination of the new law that is to take effect June 29 of this year.  Under the motto, “We are all Arizona,” speakers addressed the topic of the new law and the risk that other states of the US might take this “anti-immigrant” route.  [Photo relates.]
El Imparcial (Hermosillo, Sonora) 5/29/10
Sonora foresees Mexican invasion
[Column by  Victor Mendoza Lambert ]  
It’s a fact, the SB 1070 law will be a true nightmare for Sonora.  To the Sonoran immigrants who will return for obvious reasons, we must add the thousands and thousands of Mexicans who  will cross the border daily to enter our country to avoid being jailed.  I hope that the Federation and the State foresee this, because cities like Nogales are already suffering.
The problem is not that they cross for a few days; the problem is that they stay; the problem is the unemployment that we have and that we see mounting in that area; the problem is the violence and the risk that many of those unemployed and desperate Mexicans will join the ranks of organized crime which, as we well know, has taken a liking to Nogales.  From this arises the urgency of a true strategy in which the Federation might contemplate helping all those people so that they return to their places of origin and avoid this nightmare in the border areas of Sonora.
The Arizona authorities in the past few days have toughened their campaign to find and deport undocumenteds.  In Nogales, there are days when up to 1,200 men and women are deported and the disputed law has not yet even been applied.  Can one imagine when that happens?  This means it is urgent that the concerns become actions and for the implementation of a regulated plan.
Then, how it appears, neither the “lovely” speeches by Felipe Calderon nor the good intentions of Barack Obama will be able to counteract this enormous problem.  Unemployment is the darkest shadow our country will have in the coming months and Sonora will suffer before the others.  Because of this, Guillermo Padres [Governor of Sonora] will have much work to do in Mexico City; he has to knock on many doors to avoid our border from becoming an uninhabitable zone.  There is not the slightest doubt that Sonora will be one of the most vulnerable states.  If living in Nogales is a risk now, just imagine what it will be with thousands of Mexicans who, day after day, return …   It goes without saying, our state finds itself between a rock and a hard place, or better said, between a rock and the border.
El Universal (Mexico City) 5/29/10
US agents cause brain death to Mexican
Us doctors diagnosed brain death to a Mexican immigrant who was beaten by some 20 Border Patrol agents Friday night when he attempted to resist being deported through the port of entry.  According to witnesses, the incident happened a few yards from the entry into Tijuana when Anastacio Hernandez Rojas, 35, was waiting to be deported.  He attacked one of the agents and didn’t comply with orders to stop.  He was then beaten and “given electric discharges” until he was motionless.  He was then taken to the hospital in San Diego where he was examined and diagnosed as brain dead.
-end of report-

4 Responses to “Over the weekend: Protests against Arizona law; Sonora fears day with too many Mexicans”

  1. Jerold Laubach Says:

    Yeah you should. It will be part on the hidden governments plans to promote widespread green electric use. and they by now have their investments ready to go. When food shortages, disease and famine begin to take place in mid 2010, earth-friendly electric stock will rise unbelievably.

  2. chuck williams Says:

    If we have laws, they need to be enforced. If,and when our hired well trained boarder agents situation is to kill or be killed, and when it comes to our country being invaded. I totally support our men and women who are trying their best with little support from their EMPLOYER to protect America. Even though,Unfortunately, the scum Low Life Lawyers who protect these dirt bags invading America will also be protected.

  3. norm9do Says:

    The USBP agents have for years been assualtrd, attacked and murdered in the course of performing the job required of them, they have never been the initiator or agressor to these events when they occur. For the person who is brain dead due to having a stun gun used upon him to subdue him, it is the ultimate price he paid for his illegal actions which led to this event and his death.

    • pf Says:

      I agree – but some dirtbag lawyer will mostly take the case on behalf of his family and make them millions.

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