Obama, Calderon assure National Guard border operation no threat to migrant traffic

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El Universal (Mexico City) 5/27/10

Calderon demanded US troops on the border

Mexican President Felipe Calderon affirmed that President Obama’s decision to send the National Guard to the border was in response to his demand that the US should do its part in stopping arms traffic and that the operation not be used to combat migration.  The deployment of the troops was part of a compromise made during Calderon’s visit to the US last week.

In a press conference held during Calderon’s present visit to Canada, he confided, “Because the problems that we have of weapons trafficking, of trafficking in illegal money and including impunity of criminals’ operations from the American side were not being duly addressed by the North American authorities, it is therefore to be hoped that the presence of the Nation al Guard will be on the terms upon which we agreed with President Obama.”  Calderon added, “They (the US) committed themselves to do their part to enforce the law on the American side and, certainly, not to use the National Guard for immigration purposes and, even less, for the abuse of course, regarding migrants (“Migration” and “migrant” are the commonly used euphemisms for “illegal entry” and “illegal alien.”)


“Soldiers will not arrest undocumenteds”

A separate but related article headlined as above assures readers that the presence of the National Guard troops on the border “is not for immigration purposes, but to assist the Border Patrol in maintaining vigilance for organized crime.”  The US assured that the National Guard operations have nothing to do with SB 170, the Arizona law which President Obama disapproves.


La Prensa Grafica (San Salvador, El Salvador) 5/27/10

Central American Legislators cancel trip to Washington

On Tuesday, the leader of Guatemala’s Congress, Roberto Alejos, said that the heads of Central American and Caribbean congresses suspended their trip to Washington, where they intended to lobby for an integral migratory reform and to criticize a law of the State of Arizona.  The legislator explained that the trip was cancelled, “Due to lack of contact with U.S. Senators and Congressmen to support an integral reform.”  The trip will be re-scheduled once the various area Chanceries (read: Departments of State) “define an agenda with U.S. Senators.”

A study made public yesterday revealed that Republican candidates who transform Arizona’s rigid migratory measures into a campaign issue could benefit in this electoral year.  A new poll by NBC, MSNBC and Telemundo revealed that 40% of registered voters would favor a Republican candidate for Congress who supports the law.  Only 20% said they would back a Democratic candidate who opposes the law.  In al, 61% of participants said they support the Arizona law. (M3 Report of 5/25/10 relates)


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9 Responses to “Obama, Calderon assure National Guard border operation no threat to migrant traffic”

  1. Joseph Curry Says:

    Ladies and gentlemen: I noticed that the National guard was to be used pointedly too control the flow of automatic weapons and explosives to Mexico??

    They must be kidding, since when can a normal US citizen purchase an automatic weapon or explosives without suitable permits and records?? All the cartels have to do is to tell their suppliers in South America, “on the next shipment, send XXXXXXX.

    They will promptly receive what ever weapons they wish, and cheaper.
    than they can be bought in the US, IF they could even be bought.

    Don Jose de La Mancha

  2. Deane Says:

    I would like to know why the gov. put a block in thier system which keeps gov. workers from accessing the ‘borderinvasionpics.com’ website. Just what are they afraid of anyway? I noticed that this was done on 1/22/09. That’s only two days after taking office. That looks like a pre-emptive manuever to me. I’m not normally given to paying much attention to conspiracies but lately I’ve begun to change my thinking. I’ve grown up in the southwest and it has always been a given that, yes, people do sneak across the border. And I’ve always tried to rationalize it by thinking they’d probably come to a point where they had no other way to support their families. I’d think “what would I do if I were them and my family would starve otherwise?” But since 9/11/01 I’ve worried that enemies of the U.S. would use the southern border to invade our country. Now it seems my fears have come to fruition. My state tries to do something about it and bring the subject to the forefront and we get a bunch of ‘wanna be bouncers’ running around demonstrating. Then I find out that alot of these folks are getting paid by Unions to be here and start trouble. What’s next? Well, the Pres. says he’ll send us some National Gaurd troops but forgets to mention that he’s got an agreement with Mexico that they’re not to be used to stem the tide of migration!! How does a President make that sort of agreement and get away with it?? How is that in any way securing our border? What kind of a pansy is this guy? He lets Calderone tell him what to do and continues to send them OUR taxpayer money? Something is very, very wrong here guys. The question now is ‘what are we going to do about it?’ What can we do? Who do we trust our security to now if we can’t trust Washington? I thought Bush was bad on this subject but this guy has taken us into a whole new area of panic.

  3. Jo Ann Allen Says:

    Thank what is the use of sending them to the border in the first place it is noting but for show these crimanals come into out country illegally and kill mame, kidnapp, rape, robe our citizens and have been doing this for years and you people do nothing about it just let one of your family get killed by an illegal and see how it feel I hope it happens than mabe you will listen to the American citizens that want this stopped NOW.

  4. norm9do Says:

    Whatever the true reason for the troops along the border will never be known immeadiatly to us. This president is and has been so deceptive and misleading in the 16 months since he took office, he has totally destroyed any credibility he may have had among those who supported him. It would be extremely difficult today to take as truth what he talks about, regardless of the subject matter. So far, his agenda does not seem to support America and it’s citizens to any rational thinking person.

  5. June Says:

    With the election of Barack Hussein Obama, I’ve seen 14 Presidents in my life. I can say that never have I seen one whose beliefs are so diametrically opposed to mine and many other citizens of this nation. When he promised to “fundamentally change this country” he meant it. I don’t even recognize it anymore. With his “open borders” mentality, we are no longer the country in which I grew up. My great-grandchildren will never know that nation. He opposes any methods which will defend this country from illegal aliens and perhaps terrorists and fails to defend us. The crime that comes across our borders should have all of Washington voting to send the Army, Navy and Marines to seal the border. But, with his “global” mindset, illegals are welcome to our land. Just last week the die was cast. The United States of America was surrendered to the corrupt third world country of Mexico by our Congress.

  6. dave Says:

    The United Nations desire is to instigate border warfare on the US/Mexico borders. Now of course once the fighting does begin to take place, it gives them the strategy needed to enter the country by orders of the President and Executive orders. Under the guise of a peaceful resolution, to initiate the doctrine of martial law, and then the trap will be sprung to disarm the population for the sole purpose to imprison, murder and enslave everyone not conforming to the New World Order. No need to explain the reason, just keep up with current affairs and you can watch the deceptive tactics play out on your nightly news broadcast, then you’ll have ringside seats to this UN spawned ethnic cleansing .

  7. ted409 Says:

    well i dont think the border patrol gets to involved with anything other than illegal wetbacks and hes said the guard is there to help them
    this is just an abuse of the

  8. kenneth Says:

    I am not sure but to let illegals invade any state could this be treason?

  9. Donna Says:

    Then why is Obama sending the military to our southern border if it is not
    to stop damn invaders from entering? I’ll bet they were sent to the border to attack Americans like the Minutemen right?

    You idiotic President.

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