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Obama, Calderon assure National Guard border operation no threat to migrant traffic

May 28, 2010

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El Universal (Mexico City) 5/27/10

Calderon demanded US troops on the border

Mexican President Felipe Calderon affirmed that President Obama’s decision to send the National Guard to the border was in response to his demand that the US should do its part in stopping arms traffic and that the operation not be used to combat migration.  The deployment of the troops was part of a compromise made during Calderon’s visit to the US last week.

In a press conference held during Calderon’s present visit to Canada, he confided, “Because the problems that we have of weapons trafficking, of trafficking in illegal money and including impunity of criminals’ operations from the American side were not being duly addressed by the North American authorities, it is therefore to be hoped that the presence of the Nation al Guard will be on the terms upon which we agreed with President Obama.”  Calderon added, “They (the US) committed themselves to do their part to enforce the law on the American side and, certainly, not to use the National Guard for immigration purposes and, even less, for the abuse of course, regarding migrants (“Migration” and “migrant” are the commonly used euphemisms for “illegal entry” and “illegal alien.”)


“Soldiers will not arrest undocumenteds”

A separate but related article headlined as above assures readers that the presence of the National Guard troops on the border “is not for immigration purposes, but to assist the Border Patrol in maintaining vigilance for organized crime.”  The US assured that the National Guard operations have nothing to do with SB 170, the Arizona law which President Obama disapproves.


La Prensa Grafica (San Salvador, El Salvador) 5/27/10

Central American Legislators cancel trip to Washington

On Tuesday, the leader of Guatemala’s Congress, Roberto Alejos, said that the heads of Central American and Caribbean congresses suspended their trip to Washington, where they intended to lobby for an integral migratory reform and to criticize a law of the State of Arizona.  The legislator explained that the trip was cancelled, “Due to lack of contact with U.S. Senators and Congressmen to support an integral reform.”  The trip will be re-scheduled once the various area Chanceries (read: Departments of State) “define an agenda with U.S. Senators.”

A study made public yesterday revealed that Republican candidates who transform Arizona’s rigid migratory measures into a campaign issue could benefit in this electoral year.  A new poll by NBC, MSNBC and Telemundo revealed that 40% of registered voters would favor a Republican candidate for Congress who supports the law.  Only 20% said they would back a Democratic candidate who opposes the law.  In al, 61% of participants said they support the Arizona law. (M3 Report of 5/25/10 relates)


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