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Over the weekend: Pakistani charged in US Embassy arrest in Chile; Mexico considering options opposing Arizona law

May 17, 2010

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Saturday 5/15/10

Prensa Libre (Guatemala) 5/14/10

Mexicans arrest five Guatemalan migrants

Five Guatemalans en route to the US were arrested from a bus by Mexican authorities in Escuinapa, Sinaloa.  The bus had a minor accident with a car and while the drivers were discussing the blame, one of “our countrymen” left the bus for “physiological needs” and was then confronted by a Mexican policeman who questioned him.  The Guatemalan claimed to be a Mexican from Puebla, but at that moment, his cell phone rang and the policeman obliged him to answer.  The voice on the other end advised him of the presence of “authorities in that area.”  This led the police to the bus and the arrest of the other four.  They will be deported back to Guatemala.  [Ed. note: Police in Mexico are authorized to arrest illegal aliens.]


La Tercera (Santiago, Chile) 5/14/10

[English version copied from internet release.]

Chilean court to be presented with evidence in Pakistani case

SANTIAGO (AFP) – Chilean prosecutors will present evidence on Saturday against a Pakistani national who was detained this week after traces of explosives were detected on him at the US Embassy, court sources said Friday.   The public defender’s office, which is charged with protecting the rights of detainees, asked the court to order the release of Mohamed Saif ur Rehman, 28, who has been held without charges since his arrest Monday under provisions of an anti-terrorism law.  

At the hearing before a judge here, the prosecution countered by agreeing to present “the elements that exist against this individual” on Saturday, a court source told AFP, adding that this did not necessarily mean charges would be laid against Rehman.  Technically, prosecutors could continue to hold Rehman without charges for another five days under the anti-terrorism law.  Rehman, an intern at a Santiago hotel, went to the embassy after being called in for a discussion about his US visa, which had been revoked.  Traces of a TNT explosive were detected on his hands, cell phone, bag and documentation when he went through a security check at the embassy.  

His arrest has set off a debate here over the case with the leftist opposition questioning Rehman’s detention without charges and the Pakistani ambassador insisting there was no solid evidence against him.  His lawyer Gabriel Carrion reaffirmed Rehman’s innocence Friday. “He is as surprised as you are, and has no precise explanation for the traces of explosives on him,” Carrion told reporters.  “Regarding the elements that I am aware of to date, they are minimal” and “could affect anyone who lives in a city with significant pollution,” he said


El Universal (Mexico City) 5/13/10

“Day without Mexicans” a failure in Sonora

The day designated as  “A day without Mexicans” called for by the National Chamber of Commerce in Guaymas, Sonora, in protest to the Arizona law didn’t have the convincing response hoped for.  While the flow of Mexicans crossing through the ports of entry into Arizona was diminished, it was nevertheless steady.


Second attack against KFC

The Mexican Army defused a presumed explosive device in a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon.  The device was attributed to an animal rights activist group.  This is the second such explosive device discovered at a KFC restaurant during the day.  The other was in Leon, Guanajuato, and also believed connected to the same group, the Spanish Animal Liberation Front.  The device, located outside the door of the restaurant, consisted of two aluminum cans connected by a cable, each with an apparent timing device.



Six executed in Juarez; fear more to be found

Six men were executed in Juarez Valley, Chihuahua, area, their bodies discovered in a vehicle being towed into Cd. Juarez from the town of Loma Blanca, according to police.  The tow truck was stopped as it entered a dwelling on the outskirts of Cd. Juarez where the victims of an apparent gang attack were found in the towed vehicle.  No information was given about the drivers of the tow truck.  After this discovery, authorities received another report of new victims in another part of the city. 


El Financiero (Mexico City) 5/14/10

Nicaraguan police seize 2.5 tons of cocaine

Managua – Nicaraguan authorities arrested 24 crew members of a merchant ship sailing under the Cypriot flag and carrying a cargo of 2.5 tons of cocaine, according to the National Police.   “We are carrying out one of the greatest blows that has been delivered against narcotraffic in the region, ” said Aminita Granera, National Police director.  “These drug cartels have threatened death, have tried to penetrate the police establishment, have tried by every means to establish a social base in Nicaragua,” she added.


Cambio de Michoacán (Morelos, Michoacán) 5/14/10

The cost of organized crime?

Of Mexico’s 31 states, Michoacán is second from last in its educational level, according to data from the Mexican National Council of Social Development (Coneval).  This puts the state behind Chiapas and only above Oaxaca.  During 2009, in the context of national educational development, Michoacán was in 28th place.  Illiteracy, dropouts, student rejection of schools and other factors contribute in large part to the state not improving its level of education.  [Ed. note: Michoacán is the home base of La Familia Michoacána crime organization and a major area for drug trafficking.]


Sunday 5/16/10

La Tercera (Santiago de Chile) 5/15/10

Chile brings charges against Pakistani for links with Chilean subversives

The Chilean government brought charges against Mohamed Saif Ur Rehman Khan, a Pakistani citizen arrested last Monday at the US Embassy in Santiago. [AFP release, above, and M3 Report 5/12/10 ]   The Pakistani citizen is accused of terrorist activities partly on the basis of his links to with members of a Chilean group involved in illegal activities, the now inactive Lautaro group.  Investigation also determined that he is one of a circle of seven close associates: an Egyptian, Mohamed Erian, another unnamed Pakistani, and four Chileans, all connected to the As-Salam mosque in Santiago.  This case has brought official Chilean attention to other Pakistanis, 20 to 30 years old, who have entered the country recently.  Last year, there were about 1,000 and so far this year, 300.  [Photo relates to this story.]



El Universal (Mexico City) 5/15/10

Prominent Mexican political figure presumed kidnapped

Diego Fernandez de Cevallos, popularly known as “Jefe Diego,” ex-presidential candidate in 1994, was reported missing yesterday and today federal authorities confirmed that he has been kidnapped.  His car was discovered Friday abandoned on one of his farm properties in the state of Queretaro.  Fernandez is a member of President Calderon’s PAN party and very close to the present Secretary of Government, Fernando Gomez Mont.  He has been both a federal representative and a senator in Mexico’s government.  An intense investigation is underway.


Weekend violence off to a strong start:

Coahuila – In the early morning hours Saturday, an armed gang entered a bar in Torreon, Coahuila, and with “bursts of machine-gun fire,” killed at least eight young people and wounded 12 others.  The death count is tentative, as some of the wounded are in critical condition.  After the attack, the gang returned to their SUV and fled.

Durango – Early Saturday morning at an intersection in downtown Gomez Palacio, Durango, a pickup truck was found with four severed heads on the hood and the bodies in the bed of the truck.  Their identities are not yet known.

Zacatecas – Two policemen from Sombrerete, Zacatecas, along with four others, were ambushed while transporting a family to a hospital for medical attention.  All were killed.  It is unknown why the armed group attacked them.

Sinaloa – In different parts of the state of Sinaloa, the bodies of six men were found, executed mob-style.  Three of them found together had been “riddled” by 9 mm gunfire.  The other three were found in separate areas.


El Debate (Sinaloa) 5/15/10

Mexico considers entering suits against Arizona

Mexican Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Patricia Espinosa, said that her government is considering intervening as “friend of the court” in law suits that US civil organizations are preparing against the immigration law approved in Arizona.  This status permits third parties to intervene in judicial disputes.  The disputed law, SB 1070, which criminalizes the presence of undocumented immigrants, “is an initiative with a racial basis that goes against human rights in a country that has promoted them,” she said in an interview.  Besides participating as “amicus curiae” (friend of the court) in the law suits presented by US non-governmental groups, Mexico is considering other actions in the international forum, Espinosa said.  Meanwhile, the government of Felipe Calderon is prepared to give all the “legal and institutional assistance” to those Mexican migrants affected by the application of this law when it goes into effect at the end of next July.  Toward this, instructions are being given to the five Mexican consulates in the state, Espinosa said.


El Imparcial (Hermosillo, Sonora) 5/15/10

Arizona boycott no solution: CENS

Guaymas, Sonora – According to Ramon Castro Gastelum, President of the Business Center of Northeast Sonora state (CENS), the boycott to restrict making purchases in Arizona is not the solution that undocumented Mexicans need.  What they need, he asserts, is for the federal and state authorities to take some responsibility and start working together to solve problems.  “The boycott will not serve for much, because those who are used to buying there will continue to do so; those who are not will stay here.  That’s why it’s important to find another way,” he said.


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