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May 14, 2010

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 Cambio de Michoacan (Morelia) 5-13-10

 Illegal Aliens Induce a Boycott of Arizona

 Sonora – Businessmen and organizations in Sonora and Tamaulipas invoked a boycott of Arizona in support of their countrymen residing in Arizona and called for “A Day Without Mexicans.”  The director of the Camara Nacional de Comercio, (Mexican National Chamber of Commerce), Gustavo Claussen, said that the boycott will be coordinated at the national level.  He said that “A Day Without Mexicans” will be the official name of the boycott and will be a means of rejecting the application of Arizona’s SB-1070 which criminalizes the undocumented.  Claussen clarified that this will be the means to modify or repeal the law.  The states of Sonora and Arizona share around 560 kilometers of border and have supported one another with cultural and commercial interaction for more than 50 years.  “We don’t want to exaggerate, but we will not set one foot into Arizona and we want to demonstrate our firm position that we disagree with this law,” stated Claussen.

 Tamaulipas agrees.

 The President of the Chamber in Reynosa, Ramiro Cienfuegos, stated that all of the members of the Chamber are in agreement and will stand in solidarity with the boycott because their countrymen are victims of discrimination and persecution in the state of Arizona, and should not be punished for only wanting to work.  “We urge our citizens this Thursday not to buy anything in the stores in the United States and to not buy anything made by the Gringos exported into this country,” said Cienfuegos.

 It is significant that 30% of the sales in Arizona are to Mexicans.


 El Imparcial (Hermosillo, Sonora) 5-13-10

 Arizona Governor Jan Brewer banned in Queretaro

 Queretaro, Queretaro – A majority in the city government of Queretaro made the decision to declare Arizona Governor Jan Brewer and all Arizona State legislators “personas non-gratas” in the city of Queretaro and called Felipe Calderón to deny access to the nation of Mexico.  The government of Queretaro rejects Arizona’s SB-1070 as racism and discrimination.  Along with approving the declaration, the city government called upon President Felipe Calderón to declare all government officials of the State of Arizona “personas non-gratas” and ban their entry into the Republic of Mexico.

[One reader’s comment: “What barbarity… now they have to think about repealing the law so they can visit Queretaro.”]


 Cuarto Poder (Chiapas) 5-13-10


 The United States will give up its drugs?

 Imagine a day in which all the drug users in the United States, in support of Mexico, will give up their addictions.  The economic hit to the cartels would be devastating.  Within a month, the strike against illegal substances would bring criminal enterprises to a halt, incapacitate the illicit traffic in arms, bankrupt dealers, end the employment of henchmen and end the bribery of public officials.  All that is impossible, but this utopia that I have shown you, serves to point out that the nail in the coffin of the demand for drugs is what it will take to eradicate narcotics trafficking.

 Meanwhile drugs continue to be illegal, and if the demand doesn’t drop, the continuing crime results in miles of dead bodies.  Not only Mexico, but Colombia and the United States itself, for the past 30 years, have accomplished nothing in “The War on Drugs.”

 Since the time President Nixon declared this fateful war, we have spent millions for police programs, arms, armored vehicles, customs regulations and other programs all aimed toward reducing the demand for drugs.  The Results? Failure to reduce drug consumption and the exponential increase in violence.

 Mathea Falco, assistant to ex-President Clinton, begged The White House to change its paradigm.  Lamentably, she didn’t win that reasonable debate and it (The White House) failed to pay attention to effective arguments.

 But it is better late than never.  Today, it finally looks like Barack Obama has taken the lead.  The Drug Czar of that nation, Gil Kerlikowske, recognizes the inefficiency of anti-drug politics. He is attacking the consumption of drugs and that is the indispensible solution to the travesty of drug use.

 The plan of the Obama Administration basically is to reduce drug consumption by 15% among young people within the next 5 years, and to reduce overall consumption and drug deaths.  This is the action recommended by experts.  Very well.  If this doesn’t work, he doesn’t have any option left but to look toward legalization of drugs.  This is not foolishness, but the natural course that the public officials have when they analyze it in terms of efficiency.


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