A Powerful hit on the Sinaloa and La Familia

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A Powerful hit on the Sinaloa and La Familia

 Tijuana, B.C. – A historic burning occurred yesterday that reduced to ashes over 46 tons of marijuana and assured the weakening of the cartels in Baja California.  The contraband had been seized by various police agencies and the Mexican Army over the last few months.  The contraband was valued at over 264 million pesos and prevented La Familia and the Sinaloa Cartel from using the Baja California corridor as a route into the United States.  The destruction was witnessed by both civilian and military authorities.  There remains 60 tons of marijuana slated for destruction valued at more than 300 million pesos.


 Correo (Guanajuato) 5-12-10

 Stop the crime!

 Celaya – More than 7, 500 students, professors, employees and common citizens took to the streets demanding a stop to rising crime.  “Where are they? Where are the police who are supposed take care of us?”  cried more than seven and a half thousand students from nine educational institutions who took to the streets protesting rising crime. Yesterday, the students, all dressed in white shirts, demonstrated to protest insecurity in the streets for everyone who lives in the city.  The students were responding to the murder of Professor Bonifacio Ortega Molina last Wednesday at his place of business.  The family of Professor Ortega marched in unison with the protestors saying, “All we want is justice in this murder.”  The family declined to make further comments.


 The U.S. will combat drug use

 Mexico, D.F.  – The continuing war on drugs, which has lasted almost four decades, has not had positive results for the majority of those people in the United States. The Obama Administration’s Anti-drug Czar-Gil Kerliskowske, announced a change in the anti-drug strategy which is to break the chain of drug use by decreasing drug dependency and to fund simultaneously the international anti-drug efforts of countries such as Mexico to destroy the drug cartels.  This will end the high risk to health and security in the entire nation.  Since President Nixon declared the “War on Drugs”, the clear truth is that the people of the United States do not believe it has been a great success.

 The new National Strategy to Control Drugs is principally to reduce the consumption of drugs and to treat and prevent drug use.  The focus is to achieve equal goals on prevention, treatment, and enforcement of the law. It seeks to reach 15% reduction in drug use, principally among the young, to be achieved in 5 years.  To reach this goal, Washington launched a massive publicity campaign.


El Diario de Juarez (Cd. Juarez, Chihuahua) 5-12-10

 Mexico asks the rest of the world to control small arms traffic

 Geneva, Switzerland – Today Mexico exhorted all the countries of the world to include in their policies specific strategies to combat the illicit traffic in small arms and munitions primarily to eradicate gun violence.

 The Director General of Exterior Relations, Ambassador Pablo Macedo, invited the United States to include in its policies specific actions to combat the illicit traffic in small arms.  This Wednesday, more than 60 nations, including Mexico, adopted the Oslo Compromise against gun violence.

 The Conference on action against armed violence initiated in Geneva, Switzerland, was hindered by reduced air traffic due to volcanic ash.  Mexico applauds the agreement as an important tool against armed violence which foments a culture of peace.

 The Secretary of State of Norway, Jonas Gahr, noted that every day there are more than 2,000 victims of gun violence from major and minor criminals.  The Agreement adopted Wednesday was applauded by United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.


 El Imparcial (Hermosillo, Sonora) 5-12-10

 Calderón to ask the U.S. Congress to nullify the law

 Mexico, D.F. – The Permanent Congressional Committee (of the Mexican Congress) exhorted Mexican President Felipe Calderón, on his next visit to Washington and during his message before the U.S. Congress, to categorically state that the Mexican people and the Government of Mexico totally reject Arizona’s SB-1070.

 Various Mexican politicians of both houses of the Mexican Congress strongly oppose SB-1070 and propose that President Calderón demand the U.S. Congress to nullify Arizona’s SB-1070.

 The Permanent Congressional Committee of the Mexican Congress asks all federal legislators, (Senators, Deputies, and other elected officials all over the nation) to denounce SB-1070 in all communications, letters, notes, faxes, phone calls and speeches.  They all need to be in total agreement about this law and reject it.

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5 Responses to “A Powerful hit on the Sinaloa and La Familia”

  1. norm9do Says:

    ALL laws are unfair and unjust to those who violate and break them, along with the consquences and punishments when apprehended.

  2. Donald Hammers Says:

    If Mexico is so worried about Arizona’a SB-1070, which is based on federal law, then it must be a good thing for the United States. Other states should pass similar laws. The Mexican government knows that this law cannot be beaten down in the courts, else why try to influence our Congress? They also know that they do not have Arizona in their pocket like they have California (which already has tough, but not enforced, laws to arrest illegals.) Mexico is trying to influence U.S. immigration law. The Mexicans want to keep those remittances coming. They want to have their own citizens marching in our streets, disrupting our way of life, because the Mexican government does not want to deal with their own citizens in their own country. Fix Mexico first before trying to mess with the United States!

  3. Wayne Says:

    Mexico has absolutely NO right to tell the U.S. Congress to nullify any law. Why doesn’t Mexico nullify the criminals that are illegally crossing our border? If Mexico does not like our laws why don’t they stay home.

  4. JJB Says:

    Regarding the entire Mexican legislative bodies opposing Arizona’s Sb1070-
    So, if the US Congress wishes to oppose this law and nullify it, must they not also remove the Federak statute it was written to mimic?
    And should we not also ask Mexico to rescind their law and practice of inspecting documents from EVERYBODY they stop?
    I think they are in a panic, worried that their only cash cow-remittances from undocumented citizens in the United States – illegals sending money home – is about to “head south” (pun intended).
    And they are worried that the criminals who are not caught here will return to Mexico and join up with the cartels, or worse, start gangs of their own.
    Mexico is prepared for neither possibility, and refuses to take positive action on behalf of their citizens.

  5. Michael Buchman Says:

    So is Mexico also going to denounce their immigration control policies?
    Last time I visited, local police in Mexico City were daily checking individuals documentation. Those not having proper documentation were arrested then deported.

    What? Appears to be the same as the policies just adopted in Arizona!

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