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Wednesday, 5/12/10

La Hora (Quito, Ecuador) 5/11/10

A bucket of bias: op/col by Rodrigo Santillan Peralbo, titled: “Criminals”

The ideologues of the empire dreamed that the Anglo Saxons who colonized North America were the “superior race,” to whom God had bestowed the “manifest destiny” so they would govern the “inferior races.” They killed the Indians in a cruel genocide, took away half of Mexico’s territory by force, Arizona included, which just now has passed a criminal law that criminalizes (sic) undocumented migrants. The empire intervened militarily in all the countries south of the Rio Bravo (read: Rio Grande River.]

They created a “model of democracy” and in its name they have committed crimes against humanity by wars and by imposing dictatorships. In the Virginia Declaration, those calling for independence held that all men are born free and equal, except the black slaves, the Indians and women, the Hispanics and the Asians. The United States was formed by immigrants, and became an economic, military and political power thanks to their labor and the theft of brains. When World War II ended, unleashed by Hitler, another one who believed that the Aryan race was superior, it stole or kidnapped tens of German scientists and it became an atomic power.

The United States abhors migrants, and the xenophobia has converted them into criminals. No one is accountable for the deaths of tens of undocumented persons in its jails and hundreds of murdered ones in the deserts of Arizona or Texas. The Arizona Law is pitiless and cruel regarding the “illegals.” It empowers police to detain any person merely due to their appearance. The color of the skin converts persons into criminals. Gigantic absurdity, worthy of the ideological descendants of Nazi-fascism defeated 65 years ago.

How long are the peoples of the world going to tolerate the inhumane imperial decisions?



The Santiago Times (Santiago, Chile) 5/11/10

A terrorist in Chile

The link below is to an English language article in a Chilean paper about the arrest of a Pakistani male with traces of explosives in his clothing at the U.S. Embassy in Santiago.


El Mercurio (also from Santiago) reported today that Mohammad Saif Ur Rehman (28) speaks Spanish almost perfectly, besides French and English, and that he had traces of TNT on his hands, clothing and documents. He had with him 300 thousand pesos plus several credit cards.


El Tiempo (Bogota, Colombia) 5/11/10

Illegal aliens at the Panama/Colombia border

Colombia & Panama have reached an accord which aims to reduce the levels of crime between the two countries; the illegal flow of people is one of the principal reasons for the accord. Recent reports show that, in 2009, 66 Somalis, 10 Eritreans, 17 Nepalese and 7 Ethiopians were detected while crossing those nations’ borders illegally, en route to the United States.


El Financiero (Mexico City) 5/11/10

U.S. Ambassador to Mexico quoted re immigration reform

Carlos Pascual, U.S. Ambassador to Mexico, denied that there is any tension between the two countries due to Arizona’s law SB1070, which criminalizes migrants. He added that, “We are both working to do what has to be done to have a comprehensive immigration reform in the United States.”



La Cronica de Hoy (Mexico City) 5/11/10

“Narco” campground overrun

A combined air and ground assault by Mexican military resulted in the takeover of a “narco campground,” where some 50 criminals were being trained. The location is a wooded area, some 40 kms. east of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. Thirteen light trucks, rocket launchers, sub-machine guns, 40 grenades, more than 80 assault rifles, pistols, clips and “Zeta” uniforms were seized. (The photo below relates.)


Chihuahua, the most violent state

A study reported by Mexican federal congressmen reveals that Chihuahua is the most violent state in Mexico, and one out of every three homicides takes place there. But the rest of the country does not fare much better, since the states of Baja California and Sinaloa follow closely behind. But these analyses forget data such as the fact that the Distrito Federal and its surrounding State of Mexico are the places with the highest incidences of armed and forcible auto thefts, actions largely linked to organized crime.



Excelsior (Mexico City) 5/11/10

New Mexico governor in closed-door meeting with Chihuahua governor

Today (Tues.), the governor of New Mexico, Bill Richardson, arrived at the “government palace” in the city of Chihuahua to meet with his counterpart, the governor of the Mexican state of Chihuahua. The meeting is behind closed doors and the press has no access. It is speculated that Richardson will reiterate his support to his Mexican counterpart for the latter’s decision to boycott the meeting of border governors because of the Arizona law.



– end of report –

9 Responses to “A BUCKET OF BIAS!”

  1. WesMcKay Says:

    Mexico says we stole the southwest from them. Lets look at the real history of the MEXICAN AMERICAN WAR.
    Mexico started a war with the United States. United States Forces beat the Mexican Armies back as far south as Mexico City.
    In the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, it is often forgotten that the U.S.
    ‘ PAID ‘ Mexico $15 million for this land (big bucks in those days) , gave them back all the land north to todays border, and at that time, the land held less than 1% of Mexico’s population, that Mexico exercised very little actual control over it, and that some of its citizens were actually in favor of either British or American rule.
    Mexico was occupied by both France and Spain, using Mexico’s logic, both France and Spain ‘STILL’ have a legal right to Mexico, and when you look at the finacial shape both France and Spain are in today, it would be to their advantage to ‘RETAKE MEXICO’ and use their OIL supply to get out of debt, they could certainly manage the DRUG CARTELS and the use of the OIL PROFITS better than the corrupt Mexican government. It would be a ‘ WIN, WIN SITUATION’ for all concerned especially the Mexican people. The only LOSERS would be the ‘ CORRUPT GOVERNMENT and the DRUG CARTELS ‘

  2. Hawkeye Says:

    It is difficult to rationally or intelligently debate with so-called journalists like Rodrigo Santillan Peralbo, who writes for “La Hora” in Quito, Ecuador. Many, like him, write for loyal readers ready to denounce the U.S. given any pretext. If he had an ounce of integrity, he would focus instead on the real atrocities being committed in Mexico’s southern border against will-be illegal migrants marching towards the U.S. Given a cursory search in Mexico’s newspapers, one can come up with stories about this tragic drama. See http://www.milenio.com/node/442486 for example, and compare the situation depicted there with Arizona’s SD 1070.
    I look forward to Texas following Arizona’s lead.

  3. Kell Says:

    “No one is accountable for the deaths of tens of undocumented persons in its jails and hundreds of murdered ones in the deserts of Arizona or Texas,” bemoans Rodrigo Santillan Peralbo. Wrong Rodrigo. The illegals themselves are the ones to be held accountable for entering, against USA law, and also for causing all the violence to their countryment. Next, the government of Mexico is one of the most guilty parties because it doesn’t create a future for its young and is all to happy to unload them for the USA taxpayers to support.

  4. June Says:

    Why would any administration want to legalize people who’ve invaded our country, committed many crimes and laughed at our laws? The US is
    our home and illegal aliens have broken in. Being poor has never been an excuse to commit crime, but it seems a lot of people in this country are willing to overlook their criminal actions. Just let citizens try some of the things illegals get away with! I see posters say “go home and do it legally.” I say, “go home.” No illegal alien ever deserves to be legalized, given citizenship or amnesty. They need to leave. We must tell the world we are no longer its dumping ground.

  5. Wayne Says:

    New Mexico’s governor (Richardson) can move to Mexico to be with his kin as far as many Americans are concerned and good riddance. Americans are tired of the hypocrites invading our country while they close their own southern border. If it hits the fan we’re ready, bring it on. Mexicans are cutting their nose to spite their face. Entering illegally and then demanding anything will only hurt them in the long run. To the point that even legal hispanics will suffer. They can only blame themselves. Why not come to America LEGALLY, learn english, and assimilate like the many that came from overseas. What makes illegal hypocrites think they can invade and make us accept it? Not going to happen.

  6. Amy Says:

    What I wonder is how everyone is ‘overlooking’ that the president of Mexico is the richest man in the world and does nothing with his money to help.
    Where is the investigation as to where his money came/is coming from? There is a big dirty secret hiding in there right before our very eyes.

    • pf Says:

      Looks like top honors actually go to Mexico’s Carlos Slim Helu – not President Calderón

      • plop Says:

        How does someone come to the conclusion that the President of Mexico is the richest man in the world?
        pf – you are right, it is actually Carlos Slim.

  7. pf Says:

    “Bucket of Bias??” More like bucket of BS! If a white person printed a column such as that and substituted “Hispanic” for “Causasian” the resultant uproar would last for years! The Mexican culture is racist and bigoted – and they get away with it. Their own culture is filled with greed and hate and how they treat each other is deplorable – and yet they can find fault with a law in another country that does nothing more than ask for proof of being in our country legally.

    Did we whites “steal” the southwest from Mexico? Hardly. We bought those lands! While it is true that the United States acquired a large amount of territory from Mexico as one of the terms of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, it is often forgotten that the U.S. paid Mexico $15 million for this land (big bucks in those days) , and at that time, the land held less than 1% of Mexico’s population, that Mexico exercised very little actual control over it, and that some of its citizens were actually in favor of either British or American rule.

    Did we kill indians and commit genocide through smallpox and by other means on native tribes? Sadly, we did and that’s nothing to be proud of – but so did you! Your genocide of your own people continues today! Look at Juarez. Your poor people are unarmed and cannot defend themselves against the horrible killings and dismemberment going on daily. How does a young man find a future in Mexico? Running away hardly solves the problem – and how many can our country absorb and still contiue to survive? You have a noose around our necks and are trying to pull us down to your level.

    Too many Americans fought and died for others in foreign lands – and for what? To be spit on and treated like crap? Well, there’s enough of us who see what is happening and what will happen if we don’t put a stop to it. Like they say, “Charity begins at home.” We need to take care of ourselves before we can help others. That’s just the way it has to be, if we are to survive here in the United States as a nation and not become a third world power. If this happens, then where are you going to turn for help?

    Articles like the op-ed piece mentioned above do nothing but promote race baiting and hatred – the last thing we as neighbors need.

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