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May 12, 2010

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Wednesday, 5/12/10

La Hora (Quito, Ecuador) 5/11/10

A bucket of bias: op/col by Rodrigo Santillan Peralbo, titled: “Criminals”

The ideologues of the empire dreamed that the Anglo Saxons who colonized North America were the “superior race,” to whom God had bestowed the “manifest destiny” so they would govern the “inferior races.” They killed the Indians in a cruel genocide, took away half of Mexico’s territory by force, Arizona included, which just now has passed a criminal law that criminalizes (sic) undocumented migrants. The empire intervened militarily in all the countries south of the Rio Bravo (read: Rio Grande River.]

They created a “model of democracy” and in its name they have committed crimes against humanity by wars and by imposing dictatorships. In the Virginia Declaration, those calling for independence held that all men are born free and equal, except the black slaves, the Indians and women, the Hispanics and the Asians. The United States was formed by immigrants, and became an economic, military and political power thanks to their labor and the theft of brains. When World War II ended, unleashed by Hitler, another one who believed that the Aryan race was superior, it stole or kidnapped tens of German scientists and it became an atomic power.

The United States abhors migrants, and the xenophobia has converted them into criminals. No one is accountable for the deaths of tens of undocumented persons in its jails and hundreds of murdered ones in the deserts of Arizona or Texas. The Arizona Law is pitiless and cruel regarding the “illegals.” It empowers police to detain any person merely due to their appearance. The color of the skin converts persons into criminals. Gigantic absurdity, worthy of the ideological descendants of Nazi-fascism defeated 65 years ago.

How long are the peoples of the world going to tolerate the inhumane imperial decisions?


The Santiago Times (Santiago, Chile) 5/11/10

A terrorist in Chile

The link below is to an English language article in a Chilean paper about the arrest of a Pakistani male with traces of explosives in his clothing at the U.S. Embassy in Santiago.

El Mercurio (also from Santiago) reported today that Mohammad Saif Ur Rehman (28) speaks Spanish almost perfectly, besides French and English, and that he had traces of TNT on his hands, clothing and documents. He had with him 300 thousand pesos plus several credit cards.


El Tiempo (Bogota, Colombia) 5/11/10

Illegal aliens at the Panama/Colombia border

Colombia & Panama have reached an accord which aims to reduce the levels of crime between the two countries; the illegal flow of people is one of the principal reasons for the accord. Recent reports show that, in 2009, 66 Somalis, 10 Eritreans, 17 Nepalese and 7 Ethiopians were detected while crossing those nations’ borders illegally, en route to the United States.


El Financiero (Mexico City) 5/11/10

U.S. Ambassador to Mexico quoted re immigration reform

Carlos Pascual, U.S. Ambassador to Mexico, denied that there is any tension between the two countries due to Arizona’s law SB1070, which criminalizes migrants. He added that, “We are both working to do what has to be done to have a comprehensive immigration reform in the United States.”


La Cronica de Hoy (Mexico City) 5/11/10

“Narco” campground overrun

A combined air and ground assault by Mexican military resulted in the takeover of a “narco campground,” where some 50 criminals were being trained. The location is a wooded area, some 40 kms. east of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. Thirteen light trucks, rocket launchers, sub-machine guns, 40 grenades, more than 80 assault rifles, pistols, clips and “Zeta” uniforms were seized. (The photo below relates.)


Chihuahua, the most violent state

A study reported by Mexican federal congressmen reveals that Chihuahua is the most violent state in Mexico, and one out of every three homicides takes place there. But the rest of the country does not fare much better, since the states of Baja California and Sinaloa follow closely behind. But these analyses forget data such as the fact that the Distrito Federal and its surrounding State of Mexico are the places with the highest incidences of armed and forcible auto thefts, actions largely linked to organized crime.


Excelsior (Mexico City) 5/11/10

New Mexico governor in closed-door meeting with Chihuahua governor

Today (Tues.), the governor of New Mexico, Bill Richardson, arrived at the “government palace” in the city of Chihuahua to meet with his counterpart, the governor of the Mexican state of Chihuahua. The meeting is behind closed doors and the press has no access. It is speculated that Richardson will reiterate his support to his Mexican counterpart for the latter’s decision to boycott the meeting of border governors because of the Arizona law.


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