Over the weekend: Specter of immigration enforcement continues to haunt Mexico; Arizona law scolded

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Saturday 5/8/10

El Sol de Mexico (Mexico City) 5/7/10

Mexican Congress at work

Mexico City – Mexican Senators and Deputies [Representatives] of all parties placed pins on their lapels with the message “NO SB 1070” in protest to the enactment of the “anti-immigrant” law in Arizona.  They wore the lapel buttons during a session of congress to demonstrate their solidarity against the Arizona law.  One of the legislators made it clear that it wasn’t because the state of Arizona passed the law, which he said was certainly their right to do, but because of the evident violation of human rights of the undocumented.  [photo relates]


El Universal (Mexico City) 5/7/10

Arizona law “inspires” 10 US states

Already four US states, Missouri, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Minnesota, have introduced bills inspired by the Arizona law that make it a state crime to be an undocumented immigrant.  In the states of Colorado, Georgia, Maryland, Mississippi, Utah and Texas, Republican legislators have said they would introduce proposals similar to SB 1070 when their legislatures convene, which in some cases won’t be until 2011.  The Arizona law has opened the door to this type of initiative, according to Mike Hethmon, attorney of the IRLI [Immigration Reform Law Institute] an organization that, in part, helped design SB 1070 in Arizona.  “Arizona is the proving ground where the political, legal, cultural and economical aspects are under observation,” he explained.  Hethmon assured that SB 1070 was devised to resemble the federal law in order to withstand constitutional scrutiny.


Mexican immigration deports 21

Mexican immigration authorities in their southern border state of Chiapas began deportation proceedings against 21 foreigners arrested today on the Pan-American highway.  The foreigners, being smuggled in a truck, were arrested at a checkpoint by Federal Police along with the Mexican driver.  Of the 21 illegal aliens, 18 were Guatemalan and the other three were from India.  The group had intended to cross Mexico and into the US.


El Informador (Guadalajara, Jalisco) 5/7/10

Anti-immigration law will change the flow of migration to the US

Saltillo, Coahuila – Arizona’s law SB 1070 will bring about a change in the migratory flow to the US, which is expected to increase entries to other places such as Texas, said the head of the Mexican federal immigration agency (INM) in Coahuila state, Jesus Gerardo Lopez Macias.  The official indicated that it is very probable that in the next few days, migrants who seek to enter the US will have to find new ways so as not to be criminalized if they are caught.  Lopez also foresees a shift in migratory routes through Mexico to the US border with increases of migrants through the states of Chihuahua, Baja California, Tamaulipas and Coahuila.  He also speculates that those undocumented migrants already in Arizona “without doubt will seek to offer their cheap labor” in other states of that country.


Mexico and US discuss narco intelligence exchange

Mexican Secretary of Public Security Genaro Garcia Luna and US Ambassador Carlos Pascual agreed today to strengthen the exchange of intelligence between the two countries for the purpose of combatting narcotraffic.  “We continue committed to collaborate and cooperate in any manner that can be effective in supporting the Mexican police,” Pascual said.  Both officials reviewed the situation along the border — where nearly all the violence is now concentrated — and the plans of cooperation to combat organized crime.  The exchange of information between agencies of both countries has been productive in past years and has led to the capture of several prominent narcotraffickers.


El Porvenir (Monterrey, Nuevo Leon) 5/7/10

US Ambassador Pascual recognizes impact of Arizona boycott

A boycott against Arizona will have an economic impact still not measurable and a political impact from a law with which does not have the approval of President  of Barack Obama’s administration.  The law has provoked “visceral frustration” and can only be solved by a “comprehensive” reform, said the US Ambassador to Mexico, Carlos Pascual.  Pascual made it clear that the US government cannot  support a law that is based on racism.  This same day, Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona declared that the border should be secure and that this measure “is a response to the problem of illegal immigration.” 


Frontera (Tijuana, Baja California) 5/7/10

SB 1070 unjust mistake: Bersin

The Commissioner of US Customs and Border Protection, Alan Bersin, characterized SB 1070 as an “unjust mistake” by the people of Arizona.  At the fifth summit meeting of the mayors of Baja California and California that took place in Rosarito Beach, Baja California, the US official confirmed the position issued by President Barack Obama and US Secretary of State [sic] Janet Napolitano.  Bersin recognized that a relationship exists between the two countries, which will allow them to transcend the situation.  “As President Barack Obama and US Secretary of State [sic] Janet Napolitano have said, the law passed in Arizona is a mistake.  It is not fair to the people of Arizona,” he said.


El Financiero (Mexico City) 5/7/10

Salvadorans protest Arizona law in front of US Embassy

San Salvador – Salvadorans protested today in front of the US Embassy in this capital in order to repudiate the anti-immigrant law approved by Arizona, which they qualified as “anti-democratic and racist.”  Communities from several regions of El Salvador congregated in front of the embassy where they hoped to deliver a letter to the President of the United States, Barack Obama, so that he would intercede to stop the validity of a law that criminalizes immigrants.  Richard Cornejo, Pastor of the Lutheran Church, told reporters that the letter asks Obama “to veto, to repeal law SB 1070 for being anti-democratic and racist, since it would lead to violence.”


El Comercio (Quito, Ecuador) 5/7/10

Interesting smuggling method

The Colombian police arrested two citizens of Ecuador at a border crossing attempting to transport 51 kilos of cocaine into the country hidden in a load of fake bananas made of fiberglass.  The load was intercepted with the help of a “sniffer dog” at the border crossing from Ecuador near Ipiales, Colombia.  The drug was hidden among the load of supposedly green bananas.


Sunday 5/9/10

El Financiero (Mexico City) 5/8/10

Pending “anti-immigrant” initiatives now at 12

El Financiero, raised yesterday’s El Universal count of 10 US states considering initiatives similar to Arizona’s SB 1070 to a total of 12.  Citing the Immigration Policy Center (IPC) as its source, El Financiero lists Arkansas, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas and Utah.  [Ed. note: Readers interested in further details can log onto the IPC website at:  http://www.immigrationpolicy.org/ and/or: IRLI at http://www.irli.org/ ]


El Universal (Mexico City) and El Informador (Guadalajara, Jalisco) 5/8/10

Ex-governor of Quintana Roo extradited to US

Mexico City – The ex-governor of the state of Quintana Roo, Mario Ernesto Villanueva Madrid was handed over to US officials pursuant to an order of extradition requested by the Federal Court District of Southern New York.  Villanueva, alias “El Chueco” [the crooked one] is to stand trial for collaborating with the Juarez drug cartel and giving protection to their operations from 1993 to 1997 while governor.  During this time, he received 400 to 500 thousand dollars for each shipment of cocaine he permitted through the southern Mexican state.  He has been in Mexican custody since 2007 while fighting extradition.


El Informador (Guadalajara, Jalisco) 5/8/10

15 mob-type executions in a few hours

Mexico City – In three states, Chihuahua, Tamaulipas and Guerrero, 15 people have been assassinated in the past few hours by gang violence.  Among the victims was a child of seven years.  In Guerrero, five were found dead of gunshots in a car.  Three others were found decapitated on the outskirts of Acapulco.  In Tamaulipas, a woman was “riddled” by gunfire and Chihuahua rounded out the total of 15 which included the seven-year-old who received a shot in the head in Ciudad Juarez.


Viva Paraguay (Asuncion, Paraguay) 5/8/10

Paraguay prepares to fight against terrorists

The president of Paraguay, Fernando Lugo, has won approval from his Congress to combat a guerrilla group called the People’s Army of Paraguay (EPP).  The group has centralized its anti-government operations in the north of the country and, according to official investigations, has received training and logistic support from the Colombian revolutionary group, FARC. This would bring organized Marxist guerrilla movements in South America up to four: Colombia, FARC and ELN; Peru, Sendero Luminoso; and the EPP in Paraguay.


Monday 5/10/10

[Slow news day, headlines only.]

El Universal (Mexico City) 5/9/10

–  Eight deaths in wave of violence in Juarez;

–  Marijuana found in overturned trailer in Coahuila.

El Financiero (Mexico City) 5/9/10

– Obama pushes for reconciliation with Republicans for immigration reform.


-end of report-

8 Responses to “Over the weekend: Specter of immigration enforcement continues to haunt Mexico; Arizona law scolded”

  1. WesMcKay Says:

    >>>>> You idiot Says: <<<<<

    May 30, 2010 at 7:10 am | Reply
    WesMcKay – " How incredibly stupid are you?"

    " You say: “WHAT THEY ARE ……… are INVADERS of a sovereign country !”

    How you do you think you invaded the US in the first place? And all the native people your people killed?

    It’s people like you that really make me wonder why anyone bothers to do anything at all; with such astounding stupidity it just seems pointless."

    To … You idiot Says:

    May 30, 2010 at 7:10 am | Reply


    Look up the ' TRUE HISTORY ' of the United States of America


    Look up the ' TRUE HISTORY ' of Mexico

    Then compare the TWO COUNTRIES of TODAY

    One of the two, is still stuck in the 17th Century and KILLS ' 6,500 ' of their own citizens every year, FORCES the large majority of their citizens to ESCAPE the KIDNAPINGS, TORCHER, RAPE and MURDER of their own people. Then ' INVADE ' another country and ' KILL ' on the average of 24, and RAPE 17 of the citizens OF THAT COUNTRY and then SLITHER back across the border for the PROTECTION of their CORUPT GOVERNMENT.

    HAVE YOU FIGURED IT OUT, were ' NOT ' talking about, Iran, Iraq, China, Cuba, Afghanistan, Venezuela, or North Korea.

    We are talking about …… Mexico … Mr. You Idiot says:

    Again I say ………………… Your Name says it all ! ! ! ! !

  2. You idiot Says:

    WesMcKay – How incredibly stupid are you?

    You say: “WHAT THEY ARE ……… are INVADERS of a sovereign country !”

    How you do you think you invaded the US in the first place? And all the native people your people killed?

    It’s people like you that really make me wonder why anyone bothers to do anything at all; with such astounding stupidity it just seems pointless.

  3. WesMcKay Says:

    >>>>>MEXICAN IMMIGRATION ‘ DEPORT ‘ 21 <<<<<

    MEXICAN … mindset and RULES of ENGAGEMENT:

    " DO AS I SAY ……………. NOT AS I DO "


    that means WE are THREE TIMES BETTER THAN THEM !


    Mexico wants the United States Southwest ………… RIGHT ?

    Lets give them ………………………….. Washinton DC !


  4. Wayne Says:

    Finally. Everyone ready?

  5. June Says:

    RE: Mexican Congress – Smile, you’re on Candid Camera. The caption below the picture should be – “We urge our citizens to break the US law. But what the heck…we’ve been doing that for years.” Sounds like the Revolution to me. How about we meet at the Alamo? I can promise you it will have a different outcome this time.

  6. WesMcKay Says:

    CALL THEM … undocumented workers, undocumented migrants, undocumented immigrants, illegal immigrants, illegal aliens, etc.

    WHAT THEY ARE ……… are INVADERS of a sovereign country !

    If these INDIVIDUALS love their country by waving flags, marching, and chanting ….. VIVA MEXICO ….. why are they here in the U.S.A. ?

    Of course for the money, the country …. they say they LOVE will do nothing to help them WORK and support their LARGE FAMILIES ?

    INSTEAD …. their government HELPS and SUPPORTS their INVASION of the United States to find work and send between 23.5 and 26.8 BILLION DOLLARS back to Mexico.

    AND … why do you think they do that ? We are told they are sending that money back to their FAMILIES .

    WRONG on ALL ACCOUNTS … the government and the drug cartels are the ones getting the LIONS SHARE as RANSOM PAYMENTS for the SAFETY and the LIVES of their FAMILIES.

    These individuals have INVADED my country, they are committing crimes and costing the United States BILLIONS of DOLLARS a YEAR through GOVERNMENT ENTITLMENTS payed for hard working American Citizens.

    HERE’S a NEWS FLASH … if they INVADE my home and THREATEN MY FAMILY … they will get a FREE RIDE HOME, unlike the government, I will protect MY HOME and MY FAMILY at ALL COST.


  7. Hawkeye Says:

    What’s wrong with this picture? Mexican Senators and Diputados are up in arms over Arizona’s SB 1070, to the point of childishly herded into wearing anti-bill pins, yet appear unfazed by the thousands of deaths caused by the lawlessness and disregard for human lives in their own country. I ask, why is it that Mexican human lives seemingly appreciate demonstratively upon crossing the Mexican-U.S. border? Could it be that in aggregate they account for approximately $23.5 to $26.8 billion dollars in remittances sent home (higher income than total national tourism receipts and higher than all foreign direct investment into their country)? Naw, that would be much too callous to contemplate.

  8. pf Says:

    Have we all gone nuts here? How dare the media NOT tell the American people about the prevaling attitude in Mexico regarding Arizona’s law! Mexican lawmakers have NO BUSINESS MEDDELING in our affairs and influencing our decision making. Look how they treat illegal entrants on their southern border! Those who live in glass houses should not throw rocks!

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