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Over the weekend: Mexico continues outrage over legal threats to illegal aliens by Arizona law; criminal violence continues

May 3, 2010

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Saturday 5/1/10

 El Universal (Mexico City) 4/30/10

 [Op/ed ] Enough already!

The racial profile law of Arizona is a frontal attack on civil and human rights, not only of Latinos but of whoever does not fit the stereotypical concept of looking or acting “American.”  Law SB 1070 will have disastrous consequences at national and international levels.  

 In comments made before signing the law, the governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer, said that she will not tolerate racial discrimination in the application of the law.  But her comments have no credibility.  State police officials cannot explain how they will comply with this law without discriminating by racial profiling, suggesting that the difference between a documented and an undocumented can be known by the shoes they wear.

 SB 1070 obliges the sheriff’s deputies and police to make timely judgments over legality.  In fact, it threatens to penalize agents who don’t.  This measure is a threat to the rights of everyone, but Latinos in general, particularly Mexicans, who are the clear objective.  In Arizona, Latinos are 30% of the population, US citizens and legal residents.  The large part are of Mexican descent.  They will suffer the most.

 In an echo of the primer from the era of apartheid in South Africa, whoever is simply suspected of being undocumented, judged by brown skin color, has to be ready to present documents at any moment.  The entire world repudiated apartheid and citizens of Arizona of all colors participated in a boycott of South Africa.  (Ironically, there had to be a tourist boycott against Arizona in order to approve the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr. as a holiday.)   It is with sorrow that we join the boycott of Arizona for having its own racial profile of apartheid.

 Immediately after Brewer signed the law, the American Association of Immigration Attorneys canceled their national convention in Scottsdale, Arizona.  President Felipe Calderón issued a travel alert warning his citizens of an adverse policy for the migrant communities and Mexican visitors.  

 Arizona has a tourist industry of 18 billion dollars.  It counts especially on this industry in the middle of an economic recession.  For this reason, we encourage tourists, businesses and organizations of the US and all around the world to unite in the cause and invoke the promise that promotes and says: “While racial profiling is legal in Arizona, I will do what I can to not visit the state and not to spend money there.”


 (Catching up on last week)


Attack on humanitarian group kills two

 An attack last Monday on a humanitarian organization in Oaxaca State by an armed group left two fatalities and four wounded.  The two killed were females, one of them from Finland.  Two of the wounded were reporters from the magazine Contralinea.  No further details were released during the week.  Federal authorities are investigating.


 Nine deaths by gunfire in Tamaulipas

 While the other Mexican states bordering the US were busy condemning the so-called “Arizona Law,” organized criminals in Tamaulipas state were rounding out their April death toll to a total of 39 for the month.  Gangsters managed to finish off with nine murders on the last day, eight in San Fernando and one in Altamira.


 Thousands of immigrants flood US streets

 Immigrants, mainly from Latin America, participated in protests in 70 cities of that country to demand that President Obama stop the deportations of the undocumented and promote immigration reform.


 Sunday 5/2/10

 La Jornada (Mexico City) 5/1/10

 US Democrat arrested for demanding halt to deportations

 Notimex – A US legislator, Luis Gutierrez, from Illinois and another 32 people were arrested by US police in demonstrations in front of the White House to demand the halt to deportations.  “This (the protest) must continue, I’m doing it for the country I love,” Gutierrez said. (The quote didn’t specify which country he meant.)


 Monday 5/3/10

 El Universal (Mexico City) and other major newspapers 5/2/10 

 Calderón calls for avoiding trips to Arizona

 Mexican President Felipe Calderón called on the Mexican people to abstain from traveling to Arizona, in the US, in protest against the Arizona law SB1070 because its provisions violate human rights of people regardless of their migratory status.  “We emphasize the necessity for acting with precaution, omitting as much as possible taking unnecessary trips to that state,” expressed the president.  Calderón maintained that his government views with approval the concerns expressed by US President Barack Obama in respect to the Arizona law and considers the marches carried out Saturday in that country to be “the enormous rejection that the legislation has generated.”  President Calderón reiterated that it is not by ways of discrimination or repression that a problem that has economic, social and historical roots can be solved.  “The contribution of Mexicans to the development of the US society, and in particular of Arizona, has been significant and I believe that not only Mexicans lose by being the object of this threat, but also the United States and Arizona whose cities depend precisely on the commercial flow and the presence of Mexicans in that state,” he said.


 Headline: Obama makes fun of Arizona’s anti-immigrant law

Sub heading: Also scoffs at Republican John McCain and takes leave of the annual correspondents’ dinner (by saying goodbye) in Spanish.


Cambio de Michoacán in Morelia headlined the above story as: Obama ridicules the xenophobia of the Arizona law.


 El Imparcial (Hermosillo, Sonora) 5/2/10

 Six dead in Tamaulipas conflict

A gun battle between an armed group and the Mexican Federal Police in Camargo, Tamaulipas, (across from Rio Grande City, Texas)  The Tamaulipas government reports are brief, but apparently the only reliable source of such info along this criminally active stretch of border.)


 La Jornada (Mexico City) 5/2/10

 Stampede causes five deaths in Nuevo Leon

The feelings of insecurity caused by recent criminal violence in the border state of Nuevo Leon apparently caused a stampede of people attending a fair (Expo Guadalupe) in Monterrey in which 5 people were killed and 30 injured.  Authorities said that a man shooting into the air caused the panic in the crowds attending the expo.  The incident took place around midnight.  The border state is presently the scene of many confrontations between the Gulf drug cartel and Los Zetas criminal gangsters.


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