Many eyes in Mexico fixed on Arizona

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Critica (Hermosillo, Sonora) 4/20/10

Arizona law repudiated

The head of Mexico’s “PAN” political party in the state of Sonora, Juan Valencia Durazo, expressed his party’s rejection of the state of Arizona’s legislative bill SNB1070, which he considered as “anti-immigrant.” He stated his “total and absolute” rejection about any attempt to violate the individual guarantees of his fellow countrymen in the United States.

The legislation, now before the Governor of Arizona, could affect relations between Arizona and Sonora, and could be an example for other U.S. border area governments.

Mexican Senator Emma Larios Gaxiola said that the issue will be taken up in the Senate of the country, for fear that other U.S. border state legislatures might consider similar laws.


Diario de Yucatan (Merida, Yucatan) 4/20/10

U.S. initiative against migrants deemed humiliating

Dateline: San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora (Notimex). – Local “PRI” (Pol. party) Deputy  Antonio Ramirez Wakamatzu deemed Initiative SB-1070, about the undocumented in the state of Arizona, to be humiliating. He stated that the legislation is unconstitutional since it violates individual guarantees, for which reason he is asking the Border Legislative Conference to issue a standing over the matter. The PRI legislator for Sonora’s 1st District  said that the bill seeks to have any official to be able to request documentation from aliens in the state of Arizona. The detainee must prove his migratory status, no matter where the person might be, whether out on the street or a shopping center, just to mention two examples. Furthermore, he denounced that sentences of six months imprisonment and a fine of 2,500 dollars are imposed.

He said that if that law is put into effect by the Governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer, the consequences would be lamentable because it would generate a decline in diplomatic relations due to the impulse of racist policies. Ramirez Wakamatzu insisted that every state has the right to protect its internal security, but there are mechanisms that prevent reaching those extremes, since initiative SB-1070 is humiliating. He added that “We are talking about two things, we are trying to clear obstacles from the road, for the development of our border, and suddenly they place a rock that I believe is hard to remove.”

He mentioned that the initiative was approved by the State of Arizona House of Representatives last April 13, but it must be endorsed by the state government (sic) before it goes into effect.

He mentioned that the issue was dealt with last week at the Border Legislative Conference, in Tempe, Arizona, where congress members from the 10 border states of the United States and Mexico met.$0539010000$4286654&f=20100420


(This Arizona legislative issue made news, sometimes quite prominently, in a number of other Mexican papers including those in Mexico City)


La Cronica de Hoy (Mexico City) 4/20/10

A record of crimes against journalists in Mexico

Maria Yolanda Valencia Vales, President of the Special Commission Concerning Aggressions to Journalists and Communications Media (read: Chairperson of that Special Committee of Mexico’s House of Representatives) reported that 104 journalists have been murdered, there have been 12 “forcible disappearances” and nine others have been kidnapped during the last 27 years, from 1983 to date.

Of the journalists killed, three have been murdered this year, while in 2009, fifteen were assassinated, 244 were victims of aggression, and in 2008, twelve were killed and two others disappeared.

She asserted that “What allows the increase in the cases of violence against journalists, what leads to manipulation, to confrontation against institutions and society in general, is impunity, which fosters and strengthens insecurity.” Also, that the intimidations, threats, violence, assassinations, and forcible disappearances suffered by many journalists “are symptoms of the deterioration of the mutual respect values and tolerance that we ought to render on to ourselves as a society.”

She added that it is not admissible for the journalists, victims of aggression, to opt for not denouncing nor covering certain issues in order to assure their safety, including some of them not authoring their reports, and in extreme cases to abandon their journalistic work, thus showing that the priority is not to report information but to safeguard their security and that of their families.


– end of report –

3 Responses to “Many eyes in Mexico fixed on Arizona”

  1. June Says:

    I can just see the clowns in the Mexican Senate jumping up and down like Rumplestilskin. “What does America think it’s doing by enforcing their immigration laws? Don’t they know we have a right to break in, give false documents, steal IDs, give fake names, undercut wages for taxpaying Americans, produce anchor babies by the dozens, murder, rape, rob, drain their welfare system, destroy the ecology, overcrowd their schools, medical facilities and prisons. We have every right to drive drunk. It’s what we do at home. But, we don’t allow that stuff here. We arrest people who sneak into our country. So, if these laws are enforced, we will not vote!” Do you promise?

  2. richmx2 Says:

    Uh… U.S. Ambassador Carlos Pascual two weeks ago was telling — not asking — the Mexican Senate it needed to make certain changes in our legal system.

  3. pf Says:

    The word for today is, “MEDDLE”. MEDDLE is “to involve oneself in a matter without right or invitation; interfere officiously and unwantedly”.

    What gives representatives of the Mexican Government the right to “Meddle” in our affairs?? I say to Mexico – and another country for that matter – STAY OUT OF OUR BUSINESS! You would certainly not be happy if we made demands on you and told you how to run your country!

    As for Arizona – They (Arizona Legislators) have the backbone to do what has to be done – what should be done. The Feds should take lessons from them! Now, if only Governor Brewer has the backbone to sign the bill into law…

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