Over the weekend: Abundant immigration reform advice; attempts at tourism damage control

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Saturday 4/17/10

 El Sol de Mexico (Mexico City) 4/14/10

 Mexican senator concerned about US bills against undocumented

Mexican Senator Claudia Corichi of the PRD party expressed her concerns and rejection regarding several bills pending in the US that attack the individual guarantees and rights of migrants and their families.  She maintains that the US is, by definition, a country of immigrants, citing the contributions they have made.  She then cites the amendment to the US Constitution that bestows citizenship on those born there.  She blames principally US Republicans for impeding legal immigration to the country.  She also rejects, on constitutional grounds, the concept of denying citizenship to children born in the US to illegal immigrants.  Corichi points out that the majority of the Mexican migrants in the US are young men and women who have contributed to the economy without having previously been a cost to the country for their education, health and sustenance.

 Among Corichi’s other concerns are that the undocumented are excluded in the recently passed health reform and that they are ineligible for other federal programs in the US.  She feels that the US should legislate immigration reform that permits the legalization of undocumented migrants in the country.  


 Armada Nacional de Colombia (Colombia) 4/15/10

 Cocaine seizure on the high seas

In operations called Maritime Accord between Colombia and the US, a ship 86 nautical miles from San Andres Island was intercepted carrying 192 kilograms [423 lb.] of cocaine.  The operation carried out by the Colombian Navy, the US Coast Guard and Colombian Judicial Police, started when the craft, under the Colombian flag, was spotted by the USCG carrying seven bundles containing the drug.  The four crew members were arrested.


 El Universal (Mexico City) 4/16/10

 Mexican Navy seizes 4 tons of pseudo-ephedrine

The Mexican Secretary of Navy announced the seizure of nearly four tons of pseudo-ephedrine pills from a ship in the port of Veracruz.  The ship had arrived in port from India.  The ship carried the name “MSC Columbia 31A” and was suspected of carrying “illicit merchandise” before its containers were searched.  Authorities are seeking to determine the destination of the drugs.  [Pseudo-ephedrine can be a precursor in the manufacture of  methamphetamine.]


Seven executed in Tamaulipas

Three civilians and four municipal police were killed by gunfire in different parts of Tamaulipas state.  The four policemen were gunned down on the street in the center of Altamira, a town just north of Tampico.  The three civilians were similar mob-type murders in three other towns.


Victims finished off in front of police

Culiacan, Sinaloa – In the presence of police and a dozen onlookers at the scene of an auto accident in which three youths had been injured, an armed group from which the youths had been fleeing, returned to the scene and finished them off in a hail of gunfire.  After finishing their mission, the attackers calmly drove away.


The grip of the narco

Two narco-messages circulating on internet websites around Morelos, Michoacan, have caused fear among the inhabitants and brought on a voluntary curfew. The messages suggest clashes between cartels in disputes over operational zones of Morelos and the states of Guerrero, Mexico and Puebla.  The announcements to the citizenry are in the sense that those in Morelos should not be on the streets or frequent bars and other recreational spots after 8 p.m.  They are supposedly signed by the southern branch of the Pacific cartel, which has links to the Beltran Leyva cartel.


Legislator doesn’t rule out “narco-campaigns”

Manuel Cadena Morales, president of the special commission to oversee the proper use of public resources in campaigns, warned, “It’s not possible to deny the existence of narco money in the coming elections.”  Despite the warning, the deputy [Equiv: congressman] refused to identify in which of the 16 states holding elections this year narco meddling has been detected.  “it is a very delicate matter, very complex and for its solution, the participation of all of us is required.  It’s a very complex matter,” he said.


 El Universal and El Financiero (Mexico City) 4/16/10

 Tourism message: Civilian deaths are the fewest

Speaking before Mexican and foreign impresarios of the tourism sector, Mexico’s President Felipe Calderon stated that more than 90% of the assassinations from the violence in his country is from clashes between criminal gangs and not directed against civilians, citizens or tourists.  Although he regrets the deaths of civilians trapped in crossfire, Calderon said those cases “are the fewest.”  He added that these are not actions against civilians and “even less against tourists.”  To this, Manilo Fabio Beltrones, a leader in the PRI opposition party,  responded quickly, saying he regretted that a matter “of such intense gravity” would be minimized by saying civilian deaths are less than the others.  The leader of the president’s PAN party said it is a very delicate subject and they are not trying to minimize it.

 In this cartoon from El Financiero, labeled “Nothing is happening,” tourists in Acapulco advise the Secretary of Tourism, “Better put on your armored life preserver,” to which she answers, “It’s pure perception.”

El Financiero (Mexico City 4/16/10

 Windy City still windy

(Notimex) Dozens of people protested today in front of the alien detention center in Broadview, Illinois, against the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency and its present anti-immigrant attitude.  Religious, community and labor groups called again for US President Barack Obama and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano to set policies favorable to immigrants.  “Until we have a comprehensive immigration reform, families will continue suffering with unjust laws that allow mothers and fathers to be seized and deported far from their children,” said Reverend C.J. Hawking of the Arise Chicago group.  The demonstrations came about because the promises made by the Obama administration to clean up the performance of ICE have not been accomplished.


Ton of cocaine seized in Colombia

Bogota – Colombian authorities seized a ton of cocaine that paramilitary groups were trying to send from the Colombian department [state] of La Guajira to an undetermined destination out of the country.  Agents also found 37 rifles, ammo and explosives.


 El Informador (Guadalajara, Jalisco) 4/16/10

 Mexican cartels moving operations to the Caribbean

Bridgetown, Barbados – The offensive against the narcotraffic cartels is causing them to move their operations to islands in the Caribbean, leaders of the region told US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates.  Gates, who attended a regional security conference in Barbados, took note of their concerns and emphasized the necessity of strengthening the coordination between the anti-drug forces in Latin America, the Caribbean and the US.  “I believe narcotraffic is a problem for the entire hemisphere and wherever pressure is applied, the narcotraffickers will go  where there is less resistance and less capacity,” declared Gates.


 Cambio de Michoacán (Morelia, Michoacán) 4/16/10

 Director of Public Security executed

Hidalgo, Michoacán – The body of the Director of Public Security of the city of Hidalgo was found in a street intersection with a narco-message inscribed, “for collecting and not complying.”  The bodies of the director and his bodyguard were found inside an automobile.  City officials are not releasing any further information.


 El Imparcial (Hermosillo, Sonora) 4/16/10

 The southern breeze

Tempe, Arizona – Mexican legislators declared themselves in opposition to Arizona state’s Initiative SB 1070, (q.v.), considering it unconstitutional since it violates individual guarantees.  They solicited the Border Legislative Conference to take a position on this issue.  The Sonora state legislators agree that if the governor of Arizona approves the bill, the consequences would be regrettable in that it would generate not only animosity against the state, but deterioration in diplomatic relations by leaning politics in the direction of racism.  The five Mexican legislators attended as delegates and voices of the Sonora state congress.


 Sunday 4/18/10

 El Financiero (Mexico City) 4/17/10

 Grumbling continues; arrests of undocumented aliens in Arizona condemned

(Notimex) Angelica Salas, executive director of the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA), condemned the recent raids against immigrants carried out in Arizona.  In a position statement regarding the raids that occurred in the state, she considers the actions contrary to the immigration reform that President Barack Obama backs.  She accused the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement of operating behind the back of the Department of Homeland Security, whose leader, Janet Napolitano, has insisted that immigration matters should be basically federal.  She alleges that the raids that terrorize immigrants and affect local businesses are carried out at the request of Sheriff Arpaio who “hides behind the police badge in order to advance agendas not related to security.”  Salas asked the Arizona government to cancel legislation, known as SB1070, that permits collaboration between local and federal agents to pursue illegal immigrants and apply severe penalties.  The “pretext” in applying such a law, she said, is supposedly that the illegal immigrants are very dangerous and generate public insecurity, but in reality they are people who work and contribute to the local economy.


“Policy of xenophobia in Mexico”

[Quoting]  Migration in the south of Mexico is growing and with it an increase in kidnappings, assaults and extortion against Central Americans.  For this reason, it is urgent that the country push for migratory reform that guarantees human rights to those “without papers” from Central America.  A new migratory policy will put an end to the climate of xenophobia and harassment that the undocumented suffer coming from, mostly, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras, who have as their objective reaching the United States.  What risks are there in the increase in the flow of Central Americans to the north?  How can we turn back the climate of vulnerability that exists among the undocumented Central Americans?  With a true migratory reform that turns attention toward the south of the country so that Mexico has an authentic commitment of respect for the human rights of the migrants.


 El Universal (Mexico City) 4/17/10

 “Lead or silver”: choice given federal agents

Quintana Roo – Immigration and Customs agents face the dilemma of choosing between “lead or silver” [bullets or money] due to the increase and infiltration of crime.  The state is urged to protect those federal employees, said Francisco Amaro, president of the Justice Commission in the state congress.  Within one month of his appointment as a representative to the INM [Mexican immigration agency] in Chetumal, Joel Chamerry resigned this week as well as the regional representative in Cancun, Jose Abel Lopez, due to the presumed “hunting” going on inside this agency.


Security in Acapulco reinforced

Using the Federal Police, Army and Navy, the governor of Guerrero has begun “sealing” Avenida Costera Miguel Aleman, the main thoroughfare through downtown Acapulco.  The governor said in an interview that he regrets the loss of six people killed during a gun battle between federal and gangsters that occurred there.


 Monday 4/19/10

 El Universal (Mexico City) 4/18/10

 [Op/ed column]  Morelos seemed a ghost town

Last Friday, after midday, the rumor that ran insistently in Morelos, particularly in Cuernavaca, was that during the night, rival gangs of criminals would be adjusting their differences by gunfire.  The social networks like Facebook and Twitter took charge of adding details, dangerous places, and streets through which to move about would be like playing Russian roulette.  Throughout the afternoon, the collective anxiety was such that dozens, hundreds, of businesses closed their doors.  By night, the city seemed a ghost town.  The Army made patrols, the police were on maximum alert, and ultimately nothing happened.  The leader of the business organizations in Morelos, Rodrigo Lopez Laguardia, regretted that the government hasn’t been able to counteract the anxiety that erupted.  He says there is violence, but not so much as to close businesses and that the economic losses are immeasurable, above all because it had to do with the second Friday [payday ].  The governor says Morelos does not belong to the criminals and that they cannot impose a curfew.  What happened Friday appears to portray a distinct reality, that of the citizens’ fear.  [Morelos, bordering the Federal District, is Mexico’s second smallest state.]


 El Financiero (Mexico City) 4/18/10

 More than 7,000 Salvadorans have been deported by US and Mexico

San Salvador – At least 7,442 undocumented Salvadorans have been deported from the US and Mexico by air and land in the first five days of April.  According to Salvadoran immigration figures, 4,574 of their countrymen were returned by various flights.  Half of those had previous criminal records, which adds more to the crimes in El Salvador.  Another 3,000 Salvadorans have been expelled from other countries, mostly from Mexico, while trying to reach the US.


 -end of report-

5 Responses to “Over the weekend: Abundant immigration reform advice; attempts at tourism damage control”

  1. nasruroji Says:

    illegal border-crosser usually because of the lack of comfortability, safety, and bussiness opportunity. Country that has this handicap should overcome this problem, so that social problem including criminals, and illegal immigration will decrease.

  2. Wes Says:

    The United States, should adopt the Mexican Immigration Policy to the letter. They DO NOT tolerate ILLEGALS invading THEIR COUNTRY from the south, THEY CLAIM too many of them are criminals ……… DUH !

    If WE adopt their policies, they will have ‘NO’ reason to COMPLAIN.

    wait a minute, that would be too INHUMANE.


    The inhabitants of South America have more rights to Mexico, than Mexicans have too the United States.

    Mexico will not accept that fact because it is NOT to THEIR advantage and THEY would be letting in just more of the same, just like THEM.

  3. Sue Santoni Says:

    I totally agree with Kell above about Mexican Senator Claudia Corichi’s statements. When Mexico begins to take care of its poorer citizens and when Mexico offers free medical care to U.S. citizens in Mexico, maybe her statements will have more credence. What an idiot – typical of Mexican politicians these days.

  4. Kell Says:

    I think Mexican Senator Claudia Corichi should mind her own country’s business. Maybe if they cleaned up their act, there would not be so many (read multi million) illegal aliens breaking into the United States. Where do these people come off expecting real citizen’s rights when they broke into the country unasked and not wanted by the majority of people.

  5. brandon Says:

    wow…a lot going on over the weekend!lol

    that’s crazy just a rumor / online chat could scare a whole city to curfew… then again, living around this mess, i wouldn’t go out side either…

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