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Army tries new crime fighting technique!

April 16, 2010

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Cambio de Michoacán (Morelia, Michoacán) 4-15-10

 The Army floods the streets of Paracho

 Morelia, Michoacán – Elements of the Mexican Army, accompanied by policemen, flooded the streets of Paracho, Michoacán, after the disappearance of newspaperman Ramon Angeles Zalpa on April 5th.  More than a week later, nobody knows what happened to him.  City authorities have called for residents to not to leave their homes at night.

 City authorities, who didn’t want to reveal their names, were interviewed by telephone and said that the military has occupied the city pursuant to the disappearance of Ramon Angeles Zalpa.  He was a man well known for his newspaper work and for teaching at the National Pedagogical University.

 About 200 members of the Mexican Infantry arrived in Paracho during the last week and began operations in parts of the city most difficult to access and it has not yet yielded any results.  Also operating in the same area are federal and local police.  Last Saturday a couple of drunks got into a fight that left one person badly injured by gunshots.  This is what happens to a community in the grips of organized crime.


 Correo (Guanajuato) 4-15-10

 Four more members of La Familia Arrested

 Guanajuato – In less than one month the State Police of Guanajuato have arrested 20 people affiliated with La Familia Michoacána.  Most recently, State Police detained four people, (two of whom were women), for murder, kidnapping and vehicle theft.

 Of the 20 members of La Familia, who were captured, 2 were juveniles, 3 women and a former policeman in San Miguel de Allende.  Also among those captured was the driver of a vehicle who fled at high speed and who was in the possession of a .380 caliber pistol.


Gun battle paralizes Golden Zone of Acapulco

 Acapulco, Guerrero – A gunfight between gangsters and federal agents left 6 people dead, (one of whom was a minor), and 5 injured, according to the Federal Police.  The gun battle occurred yesterday in front of the Hotel Emporio and Hotel Hacienda Maria Eugenia in the Golden Zone of the port.

 In a communiqué, the Federal Police said that armed subjects used two pickups to block three civilian vehicles on the street and opened fire on them. The target was a lawyer and his chauffer. At the moment the thugs began firing, Federal Police arrived and confronted the aggressors. The identities of the lawyer and the chauffer have not been released but they both died.  At the scene, inside a Ford Explorer, laid the bodies of a woman and her 10 year old son. Close by, in a taxi, was the driver who died, while the body of a Federal Agent lay motionless on the concrete.  There were 13 vehicles hit by fire from AK-47’s and AR-15’s.  Federal and local police cordoned off the area and traffic in the tourist zone came to a standstill.

 In another part of the region, grenades were thrown into the command post of the Municipal Police injuring a policemen and a child.


 El Universal (Mexico City) 4/15/10

 Only a Perception? (Op/ed. column) 

 Right on the coast, in the heart of the tourist zone of Acapulco, gangsters and police clashed yesterday resulting in six deaths.  It should be hoped that all were criminals.  But no, there were several civilians, among them a child and a federal agent.  There is talk of several wounded by crossfire, something ever more common in Mexico.  Fortunately, this didn’t happen during Holy Week when the streets are full of youths, foreigners and families.  It happened when there was less possibility of fatalities and that was the result.  Also yesterday, far from Acapulco, the Secretary of Tourism, Gloria Guevara Manzo, had her first encounter with the press.  One sentence says it all: “The insecurity is an important challenge, but the reality of things is that there is a problem of perception.”  Thus she spoke.  The collapse of the area is only a perception?  Without grace or boldness, the official refused to respond to one actual question from the media.  Is the federal government working on a plan to stop the flight of tourists caused by the violence?  I’m not going to speak about the violence, she said.  Then about what?  The Yesawich Y Partnership agency (a travel advisory) reveals that 67% of the US travelers and 81% of Canadians would not come to the country because of the crime and violence.  The figures drop month after month.  What is this national tourist project about, if that’s what it is?  Why so late?  Some 2.8 million Mexicans live directly on this.  Poor people.  By what is perceived, a dark future awaits them.


 El Debate (Sinaloa) 4/15/10

 Spy Network Discovered in Cancun

 Cancun, Quintana Roo – Members of the Mexican Army discovered a spy nest located in a condominium in downtown Cancun.  Inside they found equipment made in Israel monitoring the activities of business managers, journalists and government officials.

An anonymous call prompted an investigation revealing the use of micro-recorders, digitalization equipment and scanners capable of listening to and recording telephone calls (land line and cellular), and radio communications.

 Also discovered was a van equipped with technology to monitor the activities and conversations of political figures and private conversations of journalists in this city.


Two found dead of gunshots

 Angostura, Sinaloa – Two men were found dead at about 8:00 AM yesterday morning. There was no identification with the bodies and evidence at the scene indicated they had been tortured before being killed by multiple gunshot wounds.  Their hands and feet were bound. Authorities found .38 caliber cases at the scene.  There was a message written with black marker on the bodies that accused them of stealing (narcotics).


Other headlines in El Debate:

  •  A man killed by gunshots during a squabble
  •  Unknown men burn a ranch in El Limon de Ramos
  •  Gangsters blow up a ticket counter at city hall


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