Mexican Legislature working the Chicago area

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El Financiero 4-14-10

Immigrants in Illinois meet with Mexican Congressmen

 Chicago, Illinois 4-13-10 –  A group of immigrants in Illinois met with Mexican Congressmen to ask for more political rights of Mexicans who live abroad.

 The committee composed of Mexican community members of the Coalition of Mexican Migrants for Political Rights, had the objective to meet with legislators charged with the responsibility for Mexican Migrant rights.  One of the projects proposed by Representative Noemi Reynoso is to reform Mexican elections law in order to give more rights to Mexicans living abroad.  The second proposition set forth by Representatives Francisco Rojas Gutierrez and Emilio Chuayaffet of the PAN Party is to create a 6th Congressional District composed of Mexicans living abroad in order to represent the expatriate community in the Mexican Congress.

 The immigrants are seeking major participation in the decision making process in both houses of the Mexican legislature.

They also proposed immigration reform to protect human rights of migrants in transition from Mexico and their return (to the USA) in a sincere plea to the Government of the United States.


 Campaign for social justice launched in the United States

 Chicago, 4-12-10 – El Fuente Unidos de Inmigrantes, a community organization composed mainly of Mexicans in Illinois, agreed to launch a campaign for social justice from April 12 to October 12 of this year.

 The campaign is to benefit more than 40 million Mexicans and other Latinos who live in the United States.  They will be briefed and educated about the truth of their circumstances and origins and forming coalitions dedicated to education, immigration, health and labor rights.

 “The campaign will conclude with a proclamation titled “Paro Nacional Latino;” (Latino National Roll of the Dice, which loosely translates to ‘National Latino Gamble’) demanding no more immigration arrests, and deportation,” said Carlos Arango, President of El Fuente Unidos de Inmigrantes.

 During a discussion of immigration reform, the group rejected the legislative proposals of Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill), Barack Obama, Democrat Charles Schumer and Republican Lindsey Graham.

 Arango explained that the immigration reform bill sponsored by the congressmen and President Obama “criminalizes undocumented workers under the pretext of national security.”  They also will not legitimize the figure of 12 million undocumented Mexicans in the United States, according to Arango.  “The true number of this community is more than 40 million people who are subject to the same discrimination and marginalization of our civil, human and economic rights,” explained Arango.   The consensus of the meeting agreed that President Obama bears the responsibility for separation of families, deportations, persecutions of immigrants and deaths on the border.

 “We clearly state that Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano has an anti-immigrant history as Governor of Arizona and that she has worsened the circumstances of the undocumented worker,” stated Arango.

 The community leaders regret that after the marches of 2006, they gave the majority vote to the Democrats, which put President Obama in office, and have received nothing but promises in return.

 “We are well aware that the conditions don’t exist in Congress to approve a humane and just immigration reform bill and that Republicans just want to fracture the Immigration Reform bill and Obama’s Health Care bill at the expense of immigrants. We, and our families, are not money that can be spent,” said Arango.

 The Union also agreed to launch a national movement in Arizona to help immigrants and to help in the campaign against Sheriff Joe Arpaio and that he (The Sheriff) is the reason for the rise in the deaths of migrants in the Arizona desert who are just looking for a safe place to reside.


 El Diario de Juarez (Cd. Juarez, Chihuahua) 4-14-10

 Arizona ranchers ask for more protection along the Mexican Border
Arizona Ranchers and other residents of Arizona have asked the state and federal governments for more security along the border including the deployment of the military and more agents of the Border Patrol to reduce the traffic of the undocumented.

 The Arizona Association of Ranchers set forth an 18 point plan after the gunshot death of Rancher Robert Krentz in Cochise County in Southern Arizona.  The authorities believe Krentz died at the hands of an undocumented on the 27th of March. They believe that the undocumented worked for a narcotics cartel.

 The plan calls for the deployment of military personnel and Border Patrol to impede the illegal entry and traffic of the undocumented and to establish forward operating bases every 20 kilometers along the border.   The force will employ vehicles and aircraft using radar and other methods to detect people.

 “Southern Arizona is a war zone controlled by criminal forces,” said Patrick Bray of the Association of Ranchers. “Every day, people live with the consequences of an alien invasion on our border,” said Bray. The group offered the plan at a press conference at the state capital in which families living in the border zone said they have been terrorized by bands of armed smugglers.

 “The people along the border are at great risk because of these illegal activities”, said Don Kimble, a rancher in the Douglas area. “We are going to continue until something is done,” said Kimble. 


 Six murders reported in Nuevo Leon

 Monterrey – Six men were executed at dawn today. Three were located in the city of Apodaca and later the State Police located three more victims in a rural region of General Bravo, according to authorities.  Three men were gunned down in a Buick Cutlass after henchmen exited a Taxi and opened fire riddling the Cutlass with bullets from AR-15 assault rifles. Hours later, State Police found three more bodies executed along the road to Reynosa.

 In recent incidents, young men between the ages of 25 and 27 have been found with “narco messages” near their bodies resulting from a war of the Gulf Cartel and la Familia Michoacana against members of Los Zetas.


 Police agent gunned down in Chihuahua

 Chihuahua, Chihuahua – An Agent of the state investigative agency, CIPOL, was riddled with bullets near the intersection of Calle Lombardo Toledano and Ave. 20 de Noviembre this morning.

 The agent was badly injured after participating in an enforcement operation and was transported by medical personnel.

 According to witnesses, the Agent was attacked by unknowns in a late model Cherokee while he was trapped in a green Ram pickup.


 More headlines in El Diario de Juarez:

  •  Eight more people murdered in this city yesterday
  •  Another murder in Colonia Melchor Ocampo
  •  Live copper wire stolen from electric facility at great risk


 El Financiero (Hermosillo, Sonora)

 Acapulco is safe for vacationers

 In spite of the burden of violence that Acapulco has suffered in the last few weeks, it is safe for vacationers.  The proof of this is that the occupancy rate of hotels in the area during Holy Week was 100%.

 From Thursday to Sunday there were 800,000 tourists who spent 160,000,000 pesos in Acapulco.

 Included in the number of tourists were “Springbreakers” who occupied 93% of the hotel rooms. According to a government official, violence exists and it cannot be hidden, but it did not affect any tourists or the tourist industry.

 -end of report-

6 Responses to “Mexican Legislature working the Chicago area”

  1. Tea Party Motto & Fight Message - US Message Board - Political Discussion Forum Says:

    […] […]

  2. Aamer Aman Says:

    Please add me to the distribution list of daily news report.

  3. Kell Says:

    What a bunch of babies! Waawaa! I DEMAND (stamps foot) that you (the USA) let me in! I DEMAND that you (the USA) stop your sovereignty for our benefit! We don’t care that we’re breaking into someone else’s country, and we don’t care that the majority of citizens want us deported! We have decided that we will hold our breath and turn blue if we don’t get our DEMANDS NOW!! WaaWaa!! We don’t like Obama now because he will hold us to the law!! Waa! Waa! Waa!!

  4. Sue Santoni Says:

    Whoever you are, commenter “PF,” you’re an idiot. What a stupid, stupid statement that “illegal votes” got Obama elected!

    Have you ever thought that maybe the United States needed a SMART man for president after 8 years of a moron?

    And it was that moron’s regime that thought an expensive wall would keep the illegals out! All that wasted money and the U.S. will still have to send troops to guard our border with Mexico.

    What planet do YOU live on, PF?

    • pf Says:

      I’ll tell you what planet I live on – the same one as you, Ms Sue! I find it amusing that progressives such as yourself immediately get personal when they disagree. You don’t even know me – but you have labeled me an idiot. You have not walked in my shoes. You have not seen what I have seen – and I stick by all that I said. How about a more intelligent and informed disagreement? I welcome that. Quit with the namecalling and personal attacks.

      Out of curiosity, are you also an animal rights activist? Just wondering…I see the same type of mentality here that they use – the lashing out and going after the personal integrity of those with opposing points of view and not being able to stick to the subject at hand.

  5. pf Says:

    Are we, the American public so disllusioned as to buy this “pitch” by all these illegals that they have their “rights” to demand no more deportations, “roundups” and that they, LAWBREAKERS that they are, have an inherrent right to all the liberties and programs afforded American citizens?

    We ALL need to step forward and put a stop to this travesty. Cudos to those Arizona ranchers for stepping up to the plate. We need to support them and all those who OPPOSE illegal immigration!!

    PS: It’s common knowledge – and now the Hispanics admit it – that their illegal votes (last I heard, you needed to be a citizen IN GOOD STANDING to vote) got Obama elected. – So disgusting that we citizens would take this in stride and look the other way. Maybe we deserve what we are getting.

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