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Mexico extradites 307 in three years

April 9, 2010

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 Correo (Guanajuato) 4-8-10

 Mexico Extradites

 Mexico, D.F.-The Government of Mexico extradited a record 307 criminals to foreign countries in the last three years.  They were wanted in foreign jurisdictions for engaging in crimes involving the narcotics trade, sex offenses and homicides.  This announcement came from the Secretary of Foreign Relations of the Federal Attorney General’s Office.  Under the Extradition Treaty with the United States, 291 criminals were extradited to the Unites States to stand trial in U.S. Courts.  There were 16 individuals extradited to El Salvador and South American countries.

 This is only part of the strategy of the Government of Mexico and other countries to combat organized crime and means that there is no immunity granted to criminals.  Some thirty-three of those extradited were cases alleging sexual crimes against minors, eighteen were for murder, six were for money laundering, four for violent robbery and three for kidnapping.


 Intelligence on narcotics trafficking lacking

 Nuevo Leon-“The battle against narcotics trafficking requires a good intelligence program, not more powerful firearms,” said Ex-U.S. Secretary of State, Colin Powell, in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon.

 “The first priority, in whatever type of military or anti-drug campaign, is to have intelligence so we know who we are looking for,” said Powell in a press conference at the University of Monterrey.  “We need to understand who they are, how they operate, how they move money, how they are recruiting young people and it is not merely a matter of having a war in the streets, and it is not a matter of having more powerful weapons than they have,” said Powell. “The United States has not performed well in the battle against narcotics trafficking. The United States has the greatest number of addicts and is the major consumer of illicit drugs in the world,” according to Powell.

 Powell discounted reports that Mexico is a failed state and said that Mexico faces a major challenge.  Powell applauded President Calderon’s strategy to confront narcotics trafficking but concluded that the United States has the greatest demand (for drugs) and is the major source of arms (used by the cartels).


 El Imparcial (Hermosillo, Sonora) 4-8-10

 Federal Police will assume security

 Cd, Juarez, Chihuahua-The Federal Police will assume security duties in Cd. Juarez as of Thursday (Today).  This is part of a new strategy implemented in this city. The Federal Secretary of Public Security announced that this is a result of a new agreement that will still maintain Mexican Military presence in this border city.


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