There will be more arrests

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 Correo (Guadalajara)  4-7-10

 There will be more arrests

 GUADALAJARA, JALISCO-After the capture of 16 members of La Familia Michocana, the Attorney General’s office announced that the investigation will yield more results and there will be more arrests.

 The members of La Familia were arrested for connections to no less than 6 murders and 10 kidnappings in this area.  More such crimes were to take place in the next few days.  An ex-policeman from San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, and a minor female were part of the group.  The Assistant States Attorney verified that there will be more arrests after further investigation.


 Another gangster captured

GUADALAJARA-Elements of the Municipal police arrested another member of La Familia who was guarding a “safe house” where a victim of a kidnapping was recovered healthy and unhurt.  A 24 year old man was arrested, who has affiliations with la Familia Michoacana.  Police seized a .45 caliber pistol, a Honda CRV, a Nissan Xtrail, and handcuffs.  The suspect confessed to having participated in the kidnapping.


 Diario de Guadalajara (Guadalajara, Jalisco) 4-7-10

 Man arrested in possession of hand grenade

 GUADALAJARA-Elements of the Security Police arrested a man in a truck with Texas license plates who had a fragmentation grenade hidden in the vehicle.  The man tried to flee the area when he observed police but was intercepted by other officers.  The grenade had the label “Arges 73” on it.

 (Translator’s Note:  The main focus of this article was that the grenade was found in an automobile with Texas plates. Ordinarily there would be details of the man’s nationality, occupation, origination and destination.  These facts are conspicuously absent.)


 287 Thousand Marijuana plants destroyed in Tequila

 Jalisco State Police destroyed 287,000 marijuana plants found near the town of

Tequila.  The plots totaling 70,655 square meters and 287, 000 plants were located by police in helicopters and subsequently incinerated.


 Police Chief and 11 officers arrested

 JALISCO-A judge in Lagos de Moreno ordered an Assistant Chief and 11 subordinates detained for investigation into presumed connections to Los Zetas.  The arrests were made by the State Attorney General’s office, the Mexican Army and officers from the Secretary of Public Security last Tuesday.


 El Diario de Juarez (Cd. Juarez, Chihuahua) 4-7-10

 Burned bodies identified in Nayarit

 TEPIC, NAYARIT-Eight burned bodies and four more riddled with bullets were found in a rural region near the capitol of Nayarit. The remains are of a narcotics trafficking chief and part of his band of gangsters.  Last night the State Police found the massacred remains. One of the cadavers was identified by the wife as those of Jose Luis Estrada Martinez, AKA “El Pepino.”  She declined to identify the occupation of the deceased.

 Nevertheless, it is public knowledge that “El Pepino,” 38 years old, ran a narcotics organization affiliated with the national cartels.

 According to an official press release, the wife of Estrada Martinez was able to identify the burned body “without emotion and without doubt.” The families of the victims identified five others.

 The murderers of “EL Pepino” are presumed to be members of a rival narcotics gang that began the violence at the beginning of this year.


 The Sinaloa Cartel is behind the threats in this valley

 CD JUAREZ, CHIHUAHUA-Details in the possession of Mexican authorities prove that the threats against the people of Juarez Valley are made by the Sinaloa Cartel which operates in this area according to an individual detained in 2008 but who was released after a trial. According to information released by the Secretary of National Defense, (Sedena) the operations of the Sinaloa Cartel are commanded by an individual identified as Gabino Salas Valenciano AKA “El Ingeniero.”

 According to newspaper reports, “El Ingeniero” was detained by the Mexican Army in February of 2008 in possession of firearms and drugs and the following October was released by the Federal Court.  According to these same sources, since November of 2009, in various places around the valley, threats were made against several people by the Sinaloa Cartel.

 According to reporters, Salas Valenciano was identified as a leader in the Carrillo Cartel in February of 2008.  One year before, and before he was released from jail, a bulletin from Sedena identified him as a leader of a cell of hit men in the service of the Sinaloa Cartel whose job was to execute members of the Juarez Cartel or members of “La Linea”.

 In newspaper archives, the name of Salas-Valenciano appears in a saga of violent acts around the valley, like the burning of properties.  He was retaliating for the death of his brother, Valente Salas Valenciano, whose body was found with four others in May of 2008.  A note was found with the bodies that read: “This is what happens to the (expletive) traitors who work with Chapo Guzman, it guarantees that we will shoot you down like a dog. (Signed) Sincerely, La Linea.”


 -end of report-

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