Mexico is falling apart!

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Cambio de Michoacán     (Morelia) 4-1-10

 Murders rise in 21 states during March

 Murders by criminal organizations rose, for the first time, in March to 1,130 victims of homicide for the month. The states of Baja California, Chihuahua, Sinaloa, Tamaulipas, Sonora, Guerrero, Michoacán and Nuevo Leon suffered more than 50 cases each and accounted for 88% of the total murders.  The number of homicide cases related to narcotics trafficking has risen 11 times since El Milenio began recording the number of murders by organized crime at the end of 2006.

During March there was the loss of more policemen with a total of 89 agents.  Sixteen of them were federal agents, 38 municipal officers, 24 state policemen and 11 soldiers.  All of those died in direct confrontations with bands of narcotics traffickers.

 According to Milenio, since 2007 the number of dead policemen and soldiers has reached 1,564. The deadliest month before this March was October of 2008 in which 77 soldiers and policemen were murdered.

 Twenty three incidents in March occurred in Nuevo Leon and resulted in the deaths of 20 innocent bystanders, 9 agents, and more than 30 members of criminal organizations.

 Chihuahua was the bloodiest state with 389 recorded murders during the month which is

26% of all the murders in the country of Mexico.


 Diario de Guadalajara (Guadalajara) 4-1-10

 Military seizes drugs and firearms

 Guadalajara-The Mexican military in this area reported the seizure of drugs, weapons, ammunition and cash.

 Responding to information given by an alert citizen about the presence of armed individuals, the Army responded and detained two people who wouldn’t identify themselves, and seized 3 kilos 950 grams of cocaine, one 9mm pistol with a magazine of 13 cartridges, a .38 caliber revolver, .22 caliber ammunition, 37,930 pesos, 3000 empty red capsules labeled “TNT” and three weighing scales


 EditorialThis Country is Falling to Pieces

 (Translator’s Note:  The following is a synopsis of the editorial titled above) 

 Mexican Society is encountering a crisis like no other in generations.  The policy of the government is a policy of destruction. 

 Violence by criminal organizations has broken out and the absurd strategy of combating it with force results in social degradation in urban areas and poor sections of the country where poor, uneducated young people are recruited as henchmen and are the strength of the cartels.

 Growing social inequality has converted Mexico into a factory to make people rich and to make people poor.  There are urban areas where we have the best real estate in the entire world and a short distance away there are the poorest slums in the world.

 An economy based on making more money and getting benefits and extravagances, is exploiting the workforce and sacrificing the well being of others. Last year there was the highest unemployment rate in years and the worst economic growth rate in 80 years, while the cost of food rose and wages dropped. This caused enormous difficulty in meeting essential needs like food, medicine, education and housing.

 It is difficult to get a job with a decent salary. This results in major pressure on the workforce which relies solely on wages.  The solution is this: More capital investment resulting in more work, setting higher wages and lower taxes.

 Part of the strategy to raise economic levels is to enact social programs and guarantee minimum wages.  Many laborers work eight hours a day and then commute several hours to and from work resulting in a work day that is 10 or 12 hours long.  At the same time many work part time and have no retirement program.  It is a social disaster.

 Another crisis is the reduction of public services like education, health care, street repair and so forth.  On one hand they tell us there are no resources to construct schools, hospitals and clinics and on the other they bailed out crooked bankers in 1995 and we are paying monstrous interest payments of 2.5 billion pesos a year. The result could not be worse.  We have people living in huts and curtained vans and their lives are falling apart. They are tired of it.

 Meanwhile, professional politicians offer empty promises and the economy continues to falter.  They believe we will keep butting our heads but the opposite is true.  They have made a deal with the devil with their promises to end the crisis.  They have made the same promises for 25 years.  Ninety percent of the people do not understand and they don’t intend to understand the supposed political reform that is proposed.

 As I have set forth, the politicians and the intellectuals have launched a program against an entire generation and have offered nothing but a recipe for the disaster we are in-the violence and worker exploitation.  It is obviously, like it has been for the last 100 or 200 years, we need social advancement.  All we are doing is creating a social underclass.

 -end of report-

8 Responses to “Mexico is falling apart!”

  1. benjamin Says:

    i hope it does not happen because many innocent people will die because of the corrupt elite

  2. Renitka Says:

    The USA is becoming Mexico right now. Many people have lost their jobs and homes due to the economy going bad. The federal government is doing nothing to help these people out. Tent cities are springing up in certain areas of the US as a result. Failure to secure the border has resulted in the violence in Mexico to spill over into the US. The drug cartels have succeeded in getting far north of the border already. There was recently a gun battle with 3 drug cartel members and a law enforcement officer in Pinal County, Arizona.

  3. Terry Says:

    The approach of ‘build stronger borders’ is probably the worst US reaction to Mexico’s dilemma. Mexico has made great strides in building a middle class over the past 5 years but clearly has far to travel. The country needs assistance in providing access to education and employment opportunity for (especially young) people to live and prosper in their own country. The underlying reason for the ‘drug wars’ and associated violence is America’s appetite for drugs, not the ‘corrupt mexicans’. If the US would not willing consume illegal drugs and pay a tremendous markup (imagine paying over $2000 for a weed that could – and does – grow in a ditch). A risk is the ‘wall’ (physical, and emotional and psychological) may act to keep the people of the US in(sulated) to reality as much as keep ‘undesirables’ out.

    • pf Says:

      I agree with part of what you say, Terry – but definitely NOT the part about stronger borders. Mexican elite take too much of the money – leaving a struggling middle class and destitute poor.

      YES we need to address the drug magnet in this country. The US is NOT innocent. HOWEVER – there is another side – how much more human traffic can we absorb? You ever watch the flick, “Immigration Gumballs”? Perhaps you should.

      I live north of the tripple fence in San Diego. I’ve been here almost 40 years. I’ve seen robbery, rape, theft, destruction of property in this community. I was afraid to walk after night. There were roving gangs moving freely throughout the community. No one spoke English. The local police were indifferent – telling us to call Border Patrol. You get the picture. Now, with the tripple fence, it’s a much safer community. The crime rate is down – the community cleaner. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why the change.

      I don’t see the wall as a detriment. I see it as a support to keep us from being overrun. Anyone desiring to come here needs to do so legally. I am also totally for giving help to Mexico and I also believe we in this country must do whatever it takes to get a handle on drug use for our own sake and for the benefit of Mexico. I’ve seen too many lives destroyed from drug use. What a horrific waste!

  4. pf Says:

    As for the United States, where do the priorities of our politicians truly lie? Obviously not with the safety of our country. There has been a call to secure the borders ever since 9/11. Securing that border should take top priority! Instead, when Arizona asks for help, the following occurs:

    On Wednesday KGUN9’s Steve Nunez documented how Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has made five written requests for such a deployment over the last year and a half. The governor said none of those requests elicited a reply. Since the murder of prominent southeast Arizona rancher Robert Krentz on Saturday, many other politicians on both sides of the aisle, along with many ranchers and law enforcement officers, have echoed the governor’s request. Nunez tried repeatedly to get a response from the White House to those calls on Wednesday. He spent the day being shuffled from one agency to the next and ended the day with a score of zero.

    On Thursday Nunez tried again, retracing his steps and asking the same questions of many of the same people. Among the questions 9 On Your Side wants to know: What is the President’s stance on sending troops to the border? Why has his administration simply ignored the requests from Arizona’s governor? What does the President have to say to Arizona citizens and politicians who are now renewing that call and asking for his help?

    By the end of the business day, Nunez was able to obtain this carefully worded statement from White House spokesman Adam Abrams: “The President is firmly committed to ensuring our borders are secure. It is why the Administration has taken important steps – including deploying additional law enforcement resources to reduce illegal flows across the border and supporting Mexico’s efforts against drug trafficking organizations. We are carefully monitoring the situation and will continue to ensure that we are doing everything necessary to keep communities along the Southwest border safe.”

    The statement sidestepped the question of why the administration has simply ignored Governor Brewer. Adams told KGUN9 News that the statement quoted above is all the White House will have to say on this issue for now.

    – Disgusting!

  5. Ignacio Says:

    With all the sadness of my heart… i see my country falling thanks to a bunch of crooks. i hate to agree but June is Right………If the US care for their own ! should build a wall and let the Mexicans that still live there Deal with their own problems…… Mexico is a joke.

  6. Kell Says:

    ” Another crisis is the reduction of public services like education, health care, street repair and so forth. On one hand they tell us there are no resources to construct schools, hospitals and clinics and on the other they bailed out crooked bankers in 1995 and we are paying monstrous interest payments of 2.5 billion pesos a year. The result could not be worse. We have people living in huts and curtained vans and their lives are falling apart. They are tired of it.” For a minute, I thought I was reading about the USA.

  7. June Says:

    Re: Murders rise…
    How unfortunate we are share a border with this corrupt country. The people have become savages, murdering their own neighbors. If our own government cared anything about its citizens, it would build a real wall, back it up with armed military and deport the illegal aliens from our country. Then, forget that evil place exists.

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