Ten youths massacred

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El Universal (Mexico City) 3/29/10

 10 youths executed in Durango

A group of 10 youths traveling in a pickup en route to receive education assistance in southern Durango state came upon a false check point presumably manned by narcotraffickers.  Preliminary reports are that when the group refused to stop, they were attacked with grenades and all were killed.  The youthful victims were listed as: four brothers, 19, 17, 13 and 11; two brothers 21 and 19; two girls, 8 and 15; and two boys, 15 and 16.  The federal Secretary of Government, Fernando Gomez Mont, condemned the crime, calling it a “brutal act” and that “the federal government shares the pain of the Mexican families”


 El Financiero (Mexico City) 3/29/10

 Fear follows families to Texas

[Apparently reporting from Fort Hancock, Texas]  Many Mexican families are settled in the areas down river from El Paso, Texas, or have sent their children across to escape the fear of living in the violent areas around Cd Juárez, just across the river.  Nevertheless, the fear comes with them.  Criminal gangs have followed and use subtle tactics of intimidation.  The message is, “We know you are here.”  In the schools of Fort Hancock and other Texas towns, it is already a routine to counsel students about matters of security and to help those who have lost their parents.  “I have friends whose parents have been assassinated,” said one of the high schoolers, “It’s traumatic.”  He no longer feels safe in the schools.  “I try to remain calm, but everything frightens me a lot.”


 El Imparcial (Hermosillo, Sonora) 3/28/10

 Five police arrested for trying to free prisoner

Federal authorities reported the arrest of five municipal police agents from San Pedro Garza Garcia, Nuevo Leon, who attempted to free an arrested cocaine dealer. Mexican soldiers were assisting the agents with a convoy in transporting the narco.  En route to the Department of Justice offices, the driver of the vehicle containing the prisoner and five policemen reportedly gave a “hand salute” to the military escort and attempted to flee.  Immediately the convoy came under attack, in which two soldiers and a civilian were wounded.  After they repelled the attackers, the military captured the fleeing police at a checkpoint.


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One Response to “Ten youths massacred”

  1. Mark Knapp Says:

    There has been nothing on your site about the 4 Canadian RVers that were hijacked near Ciudad de Victoria and had their vehicles and all their belongings including passports stolen by armed bandits. Nothing about the 40 armed banditos and police shoot out at Hermosillo, Sinaloa on 51D.

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