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Merida Initiative has Nation’s Focus

March 26, 2010

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El Universal (Mexico City) 3/24/10

   Mexico not important to the United States

 EDITORIAL-Until a few days ago, Mexico was not important to the United States.  

Only after the assassination of two of its officials on Mexican soil did they understand the gravity of the violence at its door.  It is to be seen if this time words will become acts.

 One must remember the recent past.  The first diplomatic actions and declarations of Barack Obama in relation to Mexico generated many expectations.  Felipe Calderón was the first to be received by the then president elect.  Some months afterward, already in office, the Democrat visited this country then in the sense of “mea culpa” by his 

Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.  For the first time in history, the United States accepted, without conditions, its enormous responsibility in the consumption of drugs and the arms traffic.  But subsequent actions did not reflect their alleged concern.  The budget for the Merida Initiative was reduced to a level representing only what the United States spends in one day in Iraq.  Besides, there was not one change in the prevention policy and attention to the addictions of the North American population.  As for the arms traffic,  neither was there any change, only a bill by a small group of US  legislators in favor of closing the way to the marketing of rifles (armas largas).  Nothing more.

 Yesterday (3/23/10) Hillary Clinton returned to Mexico.  No longer just to give a pat on the back to Felipe Calderón, but to agree on concrete actions that include in the diagnosis the consumption of drugs in both countries, investments in security operations, major  intelligence in matters of money-laundering and financial crimes, destruction of the cartels, social investment on the Tijuana-San Diego  and Ciudad Juarez-El Paso borders, as well as strengthening the  institutions of those locations.  At least this time there really are commitments to measure.

 We must hope that in the short term, President Barack Obama’s personal disregard of Mexico will not affect the agreement.  He already failed once in detecting the gravity of the problem.

 The United States should understand that its level of integration with Mexico is not measured just in kilometers, but in days.  Increasingly there are major commercial and cultural ties, including blood relationships.  Nevertheless, integration is not fusion.  The limit is in the presence of foreign troops and military bases on Mexican soil.   There are many possibilities of mutual cooperation pending, enough yet to make before suggesting the possibility of that kind of help.


 Prisoners escape from jail in Matamoros

 At least 40 convicts escaped from a Matamoros prison today.  In a press release, the state

government announced that the escapees are guilty of federal crimes.  No further information available at this time.


 Federal agents begin “Operation Holy Week” (Easter) this Friday

 From Friday through Sunday, 8496 Federal Agents will spread over Mexico using 3,700 cars, 6 Blackhawk helicopters and 19 ambulances.  The objective is to insure security, prevent crimes and preserve public order during this vacation weekend.  They will assist returning Mexicans who live outside this country, assure that travelers use seatbelts, enforce speed limits and protect people in high crimes areas.


 Owner of Global Vision held in Venezuela

 CARACAS-The Owner of privately held Globalvision, Guillermo Zuloaga, was arrested as he was attempting to leave the country. He was detained by authorities as he was leaving on an Easter weekend trip with his family. He is being held on suspicion of making statements to SIP (an international news agency) against Hugo Chavez.  “This man needs to take responsibility after making such statements”, said a government official.


 El Imparcial (Hermosillo


  •  Pharmacies that sell antibiotics without a prescription will be closed
  •  Two burned bodies found on a ranch
  •  Forty-one fugitives now on the loose in Matamoros


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