Is Mexico a failed state?

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Cambio de Michoacan (Morelia, Michoacan ) 3-23-10

 There will be no foreign military or police in Mexico

Mexican Senator Carlos Navarrete, at a press conference in Morelia, said “There will be no foreign military or police in any part of Mexico.  What we need to talk about is cooperation and a bi-national plan and funds to confront social problems in Mexico”, said Senator Navarrete, in reference to the bi-national conference between Mexico and the United States.


 Correo  (Guanajuato) 3-23-10

 Army has reduced violence

The military and police forces have reduced gang activity in Leon by 60% according to the Secretary of Public Security, Maria Guadalupe Anguiano-Sanchez.  “Security police have inhibited the formation of gangs and we are going to continue with our programs’, said Anguiano.


Juarez more dangerous than Iraq

 Mexico, D.F. – General Barry McCaffrey, former drug czar of the USA, said, “The drug war in Juarez is immensely more dangerous than the war in Iraq or in Kabul.”


 Cuarto Poder (Chiapas) 3-23-10

 Cocaine use growing in Chiapas

 Authorities are alarmed at growing cocaine use in the state. The failing economy, reduced construction and reduced personal income are causes for worry about the increased use of drugs. It is most alarming that 50% of the users are between 10 and 14 years old.  Roughly 40% of the users are between 10 and 19 years of age.

 (The writer makes no distinction between marijuana and cocaine use in the percentages listed above.)


 Another headline in Cuarto Poder:

 The price of food and gasoline rising


El Imparcial  (Hermosillo, Sonora) 3-23-10

 Mexico and the USA discuss narcotics war

 MEXICO-D.F.-The second high level meeting between Mexico and the USA commenced today to further cooperation between both countries in the battle against organized crime.  The Secretaries of State, of Mexico and the USA-Hilary Clinton, met today.  The objective of these talks is to attack the structure of organized crime, to strengthen agencies to combat crime, to further social programs and to help border communities in the 21st century.

 In the last few months, there have been violent incidents on both sides of the border. The meeting will review the Merida Initiative, the transfer of equipment to the police and military and to prepare for the meeting between Presidents Obama and Calderon next May where other issues will be discussed. 


Mexico is not a failed state

 The proposition that Mexico is a failed state is exaggerated according to Shelly Shetty, the Director of National Risks of Fitch Ratings. At a press conference in Mexico City, Shetty confirmed that Mexico has working political institutions and a stable faultless economy.  “Clearly, Mexico is not a failed state”, said Shetty.

 (The very first entry in the comments section under this article is “Ja Ja Ja”.  Needs no interpretation).


 El Financiero (3-23-10)

 Merida Initiative is finished

 Mexican Senator Malio Fabio Beltrones, of the PRI, says that the Merida Initiative has exhausted it effects.  “I am more convinced than ever that we have lost our fear and we need to leave behind the old taboos of saying “no” to cooperation”.  Nevertheless, I admit that the results, as of today, are totally insufficient and we will need to move ahead with intelligence to combat crime”.

 For this reason Beltrones voted to terminate the initiative and emphasized that international problems like the battle against organized crime are caused by both governments. (USA and Mexico)

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3 Responses to “Is Mexico a failed state?”

  1. Rodrigo Salinas Says:

    Mexico is a Failed State, as a Mexican citizen, business owner, and father of three, it has become impossible to feel safe in my own country, after witnessing several murders in Juarez and having one’s business run to ground because the cartels are asking for “quota” payments (protection money) and just this week having my family’s SUV shot 9 times with a 9mm is incredibly saddening and worrisome, the government is either unwilling and unable to protect its citizenry, mainly due to the fact that it has been infiltrated at all levels by cartels and corrupt, unethical gold diggers. June’s comments are specially worrisome, most immigrants are not looking for a handout, nor are we criminals any more than someone who is caught speeding is a criminal. The fact that you seem to be unwilling to care or feel for your fellow human beings is quite detrimental to the values your nation (of immigrants) was founded upon. Nor caring for the plight of the weary, oppressed, the hungry, and the poor, makes me think you have neither a sense of compassion or a sense of history. Concerning birthright citizenship, I assume that you, june, are a citizen of the United States, because of birthright citizenship, Why would the reason you yourself are a citizen of the USA, be something you would be against? I know that other countries, do not grant birthright citizenship based on the sole fact that you were born within its territory, Japan is such a case, but you see japanese people and japanese citizenship are nearly synonims, The United States of America is not in fact comprised of a homogeneous ethnic or cultural fabric, you are comprised of an amalgamation of different cultural and ethnical backgrounds, making it nearly impossible to abolish birthright citizenship.
    You talk about Mexico being a corrupt and miserable place, It is corrupt, but so are most governments to one extent or another, some politicians take bribes while in office, while some others from some other countries will take their bribes as speaker fees once they have left office talking to corporate employees to corporations they’ve somehow helped while they were in office. Miserable, yes it is but how would you know this? Have you lived here, have you ever had a Police officer shove a gun in your face after he has mugged you and tell you to go on your way and if you denounce him he will go to your home (he has your ID) and plant drugs in your vehicle, your home, and take you to jail while being late to save your wife and kindergarten age daughter from rape or worse? You have no idea what it is to be miserable. The attitude of Americans such as yourself would shame greats like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and reminds some of us who have outgrown your childish egoism of the way the united states behaved towards jews fleeing Nazi Germany just prior or during world war 2. A ship named MS St. Louis as well as other ships were turned away and even fired upon by USA naval authorities denying then entry into the United States because that had conveniently changed the laws in 1939 and allowing jews exceeded quotas. Please June thank whatever providence you deem appropriate for your good fortune, which might seems to some undeserved for having been born in the geographic constraints you were, for were you to have had ancestors as mine did to have chosen Mexico instead of the United States when they left europe, you might not be so quick to judge and wish ill upon other people who have had the misfortune that passed you by.

  2. June Says:

    If Mexico is not a failed state, I don’t know any other place that would be a better example. Living in a border state brings home the horrors daily of having to share a border with this corrupt and miserable place. I realize they’ve never taken a shred of responsibility for their own actions. Their irresponsibilty is as outrageous as their sense of entitlement. Our government is complicit in allowing their illegal aliens to sneak into our country. If someone came into our homes and demanded that we take care of them, we’d call the police and they would evict them. However, these lawbreakers come into our country (our home) and instead of evicting them, they are rewarded with all sorts of benefits and will be given our most precious birthright – citizenship. I think the people of this nation are so fed up with the many lies about the last amnesty truly being the last, that when amnesty is mentioned there will be an uprising. Let’s vote out the people who profit from illegal immigration and vote in those who think more of us than of foreign criminals.

  3. pf Says:

    “The military and police forces have reduced gang activity in Leon by 60%”

    FINALLY! A little positive news. I hope and pray Mexican officials are making some headway in this horriffic battle. We in the US need to be absolutely certain that our assistance goes where it is most needed.

    I heard a rumor…does anyone know if Mexico is going to consider implementing capital punishment?

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