Merida Initiative doomed to failure?

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Correo (Guanajuato) 3-18-10

 The Army will remain in Cd. Juárez

 Responding to comments about the inability of the Mexican Army from USA Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, who said “The deployment of the Mexican Army in Juárez has not accomplished anything”, Secretary of State Fernando Gomez retorted that she (Napolitano) needs to understand the impact of such statements before launching a “holy war”.  “Those statements should be retracted”, said Gomez.

 “The Army is very important and its continued presence in Juárez is necessary and I have told this to Senora Napolitano”. “She does not know the actual situation and it is impossible to do anything without the participation of armed forces”. “This has been recognized by her own U.S. Government”, said Gomez.

 “The decision to deploy the military is a decision exclusively for the Government of Mexico”. “It is not for others to make decisions involving public policy”, said Gomez.


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 The arrival of the army in León does not relieve state government from its duties

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 Diario de Guadalajara (Guadalajara, Jalisco) 3-18-10

 Commemorating the expropriation of oil

 The Secretary of Labor, Ernesto Espinosa-Guarro, celebrated the anniversary of the nationalization of oil in Mexico.  On March 18, 1938, strikes, labor movements and social conflicts resulted in the nationalization of petroleum in Mexico, according to Espinosa.  (There is no mention in this article that the oil companies and property seized by the government of Mexico at this time belonged to US. Oil companies).


 El Debate (Sinaloa State) 3-18-10

One woman and two men murdered in different locations

 Culiacan-This morning one woman and two men were found murdered in different locations.  None have been identified.  The woman was beat to death. She appears to be about 25 years old.

 The second fatality was a man about 35 years old. His hands and feet were tied and his mouth covered. There was a sign left on his chest that read. “To teach you some respect”.

The cause of death undetermined at this time.

 The third death was a man found near a canal with his feet and hands tied and a gunshot that entered the back of the neck and exited the front. He appeared to be about 45 years old.


 El Imparcial (Hermosillo, Sonora) 3-18-10

 Bipartisan immigration reform bill introduced

 Democrat Senator Charles Schumer and Republican Lindsey Graham introduced an immigration reform bill today to legalize 11 million “undocumented” and institute a national biometric identification card.

 The plan, which, once enacted, will be signed immediately by President Barack Obama, has four platforms for immigration reform.  A biometric social security card; border enforcement; temporary workers; and a route to legalization.

 The plan by Schumer and Graham will be revealed tomorrow in an article in the Washington Post, but will be published only in the online edition.

 “The people of the United States deserve more than empty rhetoric, name calling and the demand for mass deportations.  We urge the public and our colleagues to join our efforts to enact this reform”, said Schumer and Graham.


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