President Calderón feels it is imperative that Mexico continue to fight organized crime

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Cuarto Poder (Chiapas) 3-17-10

 President Felipe Calderón says it is imperative to combat organized crime

 While announcing an Urban Renewal Program, Calderón vowed to continue providing material, intelligence and policy to combat criminal organizations.

 Calderón expressed regret about the three deaths of U.S. Consul employees and stated that criminal organizations operating in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico and the United States are fed by the consumption of drugs in the United States.  Calderón stated further that the trafficking of arms from the USA to Mexico presents a grave threat to a generation of citizens of both countries.

 “Both nations need to unite to combat these criminal organizations and put a stop to the traffic of arms, drugs and money”, said Calcerón.


 Diario Cambio  (Puebla) 3-17-10

 Kidnappers Arrested

The State Prosecutor announced that two related suspects were apprehended in the region of Izucar Matamoros for kidnapping four people and killing three of them.

 There is evidence that the two were involved in four kidnappings, the first on the 28th of January in which they were paid 50,000 pesos but they murdered the victim anyway.

 On February 27th the victims were two women and a man.  They collected 27,000 pesos and the victims were released.  The next day the suspects kidnapped a man and when no ransom was paid, he was murdered. On the 1st of March another man was killed when no ransom was paid.

 The suspects told the authorities where to locate the last victim’s body.


 Diario de Guadalajara (Guadalajara) 3-17-10

 Head and Body Discovered

 This morning a bag was found containing a man’s head and genitals.  Hours later, a few blocks away, the body was found.  An examination showed that the parts belonged to the same victim.  An investigation has been initiated.


 2009 ended with 305 new cases of aids in Jalisco

 Since 1983, when the first cases were detected, there have been a total of 10,724 cases of AIDS in Jalisco.  Of the 305 cases detected last year, 12 were minors and two of the dozen cases in minors were under one year old.

 The minors all had infected mothers.  The major method of transmission continues to be sex between homosexual men.


 El Debate (Sinaloa) 3-17-10

 Six killed between Mazatlan and El Quelite

 In Mazatlan, a group with heavy weapons attacked a car lot.  The henchmen were armed with AK-47s and grenades.  Witnesses said the men just opened fire and launched grenades.

 Four people died, five vehicles were destroyed and others damaged, one person was wounded and transported to a hospital.  One of the dead was a 16 year old boy who washed cars at the site.

In El Quelite, two bodies were found in front of a restaurant.  Both died from gunshots and one had the hands and feet tied. Both had been tortured


 Students Protest Carlos Slim

 Carlos Slim, the richest man in the world, appeared at American University in Beirut, Lebanon.  Students held up signs reading, “Down with the Capitalist Terrorists” and others showed pictures of Che Guevara.

 Slim told the students that education and work are the best ways to fight poverty.


 Leader of kidnappers found strangled

 Ariel Alberto Sanchez-Parra, AKA “El Tio” and “El Licenciado” was found strangled to death in his cell in a Culiacan prison.  This is the fourth death this month at CUCJUDE (prison).


 Other headlines in El Debate:

 A man died of gunshots in Guamuchil (Sinaloa)

 Four young men shot to death on a rural Sinaloa road


 El Financiero (3-17-10)

Hilary Clinton Visits

 On March 23, Hilary Clinton, the U.S. Secretary of States will arrive in Mexico to discuss the problem of organized crime between Mexico and the United States                 


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2 Responses to “President Calderón feels it is imperative that Mexico continue to fight organized crime”

  1. June Says:

    In refererence to the body found, I can’t help but think this is the work of those who have no humanity. They can surely be classified as savages who have no feelings for anything but money gained in their hideous acts. And that, the most corrupt of nations, is the one who urges their people to ignore our laws. It’s not surprising from anyone in Mexico, but what is sad, is that our leaders aid and abet by welcoming criminals to our country. Not only do they welcome them with all sorts of benefits, they promise the ultimate. These border jumpers will be gifted with our most prized possession, and our birthright…citizenship. Never in our history have we bowed to the oppressor. And now, it’s not to a strong nation with magnificient armies and weaponry. It’s been done by stealth and the occupation of our country with millions of illegal, illiterate, poverty-stricken masses with little or no skills to offer this country. They will pose a drain on our economy and our natural resources. Is the the America you want for your children and grandchildren? I don’t. There are four litle girls who will never know the United States into which I was born. How very sad.

  2. Linda Bentley Says:

    I wonder if it has ever occurred to the feckless leaders of both countries that if we simply secured our borders, drugs would have a much more difficult time traveling north as would guns traveling south.

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