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An explosive find

March 12, 2010

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Friday, 3/12/10

El Universal (Mexico City) 3/11/10

A multi-national plan

The government of Mexico and representatives from Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama and the Dominican Republic signed an accord and set up a work group to combat the traffic in chemical precursors in the area, as well as to share information about the traffic routes of drugs, weapons and persons, with the object of confronting trans-national criminal organizations.


U.S. Ambassador, again

The U.S. Ambassador to Mexico, Carlos Pascual, met with “parliament leaders of the (Mexican) Senate, and spoke about the Merida Initiative, immigration, weapons traffic and border security and violence.”

Senator Ricardo Monreal said that Ambassador Pascual informed them that “the presentation of a possible migratory reform in the U.S. is postponed at least until 2012 because this year there are elections in that country and it is an issue which generates much controversy, for which reason it will remain pending.”

[However, “Excelsior,” (another Mexico City paper,) reported on the same issue but said that Pascual told the Senators that the White House is analyzing a new initiative that would be made public after the elections.]


El Tiempo, Secretaria de Prensa, (Bogota, Colombia) 3/11/10

An explosive find

Colombian military and personnel from the country’s equivalent to our Dep’t. of Justice detected and destroyed a ton and a half of R1, an explosive used to manufacture anti-personnel mines. (The event took place in a rural zone near Argelia, in the department (state) of Antioquia (some 35 mi. S.E. of Medellin).)

This amount would have been sufficient for 10,000 such mines. In the last three months, in Colombia, 7,077 kilos of explosives have been seized from “illegal armed groups.”


El Financiero (Mexico City) 3/11/10

Mexican officials are readying a project that could bring up to 500 Haitians to Mexico on a humanitarian visa program to reunite Mexican citizens with their Haitian relatives. The program would allow the Haitians a renewable 1 year stay in Mexico, during which time they  would be able to study, work and travel.


El Diario (Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua) 3/11/10

Juarez doesn’t rest

(In the eighth place among the secondary listing of “more news” of the local section)

“Those assassinated yesterday add up to 7”

A more prominent item reported that, as of early afternoon, another four men had become victims of homicide today (Thurs.) And a later report stated that a man was shot and killed outside the Justo Sierra elementary school, just at the time that the children from the morning session were leaving and others were arriving for a later session of classes. “The deceased was identified only as Jose Filiberto, who had a handicap that prevented him from walking.”  (photo relates)


Norte (Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua) 3/11/10

Death threat to Juarez mayor

A pig’s head was found on a street in Ciudad Juarez yesterday morning. Beside it, there was also a note addressed to the city’s mayor, Jose Reyes Ferriz. It read: “Jose Reyes Ferriz, you are a pig, you have two weeks of life left ha ha ha.” (The photo in the newspaper accompanying that article shows what appears to be a dead and eviscerated dog, which agrees with other reports about this event.)  “Norte” also added that there have been 76 homicides this month in Ciudad Juarez.


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