Guatemala’s National Police Chief arrested

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Wednesday, 3/3/10

a.m. (Leon, Guanajuato) 3/2/10

Illegal aliens caught in Mexico

In Irapuato, state of Guanajuato, local police rounded up a number of Hondurans and Guatemalans hiding among freight cars in a rail yard. Then, when a train arrived from Mexico City, they found another five riding on top of some cars. Some 22 aliens were arrested, all “undocumented” and all attempting to reach and enter the United States illegally.


El Sol de Mexico (Mexico City) 3/2/10

235 illegals detained in different parts of Mexico

Mexico’s federal police reported that some 235 “undocumented immigrants” were detained during the period from Feb. 25 to 27, among them 164 citizens of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador who were found crammed in a truck trailer in the state of Veracruz. The driver and six others were arrested when the Central Americans stated they had paid between 2,500 and 6,000 dollars to be taken to Mexico’s northern border.

Another 71 persons, from Cuba, Guatemala and Honduras, were detained  in various operations in the states of Puebla, Oaxaca, Queretaro and the Distrito Federal.


El Universal (Mexico City) 3/2/10

More immigration officers arrested

Mexico’s “SIEDO” (a federal agency specializing in investigations of organized crime) detained 10 immigration agents and 3 airline employees at Cancun’s international airport, on charges of collusion to allow the entry of a group of Chinese persons with false passports. This is a follow-up on operations carried out in January, when 26 immigration agents were arrested in Cancun. (M3 Report 1/11/10)


La Prensa Grafica (San Salvador, El Salvador) 3/2/10

Pro-immigrant march in the U.S.

The “Centro de Derechos Laborales” (Center for Labor Rights) is organizing a 400 kilometer march in support of an integral immigration reform in the U.S. The event is being programmed from March 12th to the 21st, from Hempstead, NY, to the Capitol in Washington, D.C. The organizers have provided two phone lines for more information: (516) 565-5377 and (516) 368-1912.


Prensa Libre (Guatemala City, Guatemala) 3/2/10

Country’s top cop arrested

The Director of Guatemala’s National Civil Police, Baltazar Gomez, as well as Nelly de Bonilla, the chief of “DAIA” (the Anti-narcotics Analysis and Information Division of the National Police,) were both arrested today. Both are charged with corruption, drug trafficking, illegal possession of firearms and munitions, and other, related activities. The charges relate to an incident on April 24, 2009, when five policemen died in Guatemala during a confrontation with drug traffickers. (M3 Report 4/27/09)


La Hora (Guatemala City, Guatemala) 3/2/10

Challenges to Guatemalans

“The snow storms and climate change will be largely affecting the work of more than 800,000 Guatemalans who are illegally in the United States, resulting in a drop of about 9 percent in the individual monetary remittances to Guatemalan families.”


Generalized violence

[All the following items reflect some of the continued violence in our report area. They are only a representative few and by no means all that were published and seen in various other papers]

El Nacional (Caracas, Venezuela) 3/2/10

The metropolitan area of Caracas, Venezuela, had 36 homicides over the weekend, 10 on Friday, 15 on Saturday and 11 on Sunday.


Excelsior (Mexico City) 3/2/10

On Monday evening in Petatlan (up the coast from Acapulco, state of Guerrero), some men arrived in a vehicle at the house of Francisco Sanchez. One waited outside while others entered the house. They shot and killed Sanchez, who was the Commander of the “Tourist Police” of Petatlan. The killers used AK47 rifles and Sanchez was hit by gunfire “at least” 50 times. The killers fled.


El Diario (Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua) 3/2/10

Four men were shot to death this morning (Tues.) in front of a grade school and of a tech school in Ciudad Juarez. The location “mattered little to the killers, who came to carry out their purpose.” (The photo below relates. In describing a series of other, unrelated killings, another Juarez paper, “Norte,” stated that the number of homicides in Juarez is running ahead of last year’s tally at this date.)


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5 Responses to “Guatemala’s National Police Chief arrested”

  1. Stehekin1 Says:

    I find this thread interesting. Those coming here illegally seem to have such a sense of entitlement. Years ago – back in the 1970’s I worked on a political campaign for an individual running for Congress. This person was running against a well entrenched incumbent who had liberal leanings. The district in contention spanned the southern border area of San Diego county. As constituents, we had been sending letters to our congressmen and senators listing our concerns about the open border and the crime taking place. Where I lived, it was not uncommon to go for walks and run into groups of illegal aliens roaming the streets. Burglaries, assaults and property damage was a very common occurrence.

    The mindset of our politicians was very negative towards enforcement of immigration laws. I distinctly remember one response I received from then California Senator John V. Tunny, which stated, “Deportation of illegal aliens smacks of Natizism or worse”.

    Our candidate for Congress felt he had found his cause in illegal immigration and set about exposing the affect it was having on our country. One of the concerns he had was voter registration fraud and we set about trying to determine the extent of it in San Diego County.

    We went to the Registrar of Voters where records were available to the public at the time by address. We randomly selected addresses to check. Through our Border Patrol friends, we were given the addresses of some well known “drop houses”. We ran those addresses and found multiple listings of voters out of those houses. One in particular – a house on Hoover Avenue in National City had 80 plus registrants at that address!

    Caesar Chavez had a small headquarters in San Ysidro where he coordinated his movement in this area. There were 17 people registered at that address, which was a one room suite.

    Our candidate tried to hold a press conference to bring this to the attention of local officials and the public at large. It pretty much got swept under the rug. It got very little play in the press. The Registrar of Voters turned a blind eye – and there was not enough money to hire an attorney to take legal action.

    Now, you have to remember, this occurred back in the mid 70’s, so one can only imagine the fraud that exists today.

    As “PF” said, disaster is on our doorstep – and it has been for some time.
    Every American should be demanding that Washington secure our borders immediately and address those living here, breaking our laws and taking advantage of our generosity.

    • James Switzer Says:

      In the early ’90s, a couple of our officers, knowing from experience that there were illegals registered to vote, began a similar investigation at the local registrar’s office. It confirmed that there were a ton. Before they could continue, word came down from on high to stop looking into it.

      I was raised on the Texas border, and can I tell you stories.

      When the people get tired of this and try and stop it, it will be too late!

  2. James Switzer Says:

    As chairman of the Natl. Assoc. of Former Border Patrol Officers (NAFBPO), I want to thank you for your comments and the one participation in the Border Watch. It is by your awareness and willingness to speak out against illegal immigration that we may have a shot at stopping amnesty.

  3. Jim F. Says:

    I, too, live near the border, in Mission, Tx. less than ten miles from the border, and a proud member of the Minutemen Civil Defense Corps. Several times a year we are on the border or levees watching for illegals coming across, observing and reporting to the Border Patrol, strictly passive. Some of us carry a weapon but strictly for self defense if it should become necessary. I constantly call and e mail my politicians to see what they are doing, if anything, about the illegal situation.

    If you do nothing but complain about the illegals, you are part of the problem. Write letters to newspapers, etc. Any small thing will help.

  4. PF Says:

    I find it interesting that a pro-immigrant march scheduled for the USA has recruiting informatino in an El Salvador newspaper. I live near the border – and I’ve seen the changes over the past couple of decades. We are becoming Mexico. I get a newspaper once a week in Spanish. I don’t ask for it. It ends up on my doorstep. Billboards are in Spanish. I’ve even seen street vendors with their little carts trolling neighborhoods. The other day I went to a Sprint store to ask questions about my cellphone. All wall advertisements were in Spanish. Everyone in the store was conversing in Spanish. I am so afraid this war – and it is a war for survival of our country and culture – is already lost.

    American needs to wake up and by websites such as yours, the word is getting out. Please don’t stop. There is disaster on our doorstep.

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