Another group of Africans being smuggled

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Thursday, 2/25/10

El Heraldo (Tegucigalpa, Honduras), Tiempo (San Pedro Sula, Honduras) 2/23/10

More smuggled Africans

On Monday afternoon at La Flecha, Honduras, a routine check of a passenger bus headed for the nearby border with Guatemala turned up 12 undocumented Africans from Sudan, Kenya and Eritrea. The Africans stated that they had arrived in Honduras by sea; one report stated that they had each paid $2,000 dollars for their travel to the U.S., where they aimed to enter illegally. One of the men added that they had travelled inside a container aboard an unknown ship. A Honduran female was arrested; she was believed to be their smuggler, and was also riding the same bus. (The photo below relates)


El Diario de Yucatan (Merida, Yucatan) 2/23/10

Slaughter in Oaxaca

In the town of Vicente Camalote, in Mexico’s southern state of Oaxaca, hooded gunmen shot and killed a ranch owner, his three adult sons and four more town residents. Then, when the police tried to intervene, the gunmen shot and killed five policemen. Several other persons may have been carried off by force.


El Informador (Guadalajara, Jalisco) 2/23/10

Helicopter shot at

While on a reconnaissance flight near San Pantaleon, in the hill country around Choix, Sinaloa, a Mexican army helicopter was shot at by people on the ground, presumed to be drug traffickers. One of the pilots was wounded and had to be hospitalized in Los Mochis.


La Cronica de Hoy (Mexico City) 2/23/10

Policemen are victims of kidnapping

A group of armed thugs traveling in “at least” twenty p/u’s or SUV’s shot at the police facility at Ciudad Mier, Tamaulipas, and kidnapped ten policemen. (The location is across the Rio Grande River from Roma, TX, some 108 mi., as the crow flies, from Brownsville.)


[A meeting of presidents from Latin American countries, including the Caribbean, just finished with the approval – yet to be structured and formalized – of the formation of a new regional bloc of nations of the Western Hemisphere, but one which excludes Canada and the United States. The following is an op/col. commentary by Roman Revueltas regarding this issue.]

Milenio (Mexico City) 2/23/10

“And who the hell closed their borders to us when the flu came?”

Don’t even read this article, you certified patriots, because you’re not going to like it. Let’s see, what country, among all those of the world, gives means of support, a house and work to the millions of Mexicans who don’t find, in their own land, neither justice nor opportunities nor well-being nor security nor anything? What country buys from our farmers, industrialists and entrepreneurs – that is, our laborers and field hands – billions of dollars of produce, television sets, cars, spare parts, etcetera? What country got us out of a hole, by dint of green currency, when that famous “December error” happened, that was perpetrated by our inept, worthless politicians? What country is it where Mexico’s national soccer team plays as if it were at home, supported by a crowd of fans that uses harsh, condemning language against the local team, with no consequence whatsoever?

That country, ladies and gentlemen, is called the United States (of America) and it is our partner, our neighbor, our friend and our defender. Naturally, we don’t like this reality because we are people with incurable resentments, and somewhat jealous there, besides being ungrateful, with many complexes, and forgetful. We can’t accept, among other things, that a miserable swine might have given away half of the country’s territory, although we are very careful to remember that, after that national breakup, they even went to look for Mr. Lopez de Santa Anna so that he could once again settle himself on the presidential chair (since we have our values somewhat misplaced, and our perceptions slightly damaged but, no matter, there will always be a Yankee whom we can blame for all our misfortunes, and then set our views elsewhere.)

That furious diatribe, readers, comes out from my keyboard upon seeing that the supreme government of the United States (of Mexico) is happily disposed to be part of an anti-Yankee bloc, with some South Americans who hurried to close their borders to us when the flu came around. As Javier Aguirre says, we’re screwed.


– end of report –

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