Mexico: Major “El Chapo” operator arrested

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 El Universal (Mexico City) 2/22/10

 Major narco arrest

Mexican federal police arrested Jose Velasquez Villagran,”El Jabali,” an important organizational link in the drug cartel run by “El Chapo” Guzman.  El Jabali was in charge of the transport operations of drugs from Nicaragua and Colombia to the US.  He has made at least three such shipments by air, each with loads of about one ton.  He was captured in Santana, Sonora, without incident.  [This arrest was also carried on most of the other major news outlets.]

Explosives recovered

Mexican federal police agents located the 18 tons of explosives stolen from a truck last Friday [yesterday’s M3 weekend report].  The explosives, known as “seismic booster” or pentolite, were located near Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, and are used by the Mexican oil company Pemex.  The motive for the robbery is unknown and speculation continues.  The whereabouts of the truck’s operators was not mentioned.


Executions resume in Juarez

Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua — A police agent and another 21 people were executed in Cd. Juarez in a resurgence of violence a few hours after the visit of President Calderon to the troubled city to announce a plan to put an end to the insecurity of that region.  The murders happened in separate events throughout the city and were carried out in the all too familiar fashion of organized crime.


 Frontera (Tijuana, Baja California) 2/22/10

 US citizen busted

Eladio Cardona Junior (sic) was arrested by state police in Tijuana and found to be wanted in the US for violation of “conditional liberty” [assuming “bond”].  He said he had lived in Tijuana for about a month without any fixed address.  A warrant for his arrest had been issued by the San Diego Sheriff for the violation.


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